The smallest Savage ever built!

This little piece of technology and of outstanding craftmanship has been commisioned by Zlin Aviation to a German friend and famous rc modeller. The love and care, attention to detail, and overall quality of this product, is outstanding.  It is not a mass produced toy, and customers will get something unique and built in very small quantities. The fuselage is built with little balsa rods, while all surfaces and the wings and produced with very thin foam. The aircraft boosts full three axes control, and also flaps like the real Bobber. Even the bushwheels, produced with a turning machine are also made of foam. The result is amazing, with an empty weight of just 125gr with engine, regulator and all servos! Just have a look at the video to see how it flyies! It is absolutely realistic and nice to see, as well as a ton of fun!


This little jewel is deliver already assembled and you just need a little receive, then you are ready to fly!


Optionally also the 2 meter wingspan version is available. 


Photo Gallery
Savage Bobber RC Indoor 100 cm

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