The new Savage Bobber

is born from our company’s maturity, gleaned over many years experience in the construction of the Savage airplanes. In our continued commitment to the research of new formulas and innovations, ZLIN Aviation has decided to enter into a decidedly original dimension, an area up to now unexplored: the customization of the aircraft through the client’s expression of his own personality and originality, as applied to flight. Well-known concepts and methodologies used in the customization of motorcycles are, for the first time, applied to the world of light aircraft. So the pilot conceives his own aircraft, up to and beyond the options which up to the present were available.
The standard model Savage Bobber is an extremely valid choice for the client who is seeking a solid, reliable airplane which is easy to handle and to service. The guarantee of its reliability comes through sharing, with its older brother the Savage Classic, the wings, the empennage, the landing gear, the controls and the fuselage, which has been narrowed only slightly. The 25 kg less weight makes it more agile, and the absence of covering on the fuselage makes it particularly resistant to lateral gusts. Excellent visibility, optimal comfort and functional design, completely stable inspection ability, together with a robust, resistant structure combine to render the Bobber particularly suitable for flights with floats or into the bush.

Why the Savage Bobber?

Anyone familiar with the world of “custom made” in motorcycles, with its various choppers and bobbers, will immediately understand the project undertaken by our company. As in the motorcycle sector for decades (in the Harley-Davidson, for example), to bobberize a vehicle is to strip it of every superfluous element. And this is what we’ve done in designing the Bobber. We started with a standard version and we subtracted everything that wasn’t entirely necessary. The sensation of freedom, on contact with the wind, becomes an unforgettable experience. To offer an enhanced feeling and a high level of security, we’ve made six-point safety belts available and we’ve fashioned doors without skin and without Lexan which, hooked in place, form a “cage” around the pilot, creating a total sense of security. For cold weather, cabin heating and a kit for enclosing the entire cabin section are also available.

An aircraft whose banner is security, originality and individuality. Our client will have a vast array of personalizations available to choose from, so as to transform his personal bobber into a unique, intriguing and pleasing expression of his individuality.

15 different colors for the engine, 20 available colors for the welded (4130) fuselage, 2 types of chrome, 8 types of high quality leather, 10 types of luggage holders, 3 colors of seat belts, 2 types of seats (including the option of high quality saddles from the motorcycle industry), 10 different paint schemes, 4 colors available for the propellers, 2 types of original instrument panels (even machined) and much more (special tires and brakes, textured colors for the fuselage tubes, specific supports for optionals like metal fuel tanks, surfboards, fishing poles, hunting rifles, etc,), are all evidence of our continued efforts to meet every need of our customers.
And if that isn’t enough, our “Exclusive” program offers you the opportunity to create original pieces and accessories, produced and tested just for you.

"Savage Bobber... the answer to your every desire"

Engine ROTAX 912 ULS 100hp 5800 rpm
Fuel tank capacity: 68 litres (18 Gallons)
Propeller: Wooden twin blade, diameter 183 cm (72 in)
WING SPAN 935 cm (368 in)
LENGTH 640 cm (252 in)
HEIGHT 203 cm (80 in)
WING SURFACE AREA 14,2 m2 (152.85 sq ft)
WING CHORD 156 cm (61.4 in)
CABIN WIDTH 60 cm (23.6 in)
UNDERCARRIAGE WIDTH 182 cm (71.6 in)
MAX TAKE-OFF WEIGHT 472.5 kg (1041 lbs) - 560 kg (1234 lbs) [depends on the market]
WEIGHT UNLOADED ULM-LSA 270 kg (594 lbs)
EFFECTIVE LOAD CAPACITY 202.5 kg (446 lbs) - 290 kg (638.7 lbs)
MAX WING LOADING 472.5kg VERSION 33 kg/mq (7 lb/sqft)
MAX WING LOADING 560kg VERSION 39 kg/mq (8 lb/sqft)
Vne 205 km/h (128 mph)
Max speed s.l. 175 km/h (109 mph)
Cruising speed 75% 145 km/h (90 mph)
Climb rate 5 m/s (984 ft/m)
Stall speed with full flaps 55 km/h (34 mph)
Max ceiling 4100 m (13400 ft)
Range 65 % 650 km (404 mi)
Required take-off space <80 m (<260 ft) [depending on the surface]
Required landing space <70 m (<228 ft) [depending on the surface]
Cross wind component (max.) 33 km/h (20 mph)

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Savage Bobber

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