Engineered for performance, Enjoyneered for fun

 The Agilis, as its name indicates, wants really to be the simple aircraft designed for the pure joy of being in the air, enjoying a unique open cockpit feeling.
With the Agilis, you will be finally riding the aircraft, not just flying with it. In fact, it is the only real bushplane that allows you to literally ride it in the air…
This will enhance the feeling of being one unique entity, you and your aircraft, jumping from one airfield or an unprepared terrain to the next one, with the air in your face…
All of that will happen without compromise, as you will enjoy a performing aircraft with a very strong fuselage in 4130 TIG welded steel, that will allow you to perform bushflying in full safety, offering a unique feeling.
This is the perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure, that will allow you to live in contact with the nature like no other aircraft can offer you to do.

Load your camping gear and start for your next adventure!

The Agilis boost the same wings of the other models of the Savage. It is designed to accept also a 912 100hp, but at the same time, being our entry level, most simple and lightest aircraft, can also accept engines like a Rotax 582 two stroke with 65hp.
As standard, the fuselage has 7075T6 landing gear and front seat controls, being dual controls an optional. 


Note: Aircraft Configurator shows base cost with Rotax 582 engine. As for other options.

ENGINE ROTAX 912 ULS 100hp 5800 rpm *Rotax 582 data to be announced soon
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 68 litres (18 Gallons)
PROPELLER Wooden twin blade, diameter 183 cm (72 in)
WING SPAN 906 cm (356.7in)
LENGTH 621 cm (243 in)
HEIGHT 201 cm (79 in)
HEIGHT with Al.Bw 26" and extended l. gear 217,5 cm (85.6 in)
WING SURFACE AREA 14,2 m2 (152.85 sq ft)
WING CHORD 156 cm (61.4 in)
CABIN WIDTH 30,5 cm (12 in)
UNDERCARRIAGE WIDTH WITH 26" B.W. 192 cm (75.6 in)
MAX TAKE-OFF WEIGHT 472,5 kg (1041 lbs) - 560 kg (1234 lbs)
WEIGHT UNLOADED 260 kg (573 lbs)
EFFECTIVE LOAD CAPACITY 212,5 kg (468.5 lbs) - 300 kg (661 lbs)
Max wing loading 472.5kg VERSION 33 kg/mq (7 lb/sqft)
Max wing loading 560kg VERSION 39 kg/mq (8 lb/sqft)
Vne 185 km/h (115 mph)
Max speed s.l. 165 km/h (102.5 mph)
Cruising speed 75% 140 km/h (87 mph)
Climb rate 6 m/s (1181,4 ft/m)
Stall speed with full flaps 46 km/h (28,6 mph)
Max ceiling 4100 m (13451 ft)
Range 65 % 590 km (367 mi)
Required take-off space <65 m (<213 ft) depending on surface
Required landing space <55 m (<180 ft)
Cross wind component (max.) 37 km/h (23 mph)

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