Specifications Bobber RC
Wing span
Scale 1:3 311cm
Scale 1:2,5 374cm
Scale 1:3 213cm
Scale 1:2,5 256cm
Scale 1:3 Starting from 17,5kg
Scale 1:2,5 Starting from 19,5kg
Engine recommended
Valach Motors VM 120 B2-4T
Main features
4130 steel TIG welded fuselage
2024-T3 and 6061-T6 aluminium wing construction
Riveted aluminium sheet ailerons and flaps construction
FAA approved Dacron covering process (60gr for sq/m)
Scale real bungee shock absorbers
Scale Vortex Generators
Composite cowling
ARF Kit includes
Completely welded fuselage, tail surfaces and landing gear
CNC cut ribs (sandwich foam/fiberglass)
Finished ailerons and flaps in riveted aluminum sheet
Welded engine mount for Valach engine
Tailwheel complete with Kavan tire
Covered wings and tail surfaces
Pre-cut lexan
Standard seats (not leather covered)
Wooden floorboards
Top Model 18cm tires
Wing struts and jury struts
Italian Leather set: 2 seats and 3 bags
12" foam custom made Alaskan Bushwheels with rims
Towing System
1 color standard paint scheme
Custom Bobber Paint schemes
Servo and electronics installation
Weigth and balance and test flight (delivery Ready to Fly)

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