Savage Bobber video
May 12 2011

Just a short video ( notyet a professional one ) about the new Bobber. Coming soon new pics and new videos (made by Zlin Aviation sro).


New page for all exhisting POH
January 12 2021

We would like to integrate all exhisting POH, for all our different Savage models ,with one new page related to the Emergency procedures. If you wish to get a new POH directly from us, that will include this page, just write directly to us specifying your name, serial number and model ( The content of this specific page is related to "nose over event" and is anticipated below:

Under heavy braking (mainly with quite forward Cg), or when the landing site is rough (sand , mud , obstacles etc) might happen that the plane goes nose over. If this situation occurs , we strongly suggest to use these simple steps :

· Open the cabin door (or the shooter window if installed) and if this will not be possible (i.e. locked by obstacles or deformed) use the side windows . It is fairly easy to push the side windows out with your feet .
· Support your body with your arm to protect your head and neck , and once ready , release the safety belt harness with the other hand (this procedure can avoid neck/head injury) .
· Once free from the safety belt, exit the plane and keep in the safe distance from it .
· If the situation allows and it is safe , close the fuel valve in the cabin and switch off the avionics and electric system, to prevent any risk of fire, before to look for some help .




Welcome to new dealers
December 15 2020

Let's indroduce today three new dealers that just joined our dealer's network. All the details are available on our dealer's page.

For Belgium : Mr. Jean Maeterlinck, very active and enthusiast Savage pilot, owning the company BMine bv

For Lithuania : Mr Tomas Kuzmickas, director of a strong professional team, well known as Aeroteka JSC

For Norway (only for the Norden) : Mr. Thomas Hauklien, owner of the famous Edge Performance AS and manufacturer of "those famous engines", well know around the world


Safety Alert n.12
December 03 2020

Safety Alert n.12 :
have a look in the Owner's area section, under "Technical documents"....Pls read , share and contact us in case of any doubt or need.Tks

Last updates about Norden
November 09 2020

We are preparing a new larger and slightly modified instrument panel that on demand, will be available for the customers interested to install the Garmin G3X or the Dynon Skyview in the 7” size. The basic renderings just show a couple of possible configurations, that could change of course according to the customer’s specific needs or desires. Radio and transponder for example, could be differently configured, leaving some free space for other 2 x 57mm round instruments.
We started to test a new AoA system made by the Italian company Flybox, tests are under process. The new optional and definitive carbon and leather seatings are now under production and have the same size of the prototype ones, just better made. We tested also a new prototype “very light” carbon cowling (the top half weights for example around 800 gr) with two new Naca air intakes to let the Rotax 915 breathe at best and after the tests, they are now available and in production. The plane was inspected by an official Engineer coming from the Czech LAA and passed the weight process, necessary for homologation process. We can confirm that the Norden with the Rotax 915 and some options as 22” tires, extended landing gear, shock absorbers and safety cables, aerodynamic cover for V cabana and s.absorbers, double brake calipers, aerodynamic covers for struts, carbon cowling, carbon wing tips, carbon seats, carbon floorboards, rear T3 system shock absorber, optional 140 lt fuel tank, baggage door and standard soft baggage, weights 380 kg (837 lbs). We already introduced some mods on manufacturing process, so the regular planes will weight few kg less. The next Norden we will produce and deliver to a Czech customer in December, wil be equipped with the Edge Performance 120 hp engine, and will weight about 27 kg less, compared to the Rotax 915 equipped prototype, so we could arrive at 350 kg empty weight with the same above configuration. In the future we will introduce even the carbon slats and this together with oracover covering process for the fuselage, should help for about another 7 kg saving, so just in prospective this plane will not be so far from the 340 kg empty weight in the close future, when all next light weight optionals will be available. Considering then the strict weight limits necessary to enter into the French market, we confirm that we are working hard in the attempt to meet them too in the future. Don’t forget that the large double slotted flaps and retractable electric slats have an impact of about 14/15 kg on our wings compared to a normal version of the same wings.
Now some new datas after new test flights and props setting .We confirm that similar performances are available with different variable ground pitch propellers but at the moment the EProp four blade prop we installed, seems to be the best one when we combine take off roll, climb, cruise speed at different rpm and top speed.

Last tests have shown with our pilot Ivo Cervinka on board:
Norden take off weight : 515 kg (1.135 lbs), 22” tires, temperature 14°C, Altitude 2500 ft , calm air, zero wind

Take off distance:
around 30 mt (98ft)
but on this we want to work much more in the future, using more advanced take off techniques .

Speed Test:
4500 rpm —> 158 kph IAS (163 TAS) / 98 mph IAS (101 TAS) . Consumption 16,2 lt/h (4,2 gph). Theoretical range :1408 km / 875 miles
4800 rpm —> 168 kph IAS (172 TAS) / 104 mph IAS (107 TAS) . Consumption 19,1 lt/h (5 gph). Theoretical range : 1260 km / 783 miles
5000 rpm —> 180 kph IAS (185 TAS) / 112 mph IAS (115 TAS). Consumption 22,3 lt/h (5,9 gph).Theoretical range :1.161 km / 721 miles
5200 rpm —> 187 kph IAS (192 TAS) / 116 mph IAS (119 TAS) . Consumption 25,1 lt/h (6,6 gph).Theoretical range : 1.070 km / 665 miles
5500 rpm —> 200 kph IAS (206 TAS) / 124 mph IAS (128 TAS). Consumption 31,1 lt/h (8,2 gph). Theoretical range : 927 km/ 576 miles
top speed —> 214 kph IAS (219 TAS) /133 mph IAS (136 mph TAS or 118 knots)
with some aerodynamic improvements that will arrive for the standard production, we still believe we could reach better performances.
We are also convinced that with the optional future spring landing gear, the Norden could have hit the 230/235 km/h top TAS (143/146 mph).
We truly believe that the 155 hp Edge Performance engine that we will install soon, for one our Norden customer, will again improve the above numbers.
The theoretical ranges were calculated with the optional 140 lt (37 gallons) fuel tank. In the future we will develop also the 180 lt fuel tank for special markets or needs, allowing a max theoretical range of 1811 km ( 1125 miles) at 4500 rpm economic setting.

Climb Test
Climb speed 90 km/h (56 mph)
4500 rpm —> 950 ft/m
5000 rpm —> 1400 ft/m
5380 rpm —> 1800 ft/m
5450 rpm —> 1900 ft/m

Stall tests:
all tests done with engine on idle
clean configuration : 58 km/h (36 mph)
1st position flaps and slats : 52 km/h (32 mph)
2nd position flaps and slats : 49 km/h (30 mph)
3rd position flaps and slats : 45 km/h (28 mph)
Stall with power on : < 38 km/h (< 23mph)

Results :
we can safely confirm that our plane has shown in the last tests, to be able to fly from 38 km/h up to 219 km/h TAS with 22” tires , without encountering any kind of problem and still climbing more than well with just a ground adjustable propeller and that with more powerful engines coming soon, new prop settings and the next spring landing gear planned for middle next year, we could break the barrier of the 230/235 km/h, still being capable to fly at below of 38 km/h with power on, offering so a ratio between minimum speed and top speed of above 1 to 6.
The 29” tires compared to the 22” tested above, reduce the speeds by about 4 mph. We don’t want to test tires below 22” diameter, since if it is true that the plane would perform even better, we don’t want to damage the final aesthetic of the plane using smaller tires.
Back to tests...

Savage Norden flying test report
October 24 2020

As promised, today we publish on facebook and on our website, the report coming by Maxime Compagnon, a well known Savage pilot that had the chance to test the plane few weeks ago.Pics are available on our facebook page...
Before to let him speak about the new Savage Norden, just a short introduction about him and about what he is doing for the European STOL community.
Maxime Compagnon is the founder/ editor/ host of The STOL Collective and currently flies a modified Zlin Savage Cruiser named “Vieux Bandit!” around Europe but mostly in the Alps. First a glider pilot licensed at the age of 16 then moved on to European Ultra Lights (Light Sport Aircraft), he has been flying for the past 23 years and more intensively exploring European bush flying for the past 6 years. He enjoys producing photographic content and short films about anything to do with backcountry, mountain and bush flying, and is dedicated to meeting people sharing the same passion. You can find him on Instagram at . His last project, The STOL Collective, is a European podcast about backcountry flying, mountain flying and Short take-off and landing (STOL). But most of all, it is a journey through Europe meeting awesome people sharing the same passion. You can find TSC on Instagram at and listen to the Podcast on several platforms starting from:

Maxime speaking now:

The plane is “big", compared to my Savage Cruiser : 707 cm long (23 ft 2 inch) with a wing span of 903 cm (29 ft 7,5 inch). The design is sleek and the wings look innovative and exciting being fully metal this time. It sits also very tall from the ground on those 29” tires. Impressive design with modern and retro look at same time. The painting looks also way better in real life than on pictures. The cowling is really well shaped and original and not ispired by any other Savage model.

Way more room and comfort for both pilot and passenger (adjustable seats position, seats now ready for 5+ hours flight in a row, clean baggage area with sleeping possibilities, header tank…). It is now possible to strecth completely your legs on the floorboard during flight, without touching at all the firewall. Very helpful during long flights.
Increased visibility due to the redesigned cockpit. Increased safety with the removal of several tubes inside and/or a new placement at least 30cm ( 12”) away from the pilot's head .I´m 177cm and the cabin height is now 137 cm (54”) while the cabin widht at pilot position is 76 cm (30”).. The extended baggage has full access, folding the rear seat and offers a fully flat floorboard 140 cm long (55”) . When extended with a specific optional, toward the front seat, this flooboard allows the pilot to load very long baggages or to sleep inside as mentioned before.

In flight:
More stable and needs less rudder work in flight, because of the increased fuselage length.The added weight will help in turbulences. Way more cruising speed.
The ailerons could be compared to the ones of aerobatic aircrafts! This is the first impression you have just looking at the Norden from behind. Although having quite heavy 29'' alaskan Bushwheels mounted, the agility and ailerons response in flight is just “stunning" for this kind of aircraft... Watching the test flight of Fabio Guerra on Youtube gave me a good hint which was then confirmed during my test flight.
Stall is very predictable and safe (high AOA in clean configuration but LOW AOA when dirtied up = slats and flaps out).
The Electrical slats ensure maximum safety as they are both always in the same position (whatever would happen to the electric engine that activates them) due to their mechanical design. So no risk to have one slat out and one slat in during landing or in any other flight condition.And they are then clearly visible by the pilot during their operations.The combination of "banana slats" and those big double slotted flaps ensure a low AOA at very low speed thus increasing visibility shortly before the flare and then safety! The plane has also shown to have no problem about trimming at different speeds.

Aircraft: Zlin Aviation NORDEN , Rotax 915iS, e-Prop 4 blades, clean configuration, 29'' AKBW
Conditions: Cloudy 6/8th, Temp. 12°C (approx), altitude 3000ft, wind none (or just light from S).
Flight path: 6km length, Axis 01/19
Note: Zlin added a second external VSI just for this test.
4500 RPM (pics 2 and 3)
IAS --> 93 mph (150 kph) . Gps shows 152 kph (94,5 mph). With 22” tires Zlin confirms IAS —> 98 mph (157 kph).
4800 RPM (pics 4 and 5)
IAS --> 100 mph (161 kph). Gps shows 168 kph (104 mph). With 22” tires Zlin confirms IAS —> 109 mph (175 kph).
5000 RPM (pics 6 and 7)
IAS --> 106 mph (170 kph). Gps shows 172 kph (107 mph). With 22” tires Zlin confirms IAS —> 112 mph (180 kph).
5200 RPM (pics 8 and 9)
IAS --> 112 mph (180 kph). Gps shows 186 kph (115,5 mph). With 22” tires Zlin confirm IAS —> 117 mph (188 kph)
5400 RPM (pics 10 and 11)
IAS --> 118 mph (190 kph). Gps shows 189 kph (117,4 mph). With 22” tires Zlin confirms IAS —> 121 mph (195 kph)

SUMMARY: 4800 RPM is probably the optimum cruise setting in terms of speed to consumption ratio achieving 100 MPH with 29''s !!!
Zlin says that with a spring landing gear, that will come in the next future, the cruise speed could increase by another 12/15 km/h compared to their report with the 22” tires. Not bad for long trips with a plane that could cruise at 5200 RPM in the range of 200 kph (124 mph or 108 knots).

Aircraft: Zlin Aviation NORDEN, Rotax 915iS, e-Prop 4 blades, clean configuration, 29'' AKBW
Conditions: Cloudy 6/8th, Temp. 12°C (approx), altitude 3000ft, wind none.
Flight path: 6km length, Axis 01/19
Climb speed: 55 mph IAS (89 kph) in CLEAN configuration ... so unfortunately a bit slow as I should have tested at 60 mph or more .
4500 RPM --> 800 ft/min
4800 RPM --> 1100 ft/min
5000 RPM --> 1200 ft/min
5200 RPM --> 1300 ft/min
5400 RPM --> 1500 ft/min
Note: Zlin confirms that the above cruise speeds and climb datas, could change in the future, since other settings of this and other propellers under test, still have not been fully explored.

STALL Test only in clean configuration:
60 kph (37 mph) (Pic n.12)
Aircraft: Zlin Aviation NORDEN , Rotax 915iS, e-Prop 4 blades, clean configuration, 29'' AKBW
Conditions: Cloudy 6/8th, Temp. 12°C (approx), altitude 3000ft, wind none.
Flight path: 6km length, Axis 01/19

Final personal thoughts:
"The NORDEN is more than an evolution of Zlin's production line and even what is globally on the market, it is in my opinion THE MISSING LINK!
There is NO comparison or similar plane on the global LSA market and that wing is a piece of ART! ... way better than any traditional wing I tested.
And no, I am not a Zlin dealer or in any way involved in this project…"


Virtual bushflying finally possible
August 03 2020

Experience some take off and landings in the bush, with our “virtual" Savage Cub and a real pilot on commands. Microsoft Flight Simulator has really done miracles this time and it will be finally possible to enjoy our planes as in the real bush. Some nice taildragger techniques, including uphill landings, shown by Juan-Peter Schulze. For those who still don’t know Peter, he simply flew a Cessna 210 around the world ... 

Savage Cub and Shock Ultra in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator
July 15 2020

“We have been thrilled and humbled by the support and dedication that has fueled the Flight Sim community for the past 38 years,” says Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator. “Since the launch of the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1982, we knew it was finally the right time to develop the next-generation version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.”
The latest game includes a new day and night engine that allows players to fly at any time of day as well as a new checklist system that scales for beginners or pro players with instrument guidance and checklists before takeoff. Microsoft Flight Simulator also includes real-time weather, live traffic, and animals throughout its living world.The official video starts with a Savage Cub take off, that perfectly embodies the spirit or our planes…Shock Ultra will be avialable too in the Premium Version of this simulator. We at Zlin can't wait,after so long hard job, to put our hands on the final product, later next month.

Savage Norden demo flight
July 03 2020

First day of tests for our friend Fabio Guerra, testing the Norden for the first time. Next meeting and video is planned with him for second half of September, to better show the real potential of the plane.

Savage Norden updates
June 29 2020

We invite all the people interested in the new Savage Norden to check for news and videos on our facebook page. The test flights are going very well and when will be finished the ones planned according to Czech rules and LSA programs, we will officially update our website with all the official datas. Check for last Norden's videos on our facebook page if interested...

New Savage Norden
March 25 2020

ZLIN AVIATION s.r.o. Napajedla, 25. 3. 2020
Two years of hard job, more than 20 years of specific experience in this sector, putted into this new project. This new plane represents the sum of our vision, the expectations and needs coming from our customers and the tendencies coming from the STOL market. Design and elegance, innovations and safety, aerodinamic and performances, enhanced ergonomy and new cargo capacity, reliability and strength, functionality and desire of new adventures, all togheter we hope, quite well mixed.
This refined backcountry aircraft is 703 cm long, 223 cm tall (or more depending on tires sizes) and has a wing span of 903 cm. The empty basic weight is less than 360 kg and will be available in the future as LSA in the USA and other Countries and as ULM in Europe (into the new Ultralight 600 kg class).
A completely new and bigger fuselage, with new shapes for fin/rudder section (fin now has ribs to increase the efficency and stability) and lateral windows, for the first time matched with a completely new metal wing with traditional spars and more advanced airfoil, equipped with an over-dimensioned electrical retractable slat system and a manual double slotted flaps, will ensure excellent performances both in cruise speed and landing.
The new wing tips were designed to help the aileron's efficency at low speed and to increase the aerodinamic efficiency at cruise or top speed... The strenght of the new metal wing, designed for 800kg MTOW, the slats and the low landing speeds ensured by the large double slotted flaps (that will even create enough pitch moment to increase the front visibility), will enhance the safety factor for the pilots during STOL operations.
The wing struts have been redesigned with new stronger and separate attachments to the fuselage.The fuel tanks will be available in 3 sizes :100, 140 and up to 180 lt and will offer together with an higher cruise speed an extended range for your longer trips..A new fuel indicator system will alert you, just in case and to prevent any risk in this area.
The trim system has been modified, increasing the total vertical travel of the yoke system, allowing now more trimming capacity to the elevator to compensate a larger spectrum of speeds.
A very large optional cargo area, full carbon made, with an external access door, with the possibility to extend it even further, allowing one pilot to sleep inside the plane if necessary, will open new possibility for our Savage owners.
A completely revised cabin ergonomy, with new easier accessibility for both pilots, with the larger door of the category and a bigger distance between the two seatings, will offer a new dimension of confort inside the cabin. New “adjustable" carbon seats matched with some premium leather, available in 18 different colors, will offer a new touch to the interiors and a new confort for longer trips...
On demand also the seat belts, can be ordered using different colors, according to customer desires. New rudder pedals will ensure better control on the ground in every
condition. The even bigger ailerons, are now controlled by push pull tubes inside the wings, giving a more precise feedback to the pilots .The flaps are now controlled by a torsional tube and push pull rods.
An important goal for Zlin Aviation, has been to try to increase the forward visibility for pilots during STOL operations: the front windshield is now more angled (to also reduce the amount of drag at higher cruising speeds) and our new instrument panel, compact but elegant, has been designed to achieve this target. We also wanted to be innovative from the design point of view, and this new instrument panel can be in fact customized, according to customer wishes. Up to 20 special different aeronautical paints, or a full carbon look or even an alcantara / leather combination, with a choice of different seams, will be availabe for our customer.
The new optional dual caliper brake system is more than enough to handle full power coming from a Rotax 915. The main landing gear is now extended and reinforced by 3" (standard) and has a different design. It has also been moved more forward, allowing pilots to brake even harder, when necessary.
The standard tailwheel can now be upgraded to T3 tailwheel suspension system or even Acme Stinger. The standard bungee system can be upgraded with a custom made shock absorber system produced by one our dealer, or even with a more professional Acme Shock PRO Series system, designed for tought operations.
The new cowling design is sleek and streamlined, taking in mind the faster cruise speed planned for this plane, but big enough to offer plenty of space for engines installation, due to our new rounded bowl and firewall area, that gives more presence and elegance to the whole front area of the plane.
The basic engine for this plane will be the Rotax 100 hp but the plane during 2021, will be able to hold also the power coming from the new Edge Performance EPeX300Ti (300 hp), planned to be installed only for the experimental market. The first EPeX300Ti will be installed and tested later this year and has already been ordered by our company.
Now something about the name. It took really long to decide for a new name, this time. So why NORDEN? and why with a “globe” designed in place of the standard “O” and then an inverted N at the end? basically because we were inspired by the main cardinal point, the mythical North and because we always try to think different, so why not to invert the N at the end for example? to think different in fact, allowed us to design this plane, not taking in mind what we did untill yesterday, but trying to open our mind, reaching new limits...
Norden then, is a name used to identify the beautiful Nordic and Scandinavian Countries as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland... These incredible lands all together with North of Canada and Alaska, are well linked with the concepts of Adventures and STOL operations. Who has never dreamed to make a trip to Cape North, to Iceland or to Alaska, just to name some of these places? Furthermore, it is not a secret that the real bushflying has been invented in the “real North Territories”... These Countries are then very far by most of the people around the world, and this also moved us trying to find a name that could both inspire great "adventures" and "long trips"...

Link video

Safety Alert n. 11
January 14 2020

Mandatory Safety Alert n.11 . You can find it in the dedicated Owner's area. Pls read , share and contact us in case of any doubt or need



new model ...
December 05 2019

Just few details about the new prototype coming soon…

2.207 free of problems hours
November 28 2019

Remarkable results for a Savage Cruiser, flown for many years as a demo and for training in USA. The N866LA logged infact few days ago 2.207 hours, being during all this flying time, totally free of troubles. It is not the first plane that reached similar level of performance , quite typical for flying schools.
Owned in USA by Keith and Julie Harthlaub, the plane continues to fully satisfy its owners and the agreement with them is to meet again when they will reach the 3.000 logged hours..

Safety Alert n.10
November 07 2019

Safety Alert n.10 . The small amount of customers involved have been already infomed. You can have a look in the Owner's area section, under "Technical documents".

New prototype updates
October 05 2019

Working with the Czech LAA, we are now planning the last steps before first test flights.
We worked a lot during the last months, trying to design something special. We can promise that we didn’t forget anything : new ergonomy, new fuselage, new metal wings, new design...The list is really too long and we can’t share anything more right now.
Just be assured that we are really focused on this project and that soon we will paint the plane, starting immediately after the final assembling.Stay tuned.

New dealers
September 27 2019

Time to introduce and welcome some new dealers that have reached us in the recent times. The demand of STOL planes is growing worldwide and we are trying to enlarge the company accordingly (even designing new solutions and new models).

In alphabetical order:

Chile : Inversiones Aéreas Patagonia Ltda - Vitacura/Santiago (7 planes ordered)
China : Datong Aero Power Co., Ltd. - Datong, Shanxi (4 planes ordered)
Denmark : Bush Flyers - Glostrup (1 plane ordered)
Laos : Khoksa Airfield - Ban Khoksa, Muang Pak Gnum, Vientiane (2 planes ordered)
Finland : Suomen Ilmailupalvelut Oy/Finnish Aviation Services Ltd. - Toivala (2 planes ordered)
Israel : Crossbow Ltd - Moshav Ben-Shemen (1 plane ordered)
Reunion and Madagascar: Airsports Reunion - Saint Gilles Les Bains (2 planes ordered)
Sweden : for ULM category contact Finnish dealer. For Experimental category contact Danish dealer.
Complete details will be updated on the website in the next few days.

Safety Alert n.09
August 20 2019

All Savage aircraft owners are invited to read carefully our latest Safety Alert n°09. You can check for it in the Owner Area, under the "technical documents" section. We want to be sure that all customers will perform a specific control before their next flight . If any defects will be found, expecially for planes operated near the sea or water in general (in the specific case some corrosion on some wires sleeves) pls contact Zlin Aviation sro for further instructions at this address :

Note: all dealers have been already informed and could help with some specific advices.

Valdez STOL competition results
May 13 2019

Valdez, the world's most famous STOL (Short Take-Off & Landing) competition is just finished.
It seems that our customer Gary Green has performed the shortest landing with his Shock Cub even if we were not able to compete at 100% in take off, with planes as the famous Lil Cub (heavily modified Piper Cub, winner at Valdez during last 2017 and 2018 and holder of two World’s record) with more than 180 hp compared to our 115 hp (Rotax 914). But then when it is time to land short, the Shock Cub has shown to be the right “tool”, being at the end, just a standard, unmodified product. Compliments Gary, very nice job..

Slow motion video of the event (Shock Cub starting  from 14:18)

Edge Performance
May 08 2019

This time we are really going to the “edge" ...
We are very glad to announce that we officially started our cooperation with the well known Norwegian company "Edge Performance”.We decided to install one of their engines on our next prototype that will fly this Summer with our new wings recently introduced at AERO. We expect great things by the combination between their “power" and our “sophisticate aerodinamic”..It will be an interesting Summer for sure..

UK new dealer and market
April 19 2019

After over 8 months of hard work and design submissions to the UK LAA we are excited to unveil our new Partnership with Synergy Aircraft based in Warwickshire, for the UK and Ireland. The Shock Cub will be available in Quickbuild kit format initially. For those of you who want to get into the Air sooner no problem, we have developed and Approved a full Kit Build Assist Program in association with Synergy Aircraft which will operate from their workshop. Our first Demo Shock Cub is due for Delivery in June, we have a very special paint Scheme in mind for this aircraft, to celebrate our arrival into the UK… For full details on specifications pricing and availability please call/email Mark 07920 453990/ website :

AERO 2019 report
April 15 2019

Another great AERO exhibition (Friedrichshafen-Germany) has just finished. More than 32.000 visitors , four days, full immersion, in what is considered the best European fair of the sector. We want to thank all our customers, dealers, visitors.. it was a great occasion to meet and speak about the future. We were glad to introduce several news at AERO. First, the beautiful Shock Cub equipped with the new Rotax 915, a real performer,  then the Shock Ultra and his new cowling, shown as a moke up,  that will become standard for this plane, not forgetting the new carbon wing cuffs that will be available soon for all our Savage Cub, Bobber, Cruiser, Classic and Cub- S customers and that will reduce the stall speed without any other adverse conseguence. Great interest even for the new (prototype) carbon belly pod manufactured by an external suppliers for one our customer (it will include one 25 lt fuel tank). A lot of attention also for the Kanardia instruments that were exposed in our booth (they offer the right price/quality comporomise). Mir-Mat company prepared this instrument panel, showing his huge knowledge in manufacturing aeronautical wirings and we were glad to have them in our booth since they produce all our wirings for all our planes. Finally we introduced what we consider the most sophisticated wing of the STOL LSA-Ulm market.This wing will equip soon a new model that will be developed and certified this year, initially in Czech Republic and Germany, and that should be able to finally close the gap between what we consider a fast cruise speed, around and above 200 km/h and a slow stall speed (below 40 km/h). The VNE will be >250 km/h , the MTOW will be 800 kg and the wing will be fully metal with traditional wing spars. The retractable slats and the huge double slotted flaps will be offered as optional while the standard wing will get a very efficient single slotted flap.We promised as you know, some news for AERO 2019 and we did it.. More informations about all current projetcs will be avaiable directly throught our dealers or contacting us via email.


Rotax 915 tests
March 23 2019

Just started the ground tests with the new Rotax 915...We will show soon at AERO, another beautiful Shock Cub, equipped with the same engine and a very nice Garmin instrument panel..Stay tuned.

- 30 Days left: AERO 2019 is coming
March 11 2019

We invite you to visit our booth (B2-415) from 10th to 13th April at AERO (Germany), the European international global show for general aviation. We will be there as usual and we will show some new important projects under development. Let’s say…"something really innovative for our company”.

New Shock Ultra engine cowling
March 08 2019

 Finally ready to enter in production the new engine cowling for the Shock Ultra. The new original design, will integrate the landing light spot and one naca air intake (operated by the pilot on demand) , for the 915 equipped planes. All next Shock Ultra will get for free this new cowling and later this year a "full carbon" version will be available on demand .

Shock Ultra in Spain
February 23 2019

 Our Spanish dealer is pleased to announce that the first Shock Ultra was sold in Spain and that Zlin Aviation will start the process to get the airplane certified. This is just following the growing demand of serious Stol planes around the world .. And If you are looking for a professional Bush Flying training in Europe, this is the right place :

Shock Cub video
February 02 2019

A new video coming again from Alaska. What a beautiful Country and what a dream to fly there.Tks to Mr. Gary Green for sharing with us his passion and his skills..


Many deliveries..
January 28 2019

In the last few months a big effort has been made to accelerate the delivery of new aircrafts and it is obviously planned for the next months too. The new Rotax 915 has caused recently some delays to all manufacturers including Zlin Aviation but soon all will be solved. These are the planes that will have been delivered or will be completed since November 2018 up to February/ half March 2019 (only 4 of them in advanced kit form):

1 Savage Cub 100 Rotax 100 hp for Czech

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Romania

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for South Africa

1 Savage Cub Rotax 100 for France

1 Shock Cub Rotax 915 for Cote d'Ivoire

1 Shock Cub Rotax 915 for (a customer from) Swiss

1 Shock Ultra D-Motor 6 cyl. for Germany 

1 Savage Bobber Rotax 100 hp for France

1 Shock Ultra D-Motor 6 cyl. for Poland

1 Savage Classic firewall forward complete kit for Iceland

1 Savage Classic Rotax 100 hp for USA

1 Shock Cub Rotax 915 for Italy

1 Shock Cub experimental Rotax 915 for Germany

1 Shock Cub (with standard landing gear) MW engine for Czech

1 Shock Cub Rotax 100 hp for Czech

From March 2019 we need to deliver ASAP (and not at 100% according to this sequence):

1 Shock Ultra Rotax 914 for USA

1 Shock Ultra Rotax 914 for USA

1 Shock Cub Rotax 915 for New Zealand

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Canada

1 Savage Cub 100 hp for France

1 Savage Cub D-Motor for China

1 Shock Cub D-Motor for China

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Laos

1 Savage Bobber Rotax 914 for Laos

1 Shock Cub (with standard landing gear) Rotax (?) for USA

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Italy

1 Savage Cub experimental for Denmark

1 Savage Cruiser Rotax 914 for Australia

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Australia

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Czech

1 Shock Cub Rotax Edge Performance for UK

1 Shock Cub Rotax Edge Performance for Finland

1 Savage Cub Rotax 100 hp for Finland

1 Savage Cub Rotax 100 hp to Turkey

1 Shock Cub Rotax 915 for Turkey (probably different engine or model here)

1 Shock Ultra (first Bobber version for this model) Rotax 100 hp for La Reunion

1 Savage Cub Rotax 100 for France

1 Shock Cub Rotax 914 for Namibia

1 Savage Cruiser 2019 model  for Czech

plus several planes ( nr.6 ) for Germany (Shock Ultra, new Cruiser 2019, Savage Cub)..

More news coming soon about the Cruiser model year 2019 and the Rotax 915 test flights..Stay tuned.




Discontinued products
January 11 2019

We decided to reorganize the production line for the future. Starting from now some products will be discontinued (but we will deliver spare parts and assistance of course without problems for the existing planes).

Savage Classic: this was our first model. The most sold due to the long career. The cheapest one before the arrival of the Bobber and the Agilis.Used by many schools and privat pilots around the world,has shownn to be robust and reliable.It is still possible to find sometime very nice planes on the second hand market, it is easy to mantain and will continue to let you fly for hundreds of hours free of problems.

Savage Agilis: the plane was designed in the attempt to show that our company could even focus on more basic and unconvenzional design. Unique in his category and capable to deliver a lot of fun, it was more a "concept plane" than a real plane and we got all the results we targeted. But the market seems more oriented to more refined planes so we decided to discontinue it. 

Savage Cub-S : the Savage Cub-S was the first attempt of our company to dramatically improve the performances and quality of the regular production line (originally ..Bobber- Classic- Cruiser- Cub ) trying to offer a new step to all our customers. For the first time, we introduced a new fully movable stabilizer that acted as a superb trim system and the Lycoming IO-320 with 172 hp.The experience made with this plane allowed us later, to design the Shock Cub with a new wing and new landing gear. We decided to discontinue the Cub S, in favour of the possibility to get the more modern Shock Cub with the standard landing gear, only on special request.

We have really to thank these 3 models. They have accompanied loyally our customers during these years and will continue to do the same for the future. We will help for this purpouse without any reserve.They have also helped our company to grow up, reaching our today level of skills.For more informations feel free to contact us.

Important cooperation established
January 03 2019

We are really glad to have achieved a new step about the quality of our final assembled and ready to fly planes. This choice will become a free of charge investement for all our customers .From last December in fact, all the ready to fly planes will get a complete wiring harness system (electrical) made by the Italian company Mirmat. This company is already the official supplier of  the famous Tecnam, Pipistrel and Alenia Aeronautica and works in different sectors including the most important Italian telecommunication services provider "TIM". The quality is their and our main target..

Extract from their website: 

Aeronautical Wiring
Wiring with inkjet marking black and white, hot marking, with wiring label or plate, made with dedicated printers, wiring preformed.
Wiring connectors MIL crimp or solder. We are able to offer a service that includes the realization of the project execution, customer design, in development studies prepared on behalf of or in collaboration with the customer directly. The company has advanced equipment for the task of cutting and machining of cables, which together with test systems to guarantee the best seal and correct crimping ensure maximum reliability.The MirMat can 'make complete electrical systems standard for aircraft manufacturers ULM / LSA / CNS.
All systems are made by the manufacturer's specifications for length and sleeving, we can perform marking cables through heat treatment. The electrical systems are supplied tested in the laboratory with Test Set reproducing any type of parameter sensor / transducer installed.

Delivered the 2th Shock Cub to South Africa
December 17 2018

We are glad to confirm the final delivery via container of one beautiful yellow Shock Cub to South Africa, market followed by our dealer Mr.Craig Lang. Soon he and his customer will prepare for first local flight, this nice plane, fitted with the new Beringer 10" wheels and brakes and 31" tires.The Rotax 914 turbo was delivering nice performances in combination with the 3 blade Kiev propeller ..Another Shock Cub very similar will be prepared this summer for another Lang's customer, this time coming from Namibia.

Flying the 1st South African Shock Cub
November 17 2018

The plane is finally flying with a special livery and a customized Rotax engine. It seems that customers are particularly impressed by the performances during short landings and about unique stall characteristics, looking at first reports...

September...nice time for news
September 03 2018

Some news finally on the table after a while. We were very busy in the last period (let's say last few months), increasing production, making training for many new workers arrived in the last months, finding new systems and technology to make better our job (for example we will start to use an innovative painting system during next week), producing new carbon accessories/parts and moulds, testing new items (from shock absorbers to new slats etc.) and planes, following certifications processes in 2 Countries, always taking in mind the new rules coming soon in Europe, planning and starting the big move to the new operative base (1.000 square meters planned only for the "final delivery" step) that will be opened soon inside a nice and privat airport near Zlin (Czech). All this and much more is coming (new dealers for example just joined us from Laos, China, Finland, Sweden and La Reunion and will be announced soon while we are discussing with other potential dealers from Ireland and Chile).
Actually we are already able to accept your flying visits every day in Slusovice Airport (contact us for more details) offering even a local service for your plane if necessary.The next plan for 2019 will focus on a new facility for the production area only (that will be separate by the final delivery base described above) and for a complete restyling of the Savage Cruiser that will be completely updated using a similar manufacturing technology adopted by the last Shock Ultra and Shock Cub . Stay tuned for more news coming soon..even because the first Rotax 915 (141 hp) is close to fly on a wonderful and nicely painted Shock Cub...



Washing tires in the Blue lakes of Alaska's Glaciers
June 23 2018

Credit to Gary and Philipp (lucky guys) and to the fantastic Alaskan landscape

Must see...
May 05 2018

What is a Bush Pilot? Many pilots ask us about this fantastic discipline, so we just want to share a video that explains the concepts and the feelings behind the scenes (credits to Ultima Thule Outfitters and Matadormediahouse)..After you will have seen this video, you will better understand all the efforts and passion that we put every day in the production our bush planes..





Flieger Magazine 2018 Award....
April 24 2018

Our new Shock Ultra have been selected by the readers of this prestigious Magazine as the 3th best and innovative Ultralight of the market (last year with our Shock Cub as we arrived second with another German magazine):

Dies sind die Gewinner und die Nominierten:

1. Ultraleichtflugzeug / ultralight aircraft
- Breezer Sport
- Ultralight Concept Stampe SV 4-RS
- Zlin Aviation Shock Cub Ultra

2. Avionik /avionics
- Dynon SkyView HDX
- Garmin G500 TXi
- Garmin G1000 NXi

3. Flugzeug / aircraft
- Cirrus SR22T G6
- Diamond DA50
- Pilatus PC-24

4. Newcomer des Jahres /newcomer of the year

Das texanische Unternehmen beherrscht in den USA den Markt für Luftfahrt-Navigations-Apps. Dass es jetzt nach Europa kommt, wird den Markt ordentlich aufrütteln.

5. Innovation des Jahres / Innovation of the Year
- app2drive
- Cirrus Embark
- RunwayMap

6. 120-Kilo-UL / 120-kilo-ultralight
- Airsport Song 120
- Spacek SD-1
- Weller Uli V3 Rebell

7. Industry Leader des Jahres/Industry Leader of the Year

Jo Konrad, DULV
Am Preisträger vorbei hat die Jury in diesem Jahr insgeheim eines ihrer Mitglieder ausgezeichnet: Jo Konrad hat sich wie kein Anderer dafür eingesetzt, dass die Gewichtsgrenzen für ULs auf 600 Kilo angehoben werden. Die neuen Zuladungsgrenzen sind das beherrschende Thema der AERO 2018.

8. Schönster Flugplatz / Most beautiful airfield
- Kempten-Durach (EDMK)
- Koblenz-Winningen (EDRK)
- Zell am See (LOWZ)

9. Turboprop-Single
- Daher TBM 910/930
- Pilatus PC-12 NG
- Piper M600

10. Ehren-Award

Jack Pelton, Experimental Aircraft Association


New Shock Ultra
April 18 2018

The new Shock “Ultra" is finally available.. Just introduced officially this morning at AERO 2018 Friedrichshafen, it is the lightest bushplane of the market.
Completely derivated by our Shock Cub introduced in 2016, with a basic empty weight (no options included) of less than 300 kg (660 lbs) and a minimal flight speed of 27 km/h (single pilot), this plane is legally available now for all those markets where a limited empty weight is strictly required..More details and pics on our specific product page..

Flying in Alaska
March 22 2018

Alaska's Flying Cowboy youtube channel.. Mr. Gary Green has just released a new video showing the beauty of the Alaskan territory. Sure many of you, will remember him flying at Valdez last year. He got the permission to fly with his new plane just arrived, only few hours before the exhibition and still he performed very well .

Enjoy the video:


2017 results, new plans and AERO 2018
March 15 2018

The past year was very successfull for Zlin Aviation. And some changes became for this reason, simply mandatory. Last Autumn, we have taken the decision to almost double the production capacity of our company, due to the large number of planes sold worldwide. We have no problems to admit that there were some delays in deliveries, due to the huge amount of work necessary to expand, but we are fully committed to reduce in the next future , the delivery time to not more than 4-5 months..(and we are working very hard for that). We are implementing for these reasons, the production capacity in Czech Republic and we are looking for new workers. If you think to have a nice curriculum, feel free to send us an email..we will be glad to evaluate your position. In the last few months we also finalized the development of the new Shock Cub "Ultralight" version, that will be introduced during next AERO 2018..(we already started to sell it in France, Poland and Germany due to the strict empty weight limits applied in those Countries and strong interest is coming by USA and Scandinavian Countries too)..We have also developed after the experience matured with the Shock Cub, some dedicated "STOL" retrofittable accessories for all the Savage Bobber, Classic, Cruiser, Cub, flying around the world.These accessories will be introduced at AERO 2018...and will increase the safety and the performances of your planes. A new facility of 1000 square meter will probably be opened in time, before the end of the year 2018 in Czech Republic,  inside a very nice privat airport and just to help all the above projects and offer a stronger service to all our customers, visiting us in the future, directly with their planes.This facility will focus only on final assembling, engine and avionic installation and final delivery of our planes.  We are also improving our customers service and by early April, our specialists promise to reply in not more than few hours to all the incoming emails. A qualified English speaking technician will specifically take care about all your possible needs.  Certifications processes are also another of our main efforts. We are actually involved in Germany , France and Czech Republic to apply for local rules for the new coming model that will be introduced soon. Specifically in Germany and France (and in other European Countries too, including Czech Republic) will be approved soon an increase of MTOW, and we will be glad to help all the current customers (more than 120 only in the above two Countries) to update their planes to the new limits, since our Savage models were already designed taking in mind these weights. Shock Cub has proven in the meantime, to be a superb platform for Hyper Stol operations and was  sold until now,  in these Countries: USA (and Alaska),Canada, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Swiss, Turkey, Israel, Lybia, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire, Botswana. The demand of Bobber, Cruiser and Cub didn't change btw after the arrival of the Shock Cub , proving that these planes and the Shock Cub are simply two different kind of products, designed for two different kind of markets and customers..The new STOL accessories described above, will definitively create a link between these two Savage "worlds"..beside to offer the possibility to upgrade the older planes to a new level of performance. Finally by end of the year we will be ready officially to start the production and delivery of Savage KITS for all our models. In the past years we didn't push too much for this formula (we delivered each year more than 90% of our products only as ready to fly planes) and we are working right now on new assembling manuals, since we beleive that this decision will increase our market penetration and because this specific demand is increasing. 

And more to come, of course, looking soon even at the results of the new INNOVATION AWARDS 2018 that will be announced at AERO..., since it seems that one our plane will be considered  even this year (last year we arrrived 2th with the Shock Cub) one the most preferred and innovative UL-LSA of the market. 

See you at AERO 2018 (April 18-21/ booth B2-423) 




Temporary license and Fliegermagazin article
December 20 2017

Our new lighter version of the Shock Cub got finally the German temporary license and will be allowed to fly there, for final test flights and investigations before to get the final approval. In the meantime for German speaking readers, the well known German Flieger Magazine, issued a complete test flight of the plane, in his last December issue. In the cover they wrote "extremely slow, extremely safe" plane and inside in the article, they launched a provocation: is this the safest ULM-LSA of the market? there are some reason why they decided to write a similar sentence ... so we can only invite you to ask for more informations, if interested. The plane will be presented soon on our website.

New Australian Dealer and first Shock Cub
November 17 2017

We are happy to announce a new Australian Dealer. One red Shock Cub already arrived in Australia. One is under assembling and another one will be assembled right after. Finally we will be able to show our Shock Cub in this beautiful Land...

Welcome onboard to:

Craft Air Australia Pty Ltd
Mr.Leo +61431956181
Mr.Jordan +61407282785




Tested and almost ready for delivery a new customized Rotax
October 15 2017

Working on some modified Rotax for our planes. Light, powerfull (more power compared to a Rotax 914) and simple...Not LSA approved but sure with a big potential. Will keep you informed.

Under tests the new Ultralight Version of the Shock Cub
September 25 2017

We successfully continue the tests (working parallely on homologation process, initially for the German market) of the coming soon Ultra light version of the Shock Cub . This plane is designed taking in mind empty weights. Of course it has the same aerodinamic of the big brother, the Shock Cub but this time in combination with a modified and lighter fuselage and many other small details. The empty weight will fully satisfy most of the very strict European rules, combining excellent performamances with just the basic Rotax 100 hp. More news coming soon..

New Plane & Pilot cover
September 05 2017

The September issue of Plane & Pilot is on news stands now.

From their website: In our cover story, we fly the Outback Shock (this name is valid only in USA) . Find out how this powerhouse plane takes LSA performance to a crazy new level. All this and more in the September issue! Subscribe to Plane & Pilot at, and sign up for the eNews at You can also get the issue delivered to your mobile device or desktop at

New French dealer announcement
August 18 2017

All French customers have been in touch during the past years with our friend and dealer Mr. Pierre Beaulieu. A nice person, really professional and passionate. Pierre now has personally agreed some changes for the French market taking an agreement with one of the most competent and proficient actor in France in the ULM sector. We want to thank Pierre officially for all the good job done in the past years and we would like to introduce the new Dealer today: Finesse Max.

This year, Christian STUCK and his team are happy to celebrate Finesse Max's twentieth anniversary even introducing the new Savage dealership in France.Since 1997, Finesse Max is an important actor in sailplanes, ultralights and light sport aircrafts . Their activity also extends to aeronautical items : avionics, airframe and engine spare parts, oxygen... The story of this nice company can be found here:

They will represent us in France for all the models we produce, except for the Savage Agilis, as described in one our recent new. So feel free to contact them now for French market.They will be happy to assist you and will let you know their new programs and plans starting by the "coming soon" Blois exhibition 2017 .

Welcome on board to Christian and Finesse Team...

South African Safaris
July 28 2017

"During 2017, Flying Frontiers, the South African Savage Dealer, launched African Bushflying Safaris, using Savages for the ultimate in Bushflying adventures. Flying low and slow over southern Africa, landing on rough bush airstrips and areas not accessible to normal aircraft, the experience is unique and extra-ordinary. Making use of comfortable bush camps and lodges along the routes, Safaris can range from 5 to 21 days. There can be nothing better than flying low and slow along Africa's wild coastline, or following rivers through the wilderness of the dark continent, with herds of animals passing just below your unforgettable experience. The first half of 2017 has seen 3 hugely successful Safaris, and we believe that African Bushflying Safaris is going to grow in strength and appeal, particularly with the arrival of our new Savage aircraft, specifically customised up for the Safari flying. New Cub-S aircraft with monster shocks and large bushwheels will soon be shipped to South Africa. Bookings are open for the 2018 season, starting in March 2018.


Savage Agilis in France
July 15 2017

We are glad to announce that the Savage Agilis will be exclusively introduced in France very soon, by our new exclusive dealer (only for this model) : Little Aircraft - La vigne du Roy - 47600 Nérac (contact David Le Gac). There will be some other changes coming soon about French market and new dealership, but today let us start introducing the new French dealer, that will have the exclusive rights for the whole France, to introduce and market the "Savage Agilis". When we designed this plane, we had in mind exactly this Country. For several reasons and for his big tradition and history in the ULM sector in the last 30 years.The Agilis will be displayed at Blois 2017 and we guarantee that some other interesting news for that specific market, will come soon.



Tested a new Savage prototype
July 05 2017

Just tested a new Savage prototype..An hybrid version, highly modified and designed for all those international markets (expecially in Europe), where the strict rules about the empty weights, could partially limit the diffusion of our new Shock Cub (plane originally designed mainly for the LSA/Experimental market, so stronger but also heavier). With a reduced MTOW compared to the Shock Cub, this new “Savage" will mix the best of both worlds: the Hyper STOL character of the Shock Cub combined for the first time, with the lightness of our traditional Savage planes (Classic-Cruiser-Cub-Bobber). First Countries where it will be certified as an Ultralight before next Autumn : Germany, France and Italy (other will follow). For more details pls contact us or our dealers.


Italian Taildragger meeting 10/11 June
May 27 2017

From Scuola Volo Brescia website:

Mark this weekend in bright colours on your calendar because it will be the date of “Pradelle 2017”. Our traditional meeting organized by Scuola Volo Brescia, will bring together all the taildraggers pilots. As usual our love for the vintage taildragger and the bush adventures will be the main course of your meeting, which is the only one of this kind in Italy.With great pleasure this event putted together by Scuola Volo Brescia has had an always increasing number of important events connected with it, such as the “Meeting SOwG” , the AIPM (Italian Mountain Pilots Association) and a number of other clubs and fans.Pradelle airfield, close to the town of Torbole Casaglia, home base of the Scuola Volo Brescia, will be this year one of the most envied Italian air strip: our two runways will be used during the whole weekend as the landing platform to meet friends and fans from close and far away. Giving us the chance to share the fun with the old ones and meet the new.As usual all updates will be posted on the website and on our Facebook page :




Valdez 2017 final results and video
May 21 2017

Even considering that our plane missed two times the "white line" during landings, we can now share the final results of the VALDEZ 2017 STOL competition. We want to thank our customer/pilot (and again the Alaskan dealer), because even if he started to fly  the plane just the day before the competition (to move the plane to Valdez from his base), he was able to show the Stol characteristics of the plane, performing the 3th shortest take off, of the whole fleet of partecipants (just 39ft).

For those who still don't know the VALDEZ STOL competition, feel free to check this AOPA video with one our take off at minute 0:32



Valdez 2017- Alaska
May 15 2017

We made it...One our plane "finally" has partecipated for the first time, to this incredible and well known "STOL Alaskan event". Big tks to our American and Alaskan dealers for their local support. Tks even to our final customer since he has flown the plane there without any specific training for the first time. Our one was even the first European plane going there for this competition. Apart from the final results (our plane was completely stock, with not a climb propeller and the pilot/customer never flew the plane before the event since registered and allowed to fly just the day before! ) it was an incredible pleasure to be present.That is the "Mecca" of the bushflying and the best focused planes and pilots were there (many of them with modified and tuned planes of course). Sure now we know how to move and "what to do", to make an official partecipation next year with possibly one company's plane and pilot. 

Video (from our Spanish dealer) :

2017 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering
May 07 2017

For the first time one Savage plane and specifically the Shock Cub, landed in the great Alaska..The plane arrived just in time for the "Great Alaska Gathering show". An event that every year attracts the best bush pilots in the world and companies for what is considered the largest aviation free-entry trade show in America with more than 275 national and international exhibitors.We consider this just our first step in this beautiful land. More news will come soon..

Delivered the Rusty Shock
May 06 2017

Rusty Shock was finally deliverd to his happy customer. The plane is really an eye catcher in the blue sky...We will see it soon flying over the Mont Blanc. This plane was equipped with a new wider propeller (we are testing many of them and this one has a diameter of 220 cm) and a new innovative and very smart brake system that seems stronger and lighter than the ones we tested before. We will follow closely the feedbacks of this new Rusty plane, since both these new options, could obvioulsy translate in even better performances..



Innovation Awards 2017 and a new video
April 12 2017

Our Shock Cub has been awarded at AERO Friedrichshafen last week, by the prestigious German magazine AEROKURIER ( after the counting of about 50.000 votes ) as the 2th most preferred and innovative UL-LSA plane of the year 2017. With 16,9% of the preference against the 17,3% of the winner (an electric plane powered by "Siemens"), the Shock Cub can be considered the most preferred plane in the “piston engine powered” category.

In the meantime you can have a look in our "media" section, at our last new video: "the Dymagic Shock Cub"


After the exhibitions..
April 11 2017

Just finished both AERO 2017 and Sun and Fun ..We introduced a new video, a completely new paint scheme and a new vision, our "Dymagic" vision for the future.We had a lot of fun but even a lot of job to prepare all these things in time for these exhibitions..As usual we tried to be innovative and the market, again , seems to appreciate. Tks a lot to all our old and new customers, to our workers, suppliers and tks to the continue crowd of enthusiasts that visited us personally at AERO Friedrichshafen, confirming again the correctness of our vision for the future..Our "Dymagic" vision (a new word we want to introduce, to describe at best, the concepts of "Dynamic" and "Magic" fused together..). Attached below, the link to download our last brochure.




Shock Cub at Sun and Fun 2017
March 26 2017

Visit our American dealer's booth at Sun and Fun and have a look at the new Shock Cub (Outback Shock in USA). The exibition is close, don't miss this opportunity. One Shock Cub just left with destination Alaska and another one will leave next week and will be received by our dealer soon.

AERO 2017 Friedrichshafen (D)
March 26 2017

We will attend even this year at AERO 2017 (5-8 April) . You will find our booth at B2-311. Drop us a visit to discover the last news and look at our planes.

Valdez 2017- Alaska
March 16 2017

The first Shock Cub going to Alaska has finally left our manufacturing plant. The Shock will be shown first at Alaska Airman Show 2017 by our local Dealer and the week after will attend at Valdez Fly-In Stol Competition. The plane is absolutely standard and has not any special equipment designed for this “famous" Stol competition. We will keep you informed...Credit for the pic to "Marc" and his Skywalker systems (Germany).

Shock Therapy
February 08 2017

We really appreciated this new German cover and the nice "cover story"...This cover has to be added to the previous two ones we got recently  : Lotniczy Aviation Revue (Poland) and Flynytt (Norway). By the end of the month there will be the first official test flight made by a very well known magazine with a Shock Cub Turbo going soon to Alaska, while the first new Rotax 915 is ready to be fitted in one our prototype..Probably the Shock Cub is playing a new interesting role in this hyper specialistic market? with more than 30 planes sold in 9 months (29 rtf plus 1 kit) it seems that we are in the right track..By the current February we will deliver from 2 up to 3 ready to fly Shock, each month during the whole 2017.Not forgetting of course the several Savage Cub-Classic, Cruiser and Bobber under delivery or just under production.We are even considering the development of the KIT market. The first Shock Cub kit will be delivered  to our Czech dealer (the aerobatic pilot "Marek Hyka") by the end of the month. After this experience we will decide how to promote this formula at best.

Aerokurier 2016 Award and new Cover
February 06 2017

The prestigious Aerokurier German magazine, has decided to insert our new Shock Cub between a list of selected 2016 novelties.The Aerokurier editorial team has selected the best brands in different categories . In ULM category you will find the Shock Cub among other 7 planes.The "Innovation of the Year" is intended to offer space for those ideas "that do not fall into the classic layout", they say.
The readers can choose their favorite and win! Aerokurier will give away among other things a Tutima chronograph worth 4200 euros, shopping vouchers and other great prices. The winner of 2016 Innovation Award will be announced at the AERO in Friedrichshafen on the first day of the fair. If you want to partecipate to the vote visit here (in German) :

Gardaland, Savage Classic and Fabio Guerra
February 01 2017

Gardaland is an amusement park located in North-Eastern Italy.In June 2005, Gardaland has been ranked fifth in the top ten amusement parks in the world with the best turnover by Forbes Magazine and actually is one of the biggest amusement park in Europe. They recently launched officially the new "SHAMAN", an adrenalinic roller coasters combined with the most advanced virtual reality technology ( For the official launch, Fabio Guerra and his Savage Classic, played an important role, simulating the flight of an Eagle..

Short video attached below

First Shock Cub under delivery in New Zealand
December 15 2016

It's finally time to deliver the first Shock Cub in New Zealand. Very nice looking plane..with  "Ferrari" red and many carbon parts in evidence..


New Western and North Western Canadian Dealer
November 11 2016

We are proud to announce a new dealership for British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.
"Travelair" and the Chilcotinflyers would like to welcome you to a new world of bush planes and bush flying. The main sales/maintenance and training center is located at Chilliwack Airport (CYCW), in the beautiful Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The “bush-flying training camp” is located in the wilderness of the remote West Chilcotin, at Terra Nostra Guest Ranch. It will be the perfect place to show the extraordinary capabilities of the “Shock Cub”.
Contact the to learn more about their planes & bush flying programs. We welcome Mr. Alex Landolt on board!


Shock Cub, 6 months later...
October 20 2016

It is time to make some sort of balance after the official launch of the Shock Cub, happened exactly six months ago. A well known aviation journalist, asked us recently, how is going with this product and our intentions for the future. The Shock Cubs sold are 26 at this time, (99% ready to fly). A good achievent after just 6 months since his official introduction. Most of them will receive the new Rotax 915iS starting by next 2017 Summer since it seems that this engine, combined with our Hyper Stol wing airfoil will generate massive performances in Stol environment, with an impressive weight/power ratio. Few of them will get the Titan 340 engine, with the final result of "a superb machine". Some others will get for some markets, our 120Hp Rotax turbo conversion while some other will get the standard Rotax 100 hp. Last, two Shock Cub will be equipped with the MW engine too (one with the 150hp version).These Shock Cub have actually been sold (and some of them are already delivered) in : Italy- Czech- Romania- Germany (a light special version is available on demand) - Switzerland- New Zealand- South Africa- Australia- Usa and Alaska (the name of the plane in these last two markets will be "Outback Shock"). With a demonstrated minimum flying speed of 37 km/h at 600 kg MTOW, with a spin resistant and almost unstallable wing and with an extremely robust landing gear/shock absorbers complex, we are sure to be able to offer one of the best plane in the world for such kind of flying...And more is still under development, we can promise it.


New Rotax 915iS
October 18 2016

Finally we got the first (prototype) 915iS according to the "Rotax development engine program" , planned by the engine manufacturer, for the next incoming months.. We will be trained and allowed to install this engine soon for preliminary ground tests, and only later, after several steps to be followed, we will be authorized to test fly it.It will be installed on a new Shock Cub since many of them, have been already sold, taking in mind this specific engine. We are really excited by this important arrival since we beleive that this engine will elevate dramatically the level of Hyper STOL performances of our planes  .The engine weight (we checked it) is according to our wishes and sure the market will enjoy this new product soon. More news will follow asap. Stay tuned.


New Dealer for ALASKA
October 01 2016

While our first American Shock Cub ("Outback Shock" is the name for the American market ) is almost ready for the first flight (equipped with the TITAN 340 engine), we are very proud to announce in cooperation with our American dealer, the arrival of a new dealer for the State of Alaska...As you know in Alaska, "bushflying" is not just another way to fly..."it is just the only way to fly" and so we strongly beleive to be able to offer the right LSA product for that beautiful territory. We got really several inquires by that area and we are glad to announce that the first Outback Shock will be delivered there, on early 2017. Contact Flyalaska LLC to get more details about our planes and our programs. All details can be found on our dealer's page.Welcome on board Mr. Philipp Sturm..


Savage Treffen annual meeting (D)
September 15 2016

As usual, a nice organization and a favourable meteo, has allowed last weekend, a nice German Savage meeting ...Tks to Mr. Tom Huber and his friends to have planned this nice event, even for this year..It was a fantastic occasion to meet eachother and share personal experiences .. Pic credit : Ruedi Homberger "Hombi“




Finally available in USA the new Shock Cub
August 06 2016

In about ten days, finally will be available in USA the first Shock Cub . The plane equipped with a powerful Titan 180 hp, is the first Shock Cub covered with "Oratex 6000" system and painted with original  Oracover colors due to the presence of a nice paint scheme. In USA the Shock Cub is officially named Outback Shock. For more informations and details pls contact our local dealer, Mr. Bill Canino or visit their official website :




Reduction weight program results
July 29 2016

Delivered in Germany the first "super light" Savage Cruiser . Equipped for the first time with Oracover system and including several options engineered and produced by us
to lower as much as possible the final empty weight (just for example carbon seats and full carbon floorboards and engine cowling, plus composite tail leave etc) , we are glad to announce to all interested customers that the final weight recorded, was 290,7 kg. Ready to fly with Rotax 100 hp.
More important is that this empty weight, was already including several extra optionals (but just basic tires):
Junkers rescue system / 2 mt climb propeller / full paint scheme / extra fuel pump / antenna and radio / dynafocal engine mount / reinforced main landing gear / pre-installation towing system / vortex generators / internal corrosion protection / heating system. Considering that the max allowed weight in Germany is calculated at 296 kg including parachute, and considering all the options already included in this plane, we think to have achieved a very important result. Of course the two happy customers "were present" at the moment of the weighting process, made with our certified scales.
Ask to your local dealer for more details about our “optional reduction weight program” if interested. 

July 13 2016

From our South African dealer:

at Flying Frontiers, we have a motto “Dream, Explore, Discover”. In May, we truly lived by this motto, and spent 2 incredible weeks flying the backcountry of South Africa and Namibia. 60 flying hours and 7000km’s later, we arrived home having put our flying skills and our aircraft thoroughly through their paces, and came home the wiser for it, and in absolute awe of the wonderful continent we live on and the incredibly friendly and helpful people we encounter on trips like this.

Check more here if interested:

Video of the trip finally available

New Shock Cub gallery
June 27 2016

Some nice "in flight" pics, taken in cooperation with a famous photographer are available in the media section.A "man" that become a friend now and our official Shock Cub photographer.. He has taken something close to 600 pics. Some are now available showing the real attitude of this 95 hp equipped Shock Cub.Tks "Steen"...
Ole Steen Hansen – known as “Steen” among friends – is a photojournalist, writer and translator based in Denmark. He freelances for aviation magazines, publishing houses and aviation business. Steen writes, translates and edits books for both children and adults mostly dealing with aviation, technical subjects or modern history. He has translated international bestsellers by authors such as Stephen Ambrose, Antony Beevor and Martin Gilbert from English/American to Danish. Steen’s photos and stories have been published in magazines like Flynytt (Norway), Modellfly Informasjon (Norway), Flyv (Denmark), Modelflyvenyt (Denmark), Nordic Gliding (Scandinavian), Klassiker der Luftfahrt (Germany) and Aeroplane Monthly (England).



Shock Cub landing video
June 06 2016

We are doing our best to extract step by step the "real Stol performances" of our new Shock Cub (we think to have achived about 70% of this potential at the moment).In the new video, just uploaded in the media section, you can get an idea of the landing performances with just 5 knots headwind, in raining conditions, with a slippery surface (grass) that didn't help at all the brake effect.Still we would like to remark that we are flying with just 100 hp (or probably 95, since we don't adopt the Rotax airbox system on this plane) with a fully equipped and heavier plane (since it is still the protoype) and that soon the 180hp version will be tested.  Flying test program will continue during all the current month and we will keep you updated.


New Shock Cub video online
May 12 2016

The technical characteristics and a short video clip are finally available. Configurator will be online during the next few hours. Video link is now available in "media" section. 

Note: all technical details and performances are referring to the "Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine ". Soon will be tested Titan engines (180 hp) and Rotax 914 turbo (115 hp). 

Video credit: Massimo Uberti -  Pilot : Fabio Guerra


Welcome to a new Dealer
May 10 2016

We are very glad to introduce our new Dealer for the Turkish Country. The new Dealer, mr. Atilla Hacisuleymanoglu from Ati Aviation, will be more than happy to follow all interested and potential customers for this new promising market. Following some specific requests coming by his Country, Mr. Ati found a specific answer to all his and customer's requirements, ordering a new Savage Cub that will be produced during next months.You will find all his personal contact details into the dealer's page. Mr. Ati and his company is even offering the "plus" of a Rotax authorized service center so for sure, will become the right person for all the new Turkish Savage enthusiasts .

Shock Cub updates
May 06 2016

In less than 48 hours, since when released, what we were thinking was " as a very basic video " (made with a mobile phone, so very far from being professional and nice) has turned into an interesting marketing result for our company.More than 20.700 facebook followers were reached.  So let's thank for this nice result and explain something more about that video. Interesting to note that the plane including some ballast used for test flights, was weighting 533 kg during that landing (so not so light), the wind as you can see in the video, is not exaggerated and the landing distance was less than 10 mt (to be sincere our workers measured 6,8 meters). The pilot was not performing at 100% too, since this was just the 3th day of tests and we are all convinced that raising the nose of the "Shock" (applying some special bushflying tecniques), would have slowered the plane "a lot", before the final touch down.So just let us to explore more the whole range of performances since the very low stall speed, the overall feeling during slow flying and the new wing, allow us to think that the real limit of the plane is still not what we are showing in that short video.


New "Shock Cub" video coming soon.
May 04 2016

While we are busy with the final flying tests of the new "Shock" (new tires, propellers, Cg combinations, stalls, take off and landing performances and much more)  in the meantime we are finalizing a new official video that will be online in the next few days, togheter with all technical informations.Stay tuned..


AERO 2016 results and production capacity
April 27 2016

AERO 2016 just finished and we were really impressed to see the sincere enthusiasm , the completely new Savage "Shock Cub" , inspired to the visitors. Not just enthusiasm of course, since many contracts were discussed at the booth. 13 planes (including 4 Savage Cub/Cruiser) were sold last week pushing our company to decide to increase the production capacity, during the next months, by at least 30 %, to be able to satisfy the strong request received for our planes. We found "two" new Dealers too (they will be announced later) showing how much our Savage planes, seem well accepted worldwide. More news about the new Shock Cub will arrive soon. A specific email address was created to offer a direct link between us and all potential and interested customers. If you wish feel free to use from late today:






new Shock Cub pic gallery
April 20 2016

 New Shock Cub pic gallery now online..Have a look on "media" section

Finally, the new Savage
April 20 2016

We are very glad to introduce today, our new Hyper-Stol plane, the Savage "Shock Cub". You can just click on the "Shock" product page and get some preliminary informations (even in Italian language-anche in lingua italiana) about the new plane and the concepts behind his design. First tests are confirming our targets: to create a safe, strong, Hyper Stol plane, capable of ridicolously low stall speeds. Keep in touch for more news asap, right after AERO 2016, starting today 20th April, in Germany...

Tomorrow is the "day"...
April 19 2016

We will finally introduce the new plane tomorrow morning at AERO 2016. Visit us at booth B2-311 , and stop for a coffe break if you wish..

minus 60 days...
February 20 2016

The Date : 20 April 2016.

The Location : Aero 2016 Friedrichshafen  (B2 Halle).

The plane : a new HyperStol Savage plane will be introduced soon.

Stay tuned...



New air shock suspension system
December 22 2015

A new modern nitrogen charged air shock suspension system designed to operate at best on rough fields is finally availablle for the Savage planes (even as a retrofit kit) . Don’t confuse this system with some teasers we already published in the recent past, we are not speaking about the same thing .You can simply upgrade your Savage plane now with this new system that will allow you to feel the ground much smoother than it looks. This valved air shocks system is really designed for the real bush and can operate with different pressure according to your MTOW or needs. The shocks use 7075 heat treated aluminium shaft, anodized and coated (teflon).Dual seal are present to ensure proper sealing. You have not to change the complete landing gear but just to upgrade the suspensions of your plane. Available for any lenght.Contact us for price and more informations.

Savage Cub-S at FAI World Air Games
December 07 2015
The Italian Pilot Luca Bertossio gets the Gold medal in the glider aerobatics at the FAI World Air Games 2015 in Dubai. And we are pleased to let you know that the one of the two official glider towing planes, was a Savage Cub-S (the other one was a Maule). Great job Luca and compliments.

South African Bobber
October 23 2015

Have a look at the new Bobber's gallery pic in the media section. Some truly outstanding pics, coming by our very active South African Dealer are finally available. Enjoy the true Bobber's Spirit..


AERO 2016 and new deliveries
October 17 2015

Zlin Aviation sro will attend at the next AERO 2016 from 20th to 23th April . We would like to invite you there, to have a look at the latest news about our production and to meet our Dealers since many of them, coming by different Countries, will partecipate at this international exibition .
Talking about “Countries" and the international spirit of our production range, we are pleased to inform, that starting by the current October, we will deliver in the next few months, several different ready to fly Savage planes (in most cases more than one plane for the same Country) to : Italy, China, Australia, Israel, Germany, UAE, USA, France, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, New Zealand, Iceland, Swiss, Russia, South Africa. Further negotiations are currently under process for markets as : Egypt, Chile, Argentina, Lithuania, Zambia. If you are interested to become our next Dealer, don’t esitate to enter into contact with us. More exciting news coming soon, stay tuned.

Welcome to a new Dealer
October 01 2015

We are more than happy to announce that another new Dealer, recently joined our Dealers network..Directly from his words...:

KTM Iceland was founded in 1994 by owner Karl Gunnlaugsson.
From 1994 KTM Iceland has been importer for KTM Sportmotorcycles Austria as well as Husaberg and recently Husqvarna motorcycles.
“My background is in motorsport and flight has always been big passion, my grandfather worked for the Icelandic civil aviation administration and my father is a private pilot and has built several aircrafts. We can say it is in the blood”.First Savage Classic will arrive to Iceland in April 2016 and will be based at Haukadalsmelur
private airport near volcano mountain Hekla, this is ideal location for cross country flights to Icelandic remote highlands and we will plan togheter with the manufacturer, something interesting for all interested bushpilots (coming even from other Countries), very soon.“Iceland is just like mini Alaska” says Karl who recently visited the Zlin Aviation in Italy to finalize the deal for Savage arrival in Iceland.Look out for more information on Facebook side “Savage Iceland”

Just a teaser...
September 21 2015

Summer Holidays from 24/08 to 04/09
August 16 2015

We just realized that it is time now for Summer holidays and that in the last two months,we didn't put any more news on our website. Our company was very busy, as usual, in the last period, with the deliveries of several planes in different Countries . One Cub S with Titan 180 hp in USA (Outback is the name in this Country) and one superb red Cub, full optional, in Israel just to mention the deliveries in the last 3 weeks while another very nice Cruiser in Poland and the first Cub 100 hp in Russia (Moscow area) during the current week will finally meet their owners .We just realized that we could even put a lot of interesting technical news on the website, because we are very focused about the future of the Savage planes, but it is still not the right moment. What is sure is that we will continue after Summer holidays even with renewed energies and that Autumn will be very exciting and rich of news and we would like to say hello to all the several customers waiting for their new planes in the next months,telling that soon they will be able to get their new Savage delivered, becoming part of our fantastic Stol Community.

Good Summer holidays to all you enthusiasts

New video from Massimo Uberti
June 22 2015

As promised, a new video is available on our website (pls check our Media section). Fabio Guerra and his amphibious Savage Classic 100 hp, performing nice and not standard maneuvers as usual.Tks to our friends for this nice and new "Pradellez 2015/2"  video..



Fantastic video!Encore..encore..encoreeee...
June 18 2015

This time, don't expect pls a video related to a Savage plane. We got the permission to share with you, what seems to us the perfect representation of the "pure joy of flying". Take a break, a cup of coffe and enjoy... Btw in few hours we will publish a new video made by instructor Fabio Guerra making even a looping with his amphibious Savage..

video :  (credit : ARL Aviation)

First South African Savage Bobber
May 16 2015

Ready for preliminary test flights, the first South African Savage Bobber. We got many requests for this kind of plane by that Country and finally we are able to show it at best . Feel free to contact us or our local dealers for more informations about this very special and unique product..


New Czech Dealer
April 23 2015

Welcome to Marek Hyka,  aerobatic pilot in the category UNLIMITED, and member of the Czech National Team in aerobatics . Airshow pilot and bushflying enthusiast, he will help us to promote the Savage planes and the most advanced Stol techniques in the Czech Republic.For contacts : . Website coming soon. Just to have an idea of his level of skill.. :

Annual SOwG hangout
April 16 2015

Dates for the annual SOwG hangout have been fixed in 23/24 May 2015. Savage Owners Group will be friendly hosted again by Taildragger Meeting 2015, at "Pradelle" Airfield in Torbole Casaglia (BS)- Italy.
Airfield "Pradelle" (Torbole Casaglia - BS) : N 45°29'30" E 010°07'20"
A very big thanks to all the SVB Team (Flying School Brescia) for great friendship and for the invitation to host the SOwG hangout.

MAKS 2015 and new Russian dealer
April 10 2015

New important dealership announced in Russia.We are very glad to welcome aboard our dealership network, one new partner, that will initially cover the Central and Western Russian Region including the important Moscow area. We welcome Mr. Vladimir Vishnyakov ( aboard and we look forward to a long term collaboration, We will deliver his Savage CUB in July just in time to be able to introduce officially our plane, at the important international MAKS 2015 exibition that will be traditionally held in the small Science town of Zhukovskiy from 25th August to 30th August, 2015.

3 inches forward landing gear
April 03 2015

It is finally available as an option, the 3"forward x6" extended landing gear. All Savage planes can be equipped with this option. This heavy duty gear (apart from the prop clearance and take off performances) allows the pilots to brake much harder, offering a shorter land distance.In the pics, you can appreciate a Savage Cruiser equipped with this new option .It is even evident the position of the original landing gear . With this new configuration, the weight is simply transferred further aft of the main wheel and more aggressive braking will be possible. Write us for a quote if intersted..

New Cub S ready for South Africa
April 01 2015

Ready for final delivery the first South African Cub S equipped with Titan 180 hp. and EFII system (Electronic Fuel Injection and ignition). Flight tests have been concluded positively and an happy customer will get it soon. 

In short the advantages of an electronically controlled engine are numerous and include:
- Fully compatible with 100LL, auto gas and future Unleaded Avgas.
- Approx. 10% increase in available horsepower.
- Automatic mixture control (no mixture knob to fool with).
- A proper ignition timing curve to bring out the true power potential of your engine.
- Fuel savings from always having the correct fuel mixture.
- Decreased lead fouling.
- Improved engine starting - No "hot start" or "cold start" problems.
- Decreased weight - no magnetos or mechanical fuel pump.
- Tunability - your fuel map can be fine-tuned for your particular installation.
- Lower maintenance costs - less lead build up means less wear and less oil contamination,
uses long lasting automotive Iridium spark plugs.

Aero 2015
March 20 2015

We officially announce that Zlin Aviation sro, will not partecipate to AERO 2015 . We will partecipate to this exibition, "only" every two years. This proposition, was discussed in the past several times between different manufacturers, but has never been put in practice.Other very important companies will not be present at Aero 2015 and the reason is very simple : it is not possible and not desirable to introduce  every year new "models" in the market .In the past, AERO was biennial as you remember,  and it was simply perfect, creating less embarassment for the exibitors and more suspence for the public. Btw our German delaer will display his privat school for German customers, so if you will visit the exibition, you will have at least the chance to meet him and his planes. This is our "official position"  and we will respect it, for the next years.

Savage used for aerial survey in South Africa
February 16 2015

Savage used for aerial survey of breeding sites of vultures and other large tree-nesting birds in the northern Kruger National Park, South Africa.

 If you did not hear about it before, you might find it quite interesting: "The Bateleurs – Flying for the Environment in Africa", is South African non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) of pilot members, who give their aviation skills, the use of their privately-owned aircraft (more than 120!), and their time, in support of conservation and the environment in Africa.

The Bateleurs serves conservation and the environment by flying missions for conservation and the environment, free of charge, at the request of policy makers, scientists, community leaders, conservationists and environmentalists.

Among other aircrafts andf helicopters, the Savage serves for multiple missions, being really at home in the African environment. 

Recently, it took part in an aerial survey program on behalf of The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Birds of Prey Programme (BoP), which is one of the largest EWT Programmes and focuses on the conservation of diurnal and nocturnal raptors, vultures, and their habitats.

We always like to share those news, example and experiences, where passion merges with utility and solcial service, and a light aircraft like the Savage proves to offer an exceptional service at a low cost. 

For more information on both organizations, and way to support their scope, you can visit:



New videos added on seaplane technique with the Savage
January 19 2015

Our prolific friend and Savage enthusiast Massimo Uberti has recently released 2 videos featuring flight instructor Fabio Guerra flying the Savage with amphibious floats, and delivering a lot of practical tips for novice floatplane pilots. Enjoy the nice footage and get prepared for your next adventure!


Watch the videos in our Media section - Videos

Zlin Aviation Christmas Holidays closing dates
December 18 2014

 Another exciting year is coming to its end again. We want to thank all our customers, dealers, suppliers and friends for this successful 2014. It has been a pleasure to work with you and for you during this year, and we look forward to do so in the future!

Despite the global economic turmoil, our sales still show a positive trend, and this year  we could proudly contribute to our local community, co-sponsoring with other 27 companies a new van for the transport of disabled or aged people that was a much needed service needing improvement. We are proud of it and we wanted to share it with you, as we strongly believe in the importance of the involvement of businesses in the community where they operate.

We inform our customers that we will be closed for the Christmas/New year holidays starting from December the 25th to the 6th of January 2015 included. 

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015. 

2015 Alaskan Experience: a once in a lifetime journey!
December 05 2014

Our friend, dealer and leading professional bush pilot Arturo Polo Ena, has organized a trip to Alaska for all those interested in joining him and his team. In just 12 days, it covers Alaska Airman (the most important aviation gathering in Anchorage, Alaska), the famous Valdez STOL competition, flight training on PA18 with skis in Talkeetna, and 3 days of flying around the Wrangell St. Elias National Park from the wild but warm Ultima Thule Lodge! An absolute "once in a lifetime experience". Learn more on, and watch the exciting trailer here.

New website finally online!
November 28 2014

 We are glad to announce that after months of hard work we are introducing our new website today! 

Please enjoy it! New content is available, as well as new more advanced functionnalities. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate it!

Safety Alert 09
November 25 2014

 We invite all Savage aircraft owners and operators to take vision of the Safety Alert 09 date 25/11/2014, which ask for a visual check of the wheel rim conditions on certain aircrafts. Check our Section "Owner area" then "Technical Documents" to find the document, or click here.

Savage Agilis test flight video
November 21 2014

Enjoy this nice footage of the first production Savage Agilis with Rotax 912 100hp in the mountains of Trento, northern Italy.  

Click the below preview icon to watch the video.

The Agilis is flying!
October 28 2014

 Ladies and Gentlemen: we have to announce that our family of aircraft has increased! 

The Savage Agilis went airborne today after months of work, conception and fine tuning! All with great results and full satisfaction! Please enjoy some preliminary pictures on this link
We can just say that we have the feeling to have created an aircraft with no comparison in the actual market of sport aircrafts. And not only that, but it seems that the airplane behaves in a way that give a lot of sense to its name, being very responsive, agile, and fun to fly!

More information on the Agilis will be disclosed very soon... Stay tuned.

Latest release of Bush Pilot videos by Massimo Uberti
October 07 2014

Dear friends and pilots, our friend Massimo Uberti, passionate Savage owner and pilot, has just released the latest video of his "Bush pilot" serie.

Please enjoy the nice footage and do not stop flying or dreaming to fly at least!

Watch the video HERE.

Summer Holiday closing dates
August 01 2014

Dear customers, we want to inform you that Zlin Aviation will close for holidays from the 16th to the 31st of August. Please forward any service request before that date if possible. We will answer all email asap upon our return.

New dealer in Belgium
July 29 2014

We welcome on board our network of dealers, Mr. Renè of ReneRC ( Very well known in the radio model community in Belgium and abroad, he started dealing with our company reselling our giant scale RC models, and he upgraded now on the real scale ones, ordering a brand new Savage Agilis with the Rotax 582. Rene commissioned also an Agilis RC model in 1:3 scale, as he got in love with this new aircraft concept! We really look forward for this delivery as it will be exciting to see the little and the big Agilis together...Rene can be contacted from now for any general enquiry about our products in Belgium: he can be reached at or +32(0)495 360 919. Good luck Rene and welcome on board again!

Savage river bed hang-out: a must see video!
June 10 2014

Please have a look at this outstanding video beautifully made by Massimo Uberti, showing the tremendous fun that these pilots have with the Savage! Many landings on beautiful spots and some bush flying technique advices, together with beautiful weather and colors! Have a look at it at this link:

Zlin Aviation to attend Cielo e Volo 2014
June 09 2014

We will attend as usual the expo and meeting Cielo e Volo 2014, in the airfield "Guglielmo Zamboni" in Ozzano Emilia (Bologna), the weekend of the 14th and 15th of June 2014. We invite all our friends and customers to visit us there and meet our team. We will display a phantastic Bobber and the brand new Agilis. See you there!

For information of how to arrive please see here:

Savage Owners Meeting: a big success!
June 03 2014

The Savage owners meeting has been a big success this year. Aircrafts came from across Europe, several from Germany, and even one from Hungary. More than 20 Savage met to enjoy friendship, STOL competition, exhibitions and great food! Thanks to Scuola Volo Brescia for the organization!

Please enjoy this video of Massimo Uberti:

The Savage sn 300 goes to New Zealand!
May 22 2014

We are happy to announce that our dealer Tim Harrison of Sport Aircraft New Zealand has sold the Savage serial number #300! An important milestone for our company, without any doubt, and a big proof of maturity and global appreciation of the product we manufacture. We are experiencing a positive time, as also the first Agilis with the Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp has been ordered, proving the interest towards the special flight experience that it will be able to provide! Don't forget that this weekend the weather forecast looks good and the Savage Owners Meeting will be a successful event, plenty of Savage aircrafts to see around. For warming up a little the engines, have a look at the latest video of Massimo Uberti, Episode 17 of his successful "Bush Pilot Series":

The smallest Savage plane ever built
May 13 2014

Finally and officially it is now available the new Savage Bobber Rc "Park Flyer"..Developed togheter with one our German friend (huge fun of our real Bobbers) , we are now able to offer the smallest Savage ever built.The ready to fly weight, (without battery) is just 125 grams! The wing span is 105 cm and the look is really unique. A cool RC plane now on sale for all you enthusiasts .A bigger version (210 cm) is even available .If interested just send us an email for a quote.. Video

Special announcement
May 08 2014

Zlin Aviation sro is close to sell the 300th Savage plane. An important step for our company. A signal of the maturity of this project that started several years ago with the first Savage Classic sold and that can offer today a complete series of planes starting by the little Savage Bobber radio control model (however not included in the list of sold planes) , up to the professional Savage Cub-S equipped with the wonderful Titan engine (180 hp) . We are proud to announce that the next plane sold, will be the 300th of our story. We will offer to the next customer a very nice present and when the plane will be delivered in the next months, we will organize a special celebration for him and his Family as special guests at our facility. Stay tuned.

Savage Fly-in in northern Italy the 24 of May
May 02 2014

We inform you that during the day 24 of May, the indipendent SOwG (Savage Owners Group) is organizing a Savage Fly-In during the Taildragger Meeting that will take place over all the weekend (24 and 25 of May), in the Torbole Casaglia airfield near Brescia, in northern Italy. Also the AIPM (Italian Association of Mountain Pilots) will held its meeting in the same venue and date. There is plenty of activity and demonstrations, including ballon flights and RC model demos, so, try not to miss out this opportunity, the season is started!

RC update: Zlin Aviation to attend Prowing in Germany
April 29 2014

Our RC model team will attend for the first time the important German RC show Pro-WING International at Flugplatz Soest-Bad Sassendorf from the 9th to the 11th of May 2014.

We will present both the Bobber RC in 1:3 and the Bobber RC in 1:2,5 scale: don't miss the opportunity to see from real this unique and special little aircraft and meet our team!

See you there!

We want also to welcome on board a new dealer for the Bobber RC model range in the UK:
07967 454090
Ladbroke Hobbies
C/O, PD&S Ltd
Units 7-9 Insight Park
Welsh Road East

CV47 1NE

Savage Agilis at Aeromesse 2014
April 14 2014

Great reception for the new Savage Agilis at AERO Messe 2014..We are happy to show for the first time the Agilis Concept displayed last week in Germany.The plane will be equipped as standard, with the Rotax 582 (but it is possible to install up to 120 hp if necessary) and will be test flown during the next month.The same wings and tail surfaces of the other Savage planes and an empty weight below 230 kg will deliver very low stall speed and incredible short take off and landing distances. A real fun plane offered as a valide alternative for all those pilots flying trikes or basic ultralights. Who loves the unique feeling of flying planes with completely opened cockpits will sure love our Savage Agilis. A real bush plane with these characteristics has never been produced before and we are proud to be able to offer it right now to our customers ...More news coming soon..

New concept aircraft to be introduced at AERO2014
April 03 2014

We are happy to announce that we will display a new concept aircraft in our booth at AERO2014 next week (Hall B2, Stand 205). This is again a mold-breaking aircraft, capable of providing a unique and really different flight experience to both pilot and passenger. Certainly it will be an eye catcher, and it will let your imagination soar high... Do not miss the opportunity to seat on it and to provide us your direct feedback! See you at the show!

Bobber RC dealership in Belgium
March 26 2014

We are glad to welcome on board our growing dealership network for our RC models, the long established and well knonw shop ReneRC in Belgium. They will display a Bobber RC in 1:2,5 at all major fly events in the country! For more info contact Rene RC at 9220 Moerzeke,,, telephone: 0032 495 360919.

New dealership announced in Poland
March 15 2014

Marek Gajewski will represent our range of aircrafts exclusively in the territory of Poland, starting with the delivery of the first demo Aircraft, a very nicely equipped Savage Cruiser. All contact details can be found in the section "Dealers" or directly on the polish website We really look forward for a long term cooperation with Marek and his flight school. Welcome on board!

Meet us at AERO2014!
March 06 2014

We invite one year more our friends and customers to visit us in our stand in AERO2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from the 9th to the 12th of April: Hall B2, Booth 220. It is a unique opportunity to meet our team and see our latest releases in a dedicated atmosphere. Almost our complete lineup will be on display, including a Rotax powered CUB-S and a Cruiser with Rotax 914 turbo, and we will be there to answer all your questions: we look forward to meet you there!

Bobber Rc deliveries
February 05 2014

We are happy to deliver to our customers another series of Bobber RC. Russian, American, French and Italian customers are waiting for their new models. We will display one Bobber Rc (374 cm wing span) at Aeromesse 2014 (starting from 09 April ) and we will officially partecipate at the German ProWing International meeting in May. Stay tuned.

New year adventure with the Savage CUB
January 11 2014

We wish a happy new year to all our friends, dealers, customers, and adventurous pilots! There is no better way to do it with some refreshing new pictures of our dealer Arturo Polo Ena, capable of living truly amazing experiences with his Savage CUB. This way we remember everybody that the Savage is capable to open really new horizons of what is normally possible to do with a sport Aircraft! You can see more pictures of this serie on our Flickr or Facebook account #ZlinAviation.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
December 17 2013

Another exciting year is coming to its end again. We want to thank all our customers, dealers, suppliers and friends for this successful 2013. It has been a pleasure to work with and for you during this year, and we look forward to do so in the future! We inform our customers that we will be closed for the Christmas/New year holidays starting from December the 25th to the 2nd of January. We will be back in the office from the 3rd of January. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

New dealerships announced in Russia
December 10 2013

We are happy to welcome aboard our dealership network, two new partners that will cover the emerging Russian market effectively. Nikolay & Uriy Salimov, based in the Primorsky Region, will cover the Eastern side of the Russian Federation, while Farit Rasimovich Sadretdinov of REAL LLC will take care of the South of the Country. Both dealers are waiting for their respective demo aircrafts to be delivered soon. We welcome them aboard and we look forward to a long term successful collaboration, being confident that the characteristics of our aircrafts is a perfect match to the Russian environment and market requirements. All contact details can be found in the section "Dealers".

Visit us at "Faszination Modellbau" expo in Germany
October 21 2013

Zlin Aviation sro is glad to announce that from the 1st to the 3rd of November will take part to the Faszination Modellbau Messe exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Being the reference point in the European RC model market, we will take the opportunity of this famous appointment to introduce our company and our unique products, like the Bobber RC 1:3 and the Corsair 1:4 RC scale models, both with unsurpassed details and quality. Also, we will launch the Bobber RC in 1:2,5 scale, also produced with 4130 steel TIG welded fuselage and the same aviation grade materials of its big and small brother. Don't miss the opportunity, come and visit us in Hall A3 Booth 3240, to discover our unique product offering.

CUB-S with Lycoming Y0-233 released
October 15 2013

Zlin Aviation is proud to announce that deliveries have started for the Savage CUB-S powered with the Lycoming YO233, an engine specifically developed for the LSA market. Test pilots have affirmed that the engine performance (115hp), while not being wild and extreme, provides a very pleasant balance and allows for cruising at low power settings and low fuel consumption rates. A real alternative for those who love the sound of a real aviation engine. The CUB-S is proving to be a flexible and effective platform for several customizations and engine options. We congratulate the first Italian customers that are getting their CUB-S delivered these days.

World first: wakeboarder towing with Savage Aircraft!
September 26 2013

This is a must see for all Savage lovers: a unique and exciting shooting performed by our German dealer Tom Huber (Savage Classic) with his wife Hilde (Savage Cruiser), along the Po river in Italy this summer.

Not only can the Savage tow gliders and banners, but also ski riders (already performed by Tom Huber as well), and as world first, a wakeboarder!

Watch the amazing trailer here!

The multiple German champion, European- and World Champion in cable wakeboarding, Bernhard Hinterberger, once more delivers unique and spectacular pictures. The shoot, which took place on the 652 km long river Po - the longest river in Italy - definitely proved that wakeboarding is not only fun in combination with boats or waterski lifts and that being towed by a "Savage" lightweight airplane is just as entertaining.

Bernhard Hinterberger's comment, when asked about this once-in-a-lifetime experience, was: „The biggest challenge was the extreme speed at which the plane pulled me across the water. Wakeboards are normally meant for speeds of around 30 to 40 km/h, but today we never went any slower than 80 to 100 km/h, as the plane needs a lot of speed to stay in the air. Because wakeboards aren't built for such speeds, the board started to bend. This is due to the high frictional resistance. When you are going this fast you can't even use the board's edges because the water is as hard as rock. Riding behind the „Savage" lightweight airplane at such terrific speed certainly was an unforgettable experience!"

See this Video and look forward to the November Version of the Aerokurier magazine.

Savage Cruiser RC Model
September 22 2013

We are enthusiastically announcing the availability of a mass-produced ARF RC scale model kit of the Savage Cruiser with 203cm wingspan.

Manufactured by Seagull Models, one of the largest Asian manufacturers of RC models, the Savage Cruiser reproduces with great fidelity our aircraft, including one of the nicest paint schemes offer for the Cruiser. The model can powered by 2 or 4 stroke engines ( if 2 stroke, and if 4 stroke), or alternatively by an electric brushless engine. The kit is a high quality one, manufactured in balsa and plywood and already covered with Oracover, thus leaving very few operations for the final assembly.

We are happy that one of our most respected and iconic designs has inspired a big producer of RC models wanted to offer something different, not yet available, and certainly beautiful and unique.

You can get yours from the famous global distributor Horizon Hobby, or from other distributors of Seagull: search the closest to you on this list.

For more specs and pictures, look here.

A demo video of the RC aircraft in flight, can be seen on this link.

Savage Photobook Contest winner!
August 06 2013

We are glad to announce that we have a winner for this year's online Savage Photobook Contest! R.P. from Spain is the winner with his nice shot of his red Savage CUB flying over a cloudy landscape.

Congratulations to him, but also thank you all for taking part! We have published a gallery with a selection of the best shots received here. Enjoy, and take part again in next year's edition!

Closing dates
August 05 2013

We inform our customers that our Italian Headquarters will close for summer holidays from Monday the 12 to Sunday the 25th of August. Your requests during that period will be answered as soon as possible from Monday the 26th.

New dealer for New Zealand
August 01 2013

We are really glad to announce that we have appointed a new exclusive dealer for the Territories of New Zealand. We will deliver a very nice and well equipped Savage Cub there, and we invite all the local interested pilots to visit our dealer's page to check all contact details.Welcome on board to " Sports Aircraft New Zealand".

New Rotax Service Bulletin
July 01 2013

We invite all Savage Aircraft owners to check the applicability to their engine, of the latest Rotax Service Bulletin that can be found as an attachment below.

It is rated "Recommended", and is about replacement of the fuel pumps.

Keep you engine and aircraft serviced and fly safe!

Join Zlin Aviation at Cielo e Volo and Taildragger Meeting!
June 13 2013

A really busy weekend is in front of us! We will officially attend Cielo e Volo 2013, the biggest open air aviation meeting in Italy, the 15th and 16th of June 2013, where our new CUB-S will be presented. At the same venue, we just have presented our RC Models last weekend at the RC Model Expo 2013, with great success, you can see some pictures here.

Saturday 15 June, you can also see several Savage Aircrafts in the bushflying school Scuola Volo Brescia (Airfield Torbole Casaglia), which organizes the Taildragger Meeting 2013. Do not miss the bushflying displays at 11:00 and 14:00! More details about the program can be found here.

New dealer appointed in China
June 11 2013

We are glad to welcome on board United General Aviation International Ltd as Zlin Aviation's exclusive importer in the territories of China, Hong Kong and Macao. We entered a long term agreement and collaboration, and we look forward to take the opportunity to establish our aircrafts as a point of reference in this promising market, offering to the public a safe and robust all-round aircraft, ideal to operate in this vast territory, as as a trainer aircraft for generations of pilots to come. The certification of the aircraft by the Chinese Authorities is expected in the short term.

All contact details are in the Dealer section.

New video from Kougar
June 03 2013

"Savage upsidedown" is not an official Zlin's video. It was produced by our friend "Kougar" and we pray the Savage pilots not to replicate the maneuvers shown in this video. As most of you already know, the pilot is a professional one and knew exactly what he was doing. So pls remember that this is just a demonstration video and don't try to replicate those maneuvers :

New video from Kougar
June 03 2013

"Savage upsidedown" is not an official Zlin's video. It was produced by our friend "Kougar" and we pray the Savage pilots not to replicate the maneuvers shown in this video. As most of you already know, the pilot is a professional one and knew exactly what he was doing. So pls remember that this is just a demonstration video and don't try to replicate those maneuvers :


New dealership appointed in the United Arab Emirates and G.C
June 02 2013

We are happy to announce that we have appointed a new exclusive dealership for the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Coast Countries (UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia). We welcome onboard our network Emirates Aero Sports and the Jazirah Aviation Club, wishing a successfull cooperation for many years to come. Our new partner offers a complete and modern infrastructure with flight school, hangar service, and complete Rotax maintenance center for a quality servicing of our aircrafts. We particularly look forward to see our Savage aircrafts operating in the desert with bushwheels! All requests from those countries can now contact Capt. Ala Ramahi at +97-1506941455, or mail him at:

Savage Bobber : Dan Johnson, Aeromesse 2013 interview
May 08 2013

The German exibition has confirmed again how this plane is able to catch the attention of the pilots. While in fact someone was ready to order exactly the same plane under exibition (but that plane was under delivery for an happy Norwegian customer), some others already ordered their model at the Aeromesse. So we can confirm that one will be delivered soon in USA , another one in Australia, while several RC models were ordered (all them in the largest scale proportion we produce : 1:2,5). We are discussing now with a Russian potential customer for float operations there , with someone else in South Africa where we just sold one in the past weeks and in the next ten days we will deliver the first one to Sicily (Italy). By the end on May another happy French customer (the 4th sold only in France) should order his Bobber too. So considering all the past orders, all the new ones and the potential orders coming soon, we can conclude that the Bobber has completely kept the attention of the pilots, and that despite to the open cabin, it is well accepted both in warm and cold Regions even thanks to the winter kit (cabin enclosure).. Attached here, a link regarding an interview made by the famous Dan Jonhson right there at the Aeromesse 2013.


Big success at AERO 2013!
May 01 2013

Another successfull edition of AERO is over: 630 expositors and 33000 visitors made it again the most important European event in the light, sport and general aviation. We at Zlin Aviation got many compliments for our original "western style ranch" booth arrangement, that was always busy thanks to the amazing bushflying videos running all the time, and thanks to the original aircrafts displayed. Particularly a matt black full optional Bobber with the optional "Winter kit" and any kind of accessories, including a very unique aerographic artwork under the wing: this was for sure one of the most photographed aircrafts of the expo! We could reaffirm us as the reference point in the european Bush Flying scene, which is attracting more and more people, particularly because people are starting getting the essence what it is all about: big fun!

Despite the uncertainty of current times, our participation at AERO has been another success, and we at Zlin can announce some new dealerships under final negotiation for Dubai, Russia, Turkey and China. We look forward to see you at Oshkosh!


Two new dealers announced
April 20 2013

Our dealer's network is steadily enlarging and we are glad to announce two new dealers for South Africa. Mr. Craig Lang and Mr. Enrico Lonardi will receive soon their planes . A Savage Bobber and a Savage CUB-S will be available in that beautiful territory in the next future therefor offering for test flights to the potential customers the coolest and the newer plane we have in production today. Details will be soon online on our dealer's page.


Zlin Aviation at AERO2013!
April 11 2013

We invite one year more our friends and customers to visit us in our stand in AERO2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from the 24th to the 27th of April: Hall B2, Booth 109. It is a unique opportunity to meet our team and see our latest releases in a dedicated atmosphere. We will show a Savage CUB, a CUB-S airframe, and a very unique and full optional artistic Bobber! We will also display the MW150hp engine mock-up, which will equip soon one of our aircrafts like the “little” 130hp brother. Our full range of new RC replica scale models can be admired as well: Embraer 314 Super Tucano turboprop in scale 1:4, Vought Corsair F4U 1:4, Shukoi PAK-FA T-50 1:6 and the Bobber RC 1:3, in addition to our exclusive pneumatic rescue parachute system for RC models. We look forward to meet you there!


New dealer in Mongolia
April 05 2013

We are happy to announce that we have a new dealer in Mongolia. A perfect Country for our Savage planes. A combination of wild nature and severe conditions that will require a strong bushplane.Welcome then to Mr.Gerelt-Od Choijiljav (Parco Aviation LLC- ).

Complete contact details can be found in the Dealer section.


Zlin Aviation to present the new MW B22 150hp engine in AERO
March 25 2013

Following an agreement with the Italian company MW, producer of a family of 4 stroke 4 cylinder boxer engines with a power from 95hp to 130hp, Zlin Aviation sro will introduce to the public at AERO2013 in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the new B22 150hp engine. The CUB-S, equipped with this engine, will reach an amazing weight to power ratio for exilarating performance. The 130hp B22, will be installed on a standard Savage CUB right after the expo. A detailed report and in flight testing will follow shortly after.

New Cub S paint schemes and new video
March 21 2013

In cooperation with "Aircraft Studio Design", very famous Italian company, involved (worldwide) in the aircraft paint schemes design, we are able to offer some new paint schemes for our new Savage Cub S. The available ones are online now on our product's page. We can offer togheter with the mentioned company, specific paint schemes according to customer's desires. Just ask if interested.

A new video (sorry not much professional, but we were asked to put it on youtube by several people) about the Cub S is available at this link : .

New videos (better ones), will be availabe asap. By next week the configurator of the new Cub S will be online too.

New Cub S paint schemes and new video
March 21 2013

In cooperation with "Aircraft Studio Design", very famous Italian company, involved (worldwide) in the aircraft paint schemes design, we are able to offer some new paint schemes for our new Savage Cub S. The available ones are online now on our product's page. We can offer togheter with the mentioned company, specific paint schemes according to customer's desires. Just ask if interested.

A new video (sorry not much professional, but we were asked to put it on youtube by several people) about the Cub S is available at this link : .

New videos (better ones), will be availabe asap. By next week the configurator of the new Cub S will be online too.

New Cub S details on line now
March 15 2013

We just released a full data sheet about the new Cub S. You will find all the details , including a complete gallery into the dedicated area. Very soon will be ready even the configurator. 

Rotax Alert Service Bulletin
March 11 2013

We inform all customers that Rotax has recently issued an Alert Service Bulletin instructing to perform a check of the cylinder head assy 2/3 for Rotax engine Type 912 and 914 Series.

Savage Cub S first teaser
March 01 2013

We are glad to show you the first short teaser about the new Savage Cub S . Will follow soon a new video taken during the flight tests

Savage Cub S first teaser
March 01 2013

We are glad to show you the first short teaser about the new Savage Cub S . Will follow soon a new video taken during the flight tests

Model Expo Italy in Verona 2nd-3rd March
February 27 2013

Zlin Aviation sro will attend its first official RC Model Exhibition next weekend (March the 2nd and the 3rd) in Verona, northern Italy, introducing some world firsts in this market.

The company invested in the last months, after the unexpected success of the Bobber RC scale model, in a complete range of not before available high end big-scale model replicas of the following aircrafts: Embraer 314 Super Tucano turboprop in scale 1:4, Vought Corsair F4U 1:4, Shukoi PAK-FA T-50 1:6, and the Bobber RC 1:3.

But that's not all. Having in mind the safety of the people on the ground, and in order to protect the valuable investments of RC pilots with their big scale replicas, Zlin Aviation sro has invested in the development of the first pneumatic rescue parachute system specifically designed for RC Models and UAVs. Finally, a safety device well known to our ultralight aircraft customers and pilots, is available for RC Models!

More information about these new products will be released soon. Official launch will be in few days in the Model Expo Italy in Verona. For more information visit

Model Expo Italy in Verona 2nd-3rd March
February 27 2013

Zlin Aviation sro will attend its first official RC Model Exhibition next weekend (March the 2nd and the 3rd) in Verona, northern Italy, introducing some world firsts in this market.

The company invested in the last months, after the unexpected success of the Bobber RC scale model, in a complete range of not before available high end big-scale model replicas of the following aircrafts: Embraer 314 Super Tucano turboprop in scale 1:4, Vought Corsair F4U 1:4, Shukoi PAK-FA T-50 1:6, and the Bobber RC 1:3.

But that's not all. Having in mind the safety of the people on the ground, and in order to protect the valuable investments of RC pilots with their big scale replicas, Zlin Aviation sro has invested in the development of the first pneumatic rescue parachute system specifically designed for RC Models and UAVs. Finally, a safety device well known to our ultralight aircraft customers and pilots, is available for RC Models!

More information about these new products will be released soon. Official launch will be in few days in the Model Expo Italy in Verona. For more information visit

New dealer in Switzerland
February 26 2013

We are happy to announce that we have a new dealer in Switzerland joining our globally growing sales and service network.

Welcome then to Marcel Meyer of ULM International, based in Porrentruy, Suisse. 

Complete contact details can be found in the Dealer section.

February 19 2013

 The latest development from Zlin Aviation sro, the CUB-S, is undergoing a complete flight test program. We are glad to announce that the test pilots are extremely pleased with the aircraft's beahaviour and stability on all axis. Regarding the performance, we can say that they are truly amazing, and put the CUB-S right on the top of the market of bush flying airplanes. Expect more pictures, videos, and details in the next few days.

Service Bulletins SB07 and SB08
February 04 2013

We want to inform all Savage owners that we have issued two new Service Bulletins. SB07 and SB08. The first one is only applicable to Savage CUB models, while the second one is for all Savage versions. Please perform those checks before your next flight. We also want to remember all customers, that you are invited to send your feedback, also in relation with those checks or any service issue with your aircraft, by filling the Form called "Service Reports" that you can find in the "Owner Area" of our website. Thank you for your attention, and fly safely!

Your Zlin Aviation Customer Service Team

The biggest and the smallest Savage, finally togheter..
February 02 2013

The Savage Cub S  is  here....Stay tuned..

Savage Photobook Contest!
January 29 2013

We want to remember everybody that we are running for the first time the “Savage Photobook Contest”. Every Savage aircraft owner can participate by submitting the nicest picture of his Savage aircraft, in flight, on the ground, no rules here… We will chose the nicest shot, and the winner will get a full set of Zlin Aviation apparel, a real scale copy of a Savage aircraft in Tek wood, and the winning picture printed in big size, signed by all Zlin employees. Don’t miss the opportunity, you have time till the end of February 2013. To take part, just fill the Owner Detail Form in the Owner Area, and this way we can also refresh our database: in fact, if you are a Savage Aircraft Owner, you are encouraged to fill this form even if you are not taking part to the Photobook Contest. We look forward to receive your nice pictures! Thank you for taking part! Your Zlin Aviation Team.

New 120hp turbo kit available for Rotax 912
January 08 2013

We inform our customers that on new ordered aircrafts is now available a 120hp turbo kit option which is an italian aftermarket solution. It offers great performance and an outstanding reliability level. It has been in the market for years now, installed particularly often from autogyro manufacturers. This solution offers the high power output of the 120hp, which can deliver amazing STOL performance on our aircrafts, particularly for bush flying, mountaing flying or operations in high altitude environments: all of that at a fraction of the cost compared to the 914, and with an easier and cheaper maintenance thanks to the Mitsubushi turbine and mechanical actuator.

See the attachment for a complete info sheet.

Note: The turbo option has to be chosen over the standard equipped 912 80hp aircraft, without selecting the 912 ULS 100hp option in our price list. This turbo kit is only available on new ordered aircrafts, not as a retrofit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 20 2012

Dear all, another year is coming to its end. 2012 has been a successful year for Zlin Aviation: the Italian branch is working at full pace in its new modern facilities in northern Italy, assisting the mother company in the Czech Republic in delivering aircrafts and keeping up with the production schedule. We welcome on board some new dealers that this year decided to be part of our growing and global family. Our R&D is fully concentrated around the CUB-S, preparing a “noisy” release, including an appearance in an Italian TV show scheduled for January. You can now enjoy also a revamped website with new FAQ section and a new Owner Area, where you can find a new Form that you are invited to fill in order to help us keeping a refreshed database of customers and operators of Savage aircrafts worldwide: with the same Form, you can participate in the Savage Photobook Contest and win amazing prizes. Keep in touch with us, suscribe our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. And of course, we thank you all for your support and we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 10 2012

It has been a prolific week for our Bobber aircraft: two new contracts have been signed for customers in Sicily, southern Italy, and Norway! Yes, correct, an open air aircraft in Norway! Because if you get in love with the Bobber you just don’t care. It’s about lifestyle, it’s about sensations, ownership experience and exclusivity. We strongly believe in this niche concept, and in fact we are getting confirmations from the market.

It is not only for individualists that seek a highly customized retro-style airplane, but also for those who are looking for the traditional strength and reliability of our aircrafts, but can only afford a basic configuration, getting our entry level aircraft but benefitting from all the advantages of the bigger brothers of our range. Those two aircrafts sold this week embody both philosophies, and we are already planning for a nice photo shooting in spring next year together with our new hot selling little brothers, the radio controlled Bobbers that are starting to be delivered in several countries!


CUB-S with Lycoming IO233 announced
November 17 2012

It is being a busy time, with new CUB-S airframes coming to life, and with new exciting news for our top of the line bird! In the past weeks we have signed two new sales contracts with two new excited Italian future owners, who will get their CUB-S equipped with the new Lycoming IO-233, which is in some way the perfect match for the CUB-S.

Boosting 115hp at only 2800rpm, with Dual CDI Ignition, and choice of carburetor or fuel injection version, it is one of the biggest releases in the industry of sport aviation engines in the last times, bringing to the LSA market a taste of truly general aviation technology, look and sound. Its classic layout as direct drive, four-cylinder horizontally opposed and air cooled, is synonymous of reliability: this is what real Alaskan bush pilots expect and want.

Lycoming engines installed on the new CUB-S, with a range from 100hp to 172 hp, will complete the loop of our Savage aircraft’s range in the high end segment, offering top performance, great quality, and competitive price. And tons of excitement for your next adventure! Order book is building up rapidly, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Official price list will be comunicated soon.

November 02 2012

All Savage aircraft owners are invited to read carefully our latest Safety Alert 07. We want to ensure that all customers perform a specific check before their next flight, and include the specified points in their daily check as described already in our Maintenance Manual. If any defect is found, you are welcomed to report us directly.

October 02 2012

October is being truly the month of the new CUB-S in Zlin Aviation. Production efforts are fully concentrate around this new aircraft, and fresh details will be released soon. We and our dealers strongly believe that this will be a milestone in the company (expecially of course for some specific markets), and that the new aircraft will certainly impress the market of taildragger sport and utility aircrafts . Standing in between of the high-end Savage aircrafts already produced by Zlin, and traditional Supercub’s and General Aviation bush planes, the new Savage CUB-S will mix the best of both worlds, incorporating all the know how accumulated by Zlin Aviation in producing more than  260 airplanes with this technology, and adding the valuable feedback of some of the best active bush pilots of the world!  Some Piper Super Cub pilots were invited to check the plane and had the possibility to sit inside the cabin. They really felt as being at home with even better accessibility and same ergonomy. Stay tuned, the new Cub S is just around the corner!

Italians love ESPRESSO coffee
September 29 2012

We have to agree with our Italian pilots. Is there anything better than to land in a very remote spot with a Savage plane and make a superb coffee with this new highly technological ESPRESSO machine?

Take a look: LINK

New VIDEO - Scale Models - New dealers
September 22 2012

We made a new VIDEO of our  Savage Bobber RC . Take a look.  Link here.


After the unexpected success we got with the Savage Bobber RC Scale Model, Zlin Aviation decided to enter officially in the RC world with new models. We visited several exhibitions during last 24 months and found that some models are missing in the market. We would like to offer unique "big" scale models with high level of details and great performances. We already started to produce a second model that will be ready early next year. It will not be a typical Savage plane, but a completely new design. The idea is to offer at least 3 scale models for 2013. We have chosen in addition to our Savage Bobber RC, a superb turbine plane in use after World War II, and another fantastic modern tandem plane that will also be added to our product’s catalog and will be undisclosed soon. Our plan is to show all three new models next year at the Aeromesse 2013 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Many of our customers are also RC modellers and this is why we decided to continue along this path.

 Welcome also to a new Savage Bobber RC dealer: we have started a cooperation with Mr. Ramon Canela, well known and active member in the Venezuelan RC community. Here his website: .

More news about new dealers and products coming soon…



Delivered the first Slovak Savage
September 13 2012

After quite a long flight, conducted even over the Alps , the first Slokav Savage Classic has been delivered. Italy, Austria, Hungary and Slovak Republic were interested by this flight. The Alps were a little bit problematic (as expected) but everything finally ended according to the flight plan. Compliments to the professional team composed by Norbert and Marek (great instructor).



New Airworthiness Directive
August 25 2012

We invite our customers to check a new AD (Airwothiness Directive) into the reserved area of this website . In case you have notyet asked for your password and User Id, pls contact us. The AD is related to all planes and needs just few minutes of owner's job to be studied and solved.

In case of problems or need of assistance, pls contact us.

Savage Bobber Rc Trailer
August 22 2012

A short videoclip . The Savage Bobber Rc under test flight: " link ". Soon a new complete video will be released. Stay tuned..

First Norwegian Savage
August 04 2012

The first Norwegian Savage was delivered and approved by local authorities. The first plane was weighed since the rules are very strict in that Country and including the rescue system the scale stopped at 297,3 kg, just below the max. allowed limit for this category in Norway. Very soon will be delivered a second plane (amphibious this time) while a concrete negotiation is under process for the selling of the first Savage Bobber overthere.

Lucky period for Australian market
July 30 2012

We would like to congratulate with our Australian dealer, Mr. Michael Coates, since he signed in less than 3 weeks four new contracts, ordering four different Savage planes. One of this will be a Savage Bobber that finally and for the first time will land in Australia. We invite all local pilots interested to this specific model to contact the dealer for future test flights. Possibly a fifth customer could sign soon a contract making this period a very lucky period for the Australian market.

AirVenture 2012 (USA)
July 23 2012

One Savage Cub equipped  with amphibious floats is present with our American dealer at the world's greatest aviation celebration.

OSHKOSH 2012, "the greatest event in the aviation world". More info about this AirVenture at :

Team Aeroscale (USA)
July 18 2012

We are proud to inform that the famous "Team Aeroscale" (world's largest supplier of first class scale kits and accessories) has started to promote and import our Savage Bobber Rc kits. The Team is already well known worldwide and imports some of the best large scale kits available on the market. For more info : link

Brescia Flying School
June 30 2012

Take a look on the second episode of these nice videos/shows.Link:

Brescia Flying School (Video)
June 11 2012

A new "superb" VIDEO just released by Massimo Uberti after the 3th annual Taildraggers meeting of last 03/June.A big thank to the PROFESSIONAL pilot Fabio Guerra, performing with his Savage Classic equipped with the 29" Alaskan Bushwheels and to the organization of this nice event. The video linked below is one of those that has to be seen in our opinion. The Brescia Flying school (Italy) offers for all enthusiasts, specific bushflying courses with Savage aircrafts. For more details visit their website (they offer courses in English too and they are located in North of Italy).

Video link here: open

Welcome to two new Dealers
May 24 2012

After the AERO MESSE 2012, we are glad to announce that two new dealers have signed a "dealership agreement" and will enter soon into our organization (we are speaking about Poland and Mozambique). A 3th one is close to sign the dealership agreement too, allowing us to enter soon into another important market.

We even sold a Savage Cub 100 hp to an Eurpean customer that will tell us his story soon. A story from which all of us should learn about.

Another nice video...
May 23 2012

Muberti's indipendent production : click here. As usual, another nice job...

Sold the first Savage Cub S
May 17 2012


We just sold the first Savage Cub S to a Spanish customer with the lightened Lycoming 172 hp. It will be a fully equipped plane and the delivery is planned for late September. We have other hot contacts and we can't wait to deliver cool news and performance datas after the planned test flights. The Cub S has already started to be talked around in some Forums. What is not yet known by all people talking about us, will be the price (that will be incredibly less expensive than all our competitors) and the performance datas that will be simply amazing, considering power/weight ratio. But still someone asks for a "paper bag"  even before to know all the details. It is clear that we take in consideration all is told about us around the world simply learning what is important and trashing what sounds useless.

Sold the first Savage Bobber RC
May 11 2012

While we are setting other 3 contracts for our new Savage Bobber RC, we were requested and pushed to manufacture even a larger dimension for this product and we were able to sign the first contract for the first Savage Bobber RC 1:2,5 scale. This means that we will offer for our customers not only the 1:3 scale but even this larger one. We sold the first one in North of Italy and the delivery will be close to September.

Some numbers : weight < 25 kg; wing span 374 cm; lenght 256 cm; height 89,2 cm; wing cord :62,4 cm.

More news about this product coming soon.

II Meeting SOAF Savage Owners and Friends
May 08 2012

Curtatone (Italy) 20 MAY 2012. The second Savage Aero meeting will take a place in the nice Curtatone's Airfield (Aero Club Mantova) and will be the right moment to meet several (more than 50 planes are expected) planes and friends in the same airport. As for the past year a nice lunch will be available for all the visitors and Zlin Aviation sro will take care about a free of charge check of all the planes present at the event. More info available at :

New products on line
April 29 2012

We are glad to announce the arrival of the last two new products into the Savage family. We will release soon some details but let us tell that we are now introducing on the market the smallest Savage plane we ever built (the Savage Bobber Radio control model ) and the most powerful one (the Savage Cub S).

If the Savage Bobber RC will be the first rc scale model built with the same materials (4130 tig welded frame and aluminium wings) of the original plane and with the same huge off-road capacities, the second one , the Savage Cub S (completely new fuselage, even longer than standard one) will be in our plans the LSA with the best ratio between horse power and weight.The planned climb rate of the Savage Cub S and all the other caractheristics will be simply amazing. A specific carbon prop and the modified 172 hp Lycoming engine togheter with the new elevators and trim system, will be the key factors of this new project.More details will be released soon. Don't esitate to write us if you are interested to know more about these two new models.

Aero Messe 2012 : pics on line
April 25 2012

We were not able to show this year the Savage Bobber at this big event .And we got during the four days of exibition, a lot of requests about it. We apologise since we focused all our efforts on the manufacturing of the new Savage Cub S and Savage Cub RC model.

Btw we were even invited by an important German Museum to display soon our Bobber there, since it was found to be an "interesting and unusual concept" and an example of a new style in light Aviation . It was a pleasure to get this invitation and we will keep you informed about it. The Aero Messe was very successful and we are setting new delaership agreements to be able to enter in new Markets soon.

Pics are available on our download section.

AERO Friedrichshafen 2012
March 26 2012

We are glad to invite our customers and all people interested to our products to visit us in the occasion of the next Aero Messe (April 18-21 -Germany) . We will show there for the first time the prototype of our next 5th model, a specialized plane, intended and designed for LSA category or for experimental class . Even the announced Savage RC Bobber (1:3 scale) will be introduced at the messe. You will find us at : B2-103.


Nice adventure and solid motivation
March 06 2012

Today we are glad to tell the story of 3 friends. Two ...pilots...and one other (we don't know his name) that just has fallen in troubles since his very remote house, was totally isolated by the rest of the world, due to an huge snowfall. The story with an happy end, had place in Italy in the famous Appennino Tosco Emiliano.The pilots decided to help the friend and flew into terrible conditions over that remote and mountain area, looking for the house and the friend that were surrounded by over 1,6 mt of snow. A total of four special boxes ( you see just one in the pic attached) with all survival kits were then launched successfully. Winds over 50 km/h and temperature below -16 degrees  didn't help, but the mission was a complete success. Even the Aero Club D'Italia (on his official webpage) mentioned and made compliments to the pilots  about this nice and special act.The link attached here is for the Italian readers and describes the flight with the use of some extra pics. Link here

New Massimo Uberti's video
March 01 2012

Nothing to add to the beauty of this short film..This can happen when a quite good plane meets a good pilot and a very good film maker at the same moment .Link here

Savage planes and WILD TV Series
February 16 2012

One Savage Classic based on the nice Airport Corrado Gex (Aosta - Italy) has been used by the Television Series "WILD" to make some wonderful TV coverage looking for remote areas in the Valle d'Aosta district.The Aeroclub, last 07-02-2012 was transformed in a TV set and a troupe of 13 people was involved.Fiammetta Cicogna, the young conductive of WILD TV series has flown the Savage Classic with the local pilot and will be the protagonist of the next TV episode planned for next 21 February on Italia Uno TV.Attached the press release for Italian customers.

New Italian branch
February 13 2012

After several planes already delivered in several Countries (Brasil, Italy, Hungary and Isreael) and with 3 new Savage Cub close to be delivered for Italian market, we are glad to announce officially (after 3 months by the start up) the full operativity of the new "Zlin Aviation Italia" branch. Completely connected and directed by the mother company "Zlin aviation sro", the new base will contribute to increase the production capacity and reduce delivery time in the next future. The new company ( 1.500 square/meter building ) will ensure all the manufacturing process , starting by covering and painting up to the complete and final delivery of the products. Based in the North of Italy (Verona town) the new branch is now linked for a long term relationshop, with the famous "Istituto San Carlo Lindbergh Flying School", that is entitled to organize and offer special courses (two years long) to certify aeronautical mechanics. They are based inside the same building. This will help both aeronautical entities, since operative work and course of study has proven to be the best way to learn a new job (expecially in aviation). Many of the new mechanics could have the possibility to be employed in our company too.We even started to work on new projects on certified planes and the first  step will be a complete Piper Super Cub (150 hp) rebuilding. More news and details asap.

Savage Bobber, new markets and Aero 2012
February 05 2012

It seems that our Savage Bobber is getting every month more attention. After the several ones sold to France (main market), Germany, Italy, Romania and so on, it is now time of Chinese and Asiatic markets. We are arranging new contracts in those areas and we will keep you informed. If all will be fine, soon we will get a new dealer for those areas and we will start to sell and deliver planes in the huge and promising Chinese market. 

AERO 2012 (Germany) :we even confirm that we are working on some new interesting projects and we invite you to stay tuned since two new engines will be displayed there and probably another nice surprice too.

Paul Claus and Arturo Polo Ena (video)
January 20 2012

Paul Claus talks about the Savage, the bushfling in Spain and the new trips for european pilots in Alaska..Who is Paul Claus? for those who still don't know him, Paul is a big friend of Lony Habersetzer and is one of the most famous Alaskan Bushpilots. You can just "google" his name to know more about him and his famous Piper Pa 18 "Alpha Cub " .Here just released, a short interview about our Savage Cub and Arturo Polo Ena, our Spanish dealer: watch the video!

Our Spain dealer ( ), already well known for his bushflying training school with Savage Cub, is now organizing trips for pilots to fly in Alaska and make bushflying training courses with Loni Habersetzer and Don Lee in Talkeetna area, and visit the most incredible places there, like Ultima Thule Lodge, Paul Claus´ wilderness adventure lodge (, in between Wrangell St Elias National Park,  6 times bigger than Yellowstone and in where we can found 9 of the higgest peaks of North America, like Mount Logan or St Elias, an incredible place where the best bushpilots operate everyday, something that you will never forget ! Click on Amilpies webpage to know more details about those trips.."A fantastic opportunity is now available for all interested pilots". 

Welcome to a new Dealer
December 31 2011

We are glad to comunicate that a new dealer entered  in our network in December.

A warm welcome to our new Slovakian Dealer. All details you will find in our dealer's page.In current

days we are even speaking with other potential dealers around the world and we are even planning 

and finalizing an interesting surprice for the next Aero Messe 2012. Don't miss it..



RC Bobber teaser
December 10 2011

The project to manufacture the RC model of our Savage Bobber is becoming every day more serious.As told before the model will be manufactured using the same materials and technologies of the real plane and it will be built in 1:3 scale. Static tests will be performed too and a special certificate will be delivered to our customers. The engine has been already selected ( a new four stroke engine that will arrive on the market early next year) and today we are glad to show you the scaled leather bags just to show how seriously we are taking this project. More news asap.

Dan Johnson video review (Savage Cub)
November 22 2011

A complete video review of our Savage Cub ( American version, named iCub).

Rotax Bullettin
November 16 2011

ROTAX® informed us that from 15 November 2011 is available on website, the Alert Service Bullettin ASB-912-059/ASB-914- 042. Pls read it carefully and follow the instructions.A pdf is attached below.

Bobber's last cover..
November 01 2011

Flugel Das Magazin issued a new article and test flight about the Bobber. The title speaks itself: Open Air Feeling for Purists. In the meantime we are delivering in France the first Bobber equipped with winter kit (doors and so on)  to win the battle against General Winter. 

About the article their preface describes as "ingenious" the whole project.

As written below in German:

Mehr durch weniger

Wie ist es möglich, dass eine bekannte Kreation plötzlich nach einem einfachen Striptease was ganz Besonderes wird? Ich beziehe mich nicht auf Ihre junge Nachbarin, auch wenn Sie das wahrscheinlich lieber lesen würden. Ich rede hier von dem tschechischen UL-Flugzeug Zlin Bobber. Es ist die Geschichte einer genia- len Idee – oder die italienische Kunst, mehr aus weniger zu machen.








Work in progress..
October 31 2011

Just two pics about our new Italian branch...Soon more news will be available. 

Zlin Aviation, Paritech and RC scale models
October 21 2011

RC scale models will be soon in our plans. We got in the last months many requests by different Countries to get the drawings of our last new model, the Savage Bobber.  Many RC modellers have shown the desire to build their own RC Savage Bobber. We decided to enter in this sector producing a  special RC version of the Bobber in 1:3 scale size. Scaled leather bags, leather seats, chrome finishing, original paint schemes, four stroke engines, instrument panels,  everything will be planned and/or manufactured. We perfectly know that the RC market is huge and already offers everything an RC pilot wishes. But we think we will be able to offer something different using the same concepts we use for the real planes. So our focus will not be necessarily the lighthness, but the strenght and the real feeling that only a real plane can provide. Static load tests on the wings for example will be planned and a special  certificate will be delivered to the customer about the results.The fuselage will be made in 4130 steel as the original and the wings will use as the real plane, 6061 and 2024 aluminium tubes and plates. We will not use balsa or wood to build this RC plane. The main goal will be to find some tires that will be similar if not identical to the real 29" or 31" bushwheels .Actually there is nothing in the market that can be assimilated to these products (the biggest ballon tires arrive at  maximum 20cm diameter) so we are intentioned to solve this problem radically even building them if necessary. Bushflying RC enthusiasts will be finally able to fly in a real different way with this model. Imagine for example your Rc model landing on a river bed...We will offer even aluminium scale floats..and realistic and astonishing scale pilots. This plane will be a fantastic and unique tow plane for scaled gliders and this is why we started a cooperation with the famous company Paritech (Germany) receiving by them a 7mt RC glider to test the towing capacities of our new scaled plane. Stay tuned if you are interested to this product. It will be and look as unique and sure it will not be described as something already seen in RC market. 

Funny comments..
October 11 2011

We think to be a serious "company" and we are even sure to have enought good reputation and success worldwide to be able to publish some negative comments we collected about our new Savage Bobber. Comments  coming by some Forums of Cub purists.What is interesting and this happens to every new product as you know, is to read fantastic comments in so many many different Forum around the world (not speaking about the several international magazines that tested the plane) and in the meantime to read some funny or poor comments about our last product. And during the time some people spend to criticize our plane, we are really busy in selling it in several Countries. Take a look:

 * Hard to shoot them down.

*Very lame product marketing attempt. How silly. Looong list of options except for skin on the fuselage to reduce drag, protect what's inside, place for N number, and as you note, allow for a nice slip.

*Not sure about the optional Fresh air vents on the Bobber model?

*They stripped it to get the base price down..Looks like the base doesn't have any instruments or ELT. can have a motorcycle seat as optional ...weird. 

*Stupid product. Not sense.

*They think to be original...Ah ah ah....:-)

*They lost their time offering us this coffeepot? we are not idiots..

and so on......We could continue.

We can accept every comment, but to be described as "SILLY"  by someone that doesn't know us and our programs for the future is at least "funny"...We could publish tons of nice comments collected in different languages.. Too easy. We prefer to show that we are not worried about negative comments... and that we can publish them without too many worries..

Zlin Aviation new plans..
October 03 2011

By last 14 September up to end of September a total of six new Savage planes were sold in different markets. Two Classic were sold in Norway, one Cub in Brasil, one Cub in Italy, one Bobber in France (another one will be delivered in this Country this month)  and one Cub in Spain. We are glad to report these informations just to let know to our potential customers or even to our regular ones how "things are going" at Zlin Aviation . A new Factory will be opened in Italy in October. A large one, capable to increase definitively the production process and reduce the delivery times, that are really our main problem today. Sure since we are even pilots, to get a plane delivered in one month would be a dream (when someone decide to buy a plane would like to get it just the day after...we know it). But sometimes this is not possible and the delivery time could become a problem for someone.On the other hand, a longer delivery time (few months we mean) is a symptom that the company has a list of orders and so is not out of work...More news asap about our plans.


Hydraulic lift for the dock..
September 25 2011

We are pleased to show the hydraulic lift for the dock in case you need to operate in this way for your floatplane.The  actuators are in the water.It works on 12 Volts solar panel charged battery, which lifts the aircraft hydraulically right out .. and back down in the  water. This complete and professional dock was not produced by us (as even the assembling of the floats) and if you need more informations you could contact us or directly our Canadian dealers.A very nice product.. Something that could make the difference.

New Scandinavian dealer
September 14 2011

We are very glad to announce that in the next months two very nice and well equipped Savage planes, will be delivered in Norway to our new Scandinavian dealer. You will find soon address and details in our dealer's page. All pilots coming by the very North Europe will find a valid and professional support with our new local agent. Finally for all the local enthusiasts of the real bushflying, we are pleased to be able to offer the Savage planes to follow their dreams .

Advanced Ultralight Category (Italy)
August 28 2011

Starting by next October 2011 it will be possible for the Italian customers, to book an appointment with Zlin Aviation sro, to get all the technical modifications on the planes planned to enter in the new Italian advanced ultralight category. All the necessary documents will be delivered by our company during September to "Aero Club d'Italia" and so by October we will be ready to start to modify the planes of the interested owners.

For more informations pls contact Zlin Aviation sro.


Pay attention to.....
August 11 2011

It has been reported by one our dealer, the case of 3 planes in his Country, contaminated by water into the fuel circuit. It is clear that most of our customers buy the fuel directly to a common petrol automotive station. Unluky not all the time the fuel bought there is free of water. It could happen for example that their "tank" could be almost empty in the right moment you are purchasing the fuel for your plane and this could cause that some water that normally is on the bottom of the tank will go finally in your plane.

To avoid this high risk we simply suggest to search locally your "fuel funnel". This cheap and interesting product is manufactured and visible here :

Savage Testimonial Owners
August 02 2011

We just started to upload some testimonials coming by our customers. We will update more and more in the next hours. We invite our customers to send their thoughts and pictures if they wish to appear in this section. We just started with some women's testimonials. As a tribute for their passion...Taildragger Pilots are a proud and strong category. This is why we choose the picture for this "new" . We got it just few days ago, on a Savage Classic at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (USA) .And remember this funny sentence as reported in that adhesive : "tricycles are for babies"......

A real bushflying experience..
July 25 2011

Today we would like to share with you a real bushflying story coming by Canada. Our dealer Mr. Alan Dares is just arrived in Fort Chimo , an Eskimo community (KUUJJUAG) after 4 days and 19 hours of flying. He left Toronto for this remote area with the plan to teach a group of seven pilots around there. This can be considered a remote area and just read what was told to us by a good friend of Mr. Alan:

" This is true bush flying, because the compass is useless up there,  because it just spins, because of minerals in ground. There is no roads , no towers, no railroads ,very few trees because it is too cold for them to grow . There are many  many lakes, however  for 10 months of the year they are covered with snow., and unless you are experienced it is hard to tell the where the snow  and lakes end" .

The plane is just a regular Savage Classic with 460 hour of flying logged hours. We will keep you updated possibly with pics and video soon..

New Bobber's cover
July 19 2011

This time a new cover for our last model, the Savage Bobber, is arriving by Germany .Flieger Magazine title:Savage Bobber : LUFT & LAUNE...Nice article and nice pics .

Some Bobber's covers
July 01 2011

We can show today the first 3 covers we got (togheter with nice articles) in 3 different Countries: Italy, Holland and France. We thank everyone but a special thank has to be forwarded  to "Volo Sportivo" (Italian magazine) for his special support. Soon (on 17 July) a nice report will be published by a famous German magazine. Even two very well known motorbike's magazine made their  articles in two different Countries. Bobber's report will appear soon, even in the beautiful Czech Flying Revue magazine . "Volare" another important Italian magazine will publish probably in August another article and even in Usa we are expecting a nice report soon...In other words we got lot of interest around our last product and the Covers seems to attest it. But we will probably have some other interesting news soon.

A new funny way to use the Savage planes
June 21 2011

 link : look at  the video 

New Bobber paint schemes
June 10 2011

Ten new Bobber's paint schemes are now available. Ask for a quote or for more informations.If you wish for example a military style for your Bobber just take a look to the one attached.










New Bobber Gallery online
June 02 2011

New Savage Bobber gallery online now on the download area.

Massimo Uberti's last video
May 31 2011

Our friend and pilot Massimo Uberti has just released a new short video taken at last Aero Taildragger Meeting occurred in Italy last weekend in Torbole Casaglia . We want to thank even the pilot Mr. Fabio Guerra, well known in Italy since he made in the very past several exibitions around different Countries with the Savage planes.


Welcome to a new Dealer
May 25 2011

Our Dealer's network is expanding. We warmly greet the new Israelian Dealer.A professional pilot that spent all his life in civil and military aviation and that will be involved to promote our planes in this Region. Full details at Dealer's page. 


Savage Bobber water fun
May 24 2011

How to play on the water with a Savage plane...

Have fun .

Picture credit: Jean-Marie Urlacher / Info Pilote

First SOWG meeting
May 23 2011

About 40 Savage arrived yesterday to Mantova Aero Club ( Italy )  to partecipate at the first Savage Owner Meeting.It was a beautiful day and the meteo was favourable. Some planes had not the possibility to arrive but anyway the final amount of Savage was big enought to consider this event a complete success. Planes arrived even by Germany , Hungary and Swiss. The French magazine Info-Pilote and the italian Volo Sportivo were present too.We want to thank the Aero Club Mantova for the big support and the professional organization and even the SOwG the official Owner Group that puts in contact all the registered Savage Owners around the World.Take a look : .

Pics available at the link attached (thanks to Mr. Guido, a Savage Cub pilot coming by Rome).

Just another point of view..
May 16 2011

Another short clip. These clips have no intention to seem professional. They just want to give a general idea of the plane and we have planned to make in short time an official  video that will show all the aspects of the new Savage Bobber.


Loop magazine and Savage Bobber
May 09 2011

The prestigious Loop Tv Magazine selected the "top five new aircraft" introduced at the Aero Messe 2011. We are proud to confirm that our new Savage Bobber with his essential style and innovative concept (full customization available for the final customer) have been considered one of the most interesting plane introduced on the market. This is just last of the several recognition we are receiving in the last two weeks. Take a look below:

Watch the LOOPTV Video for the Top Five NEW Aircraft.

Watch the LOOPTV Video about the Aero Messe 2011



Two aeromeetings coming soon
May 06 2011

Other two new exibitions are planned for this month in Italy .

We will be present with our Savage planes.

Sassuolo AeroFantasy (two Savage Cub will be there) and the "2th taildragger meeting" (one Bobber will be there in addition to the several Savage planes based on that airfield).

Pls take a look below:




First SOaF meeting
May 02 2011

The SOwG (Savage Owner Group) is a free spontaneus group made up by Zlin Savage owners.They are planning and organizing the first  Savage Owner's meeting dedicated to the owners of a Savage plane and extended to all friends who share this way to interpret the flight.The meeting will be located in Mantova's (Italy) Aero Club Città di Curtatone on next 22 May 2011. We want to thank mr.Sbarbada Giampaolo for the kind hospitality in this nice Aero Club (where the first prototype of Savage plane was hangared many years ago) and Mr. Baschieri Giuseppe for his enthusiasm putted daily, in the SOwG promotional activities. Zlin Aviation will show there for the first time flying, the new Savage Bobber and will deliver a nice present to all the pilots that will join the meeting. All pilots are invited, Taildraggers or not is not important. Even a famous Italian aeronautical magazine will be there.

Check for more news at :





New Airworthiness Directive
April 29 2011

We invite our customers to check a new AD (Airwothiness Directive) into the reserved area of this website . In case you have notyet asked for your password and User Id, pls contact us. The AD is related to planes starting from serial number 001 up to serial number 090. These planes were manufactured up to June 2006.

New paint scheme available
April 28 2011

A new Cub was just delivered to his happy customer with this nice and unique paint scheme. Artic Cub is the name and sure this plane will not have any problem to be seen even by long distance. A safety factor and a nice plane combined togheter. We have to thank the cooperation with Aircraft  Studio Design for all the paint schemes we offer to our customers.  They design them, we suggest or correct if necessary, we realize the final painting. It is quite a long job but at the end the plane can offer a different feeling  and high level of satisfaction. to his customer. Take a look on the full list of available paint schemes.

Aero Messe 2011 gallery pic
April 26 2011

It is now online on our download section, the Aero Messe 2011 gallery pic.
Watch the Video: Aero Friedrichshafen bits and pieces
Watch the Video about Us on

Superb video coming by Italy
April 23 2011

One our Italian customer just sent to us a link about his new video . He was really able to make a great job in our opinion and we would like to share with the visitors of our website his last effort..His plane is a Savage Classic with 100 hp, extended landing gear and 29 inch Alaskan Bushwheels.

He was flying over  a very nice area in the North of Italy.

take a look ...

Savage Bobber configurator coming soon
April 20 2011

The last Zlin Aviation's product starts to be discussed around the net. Many International Forum are speaking about it in many different Countries. We were told that on the EAA webpage reporting the last news by the Aero Messe 2011, our plane scored more than 100.000 clicks in few days..! A plane that seems to be different and that you can only love or hate. A plane that sure is not designed for North Pole cilmate but that can meet most of the requirements of the Pilots around  the World. A plane designed to be cheap enought in his basic configuration (not more expencive than a trike) or even unique in case you wish to personalize it. The Savage Bobber is different, and thinks different. We are very pleased to have designed it and we are ready to promote it in every way. At the moment the major magazines coming by Europe and even Usa are planning with us a meeting for a full test flight report. Our Savage Bobber is young as the wonderful child you can admire in the pic (permisson to use this pic was given us by parents) ...but already it has clear ideas in his mind. Our Bobber's configurator will be online in the next hours. 

Aero Messe 2011
April 18 2011

Zlin Aviation just came back from the last 2011 edition of Aero Messe Friedrichshafen. We can honestly report  great results and wonderful comments around our last and new "Savage Bobber" . Soon will follow a full gallery about this fantastic event. Take a look now on the new Bobber's pics, available in the specific product gallery. 

Spin Test short video
April 11 2011
Of course we made several tests during Savage certification process, but today we can show you a short video taken by our very active Hungarian dealer.They simply confirmed what we already knew by several years:
"after several tests we can confirm that with 2 persons on board it keeps spinning as long as rudder is applied, it makes a half additional turn after rudder is neutralised, then it recovers even without using elevator or aileron.
In solo flight actually nothing happens: after 180 degree turn it recovers, even with rudder still applied - you simply can not keep it spinning (without using aileron)"
Take a look at this video and then eventually look at the other ones they putted on the web. Just a remind: spin are prohibited and these were just some personal tests made according to the local rules.

Bobber profile!
April 10 2011

Just a short preview..

Savage Bobber is coming..
April 03 2011

A new model, the 4th in the Savage family, will be introduced for the first time at AERO 2011 starting by next 13 April -
We can't share too many details at the moment. We are just glad to announce it and we invite you to visit our booth in the HALL B2. It will be something different and original and it will not enter in conflict with the other three models already under production.

Mountain flying..
March 20 2011
Our German dealer has been fully certified to install the skies on our Savage planes (and not only) in Germany. To fly with a plane equipped by skies is probably not the last frontier of ultralight flying but sure is one of the most emotional way to live the "freedom" .Soon we will publish a new series of pics in our photo gallery section, taken in some beautiful areas located on our Alps.

Plane&Pilot iCub article
March 10 2011
extract by the article:
"We level at 3,000 to pull some turns. The iCub is so tight, solid, smooth. While doing stalls at idle and full power, Bill explained that the leading-edge vortex generators hold laminar flow to the wing at higher angles of attack. Indeed, the mini nose-breaks come with only a gentle burble of warning. Feed in power, and were flying, pronto...."

Nice Spanish article
February 28 2011
Our Spanish dealer shared with us this interesting article about his activities performed with a Savage Cub in the Pyrenees...Unluky it is in Spanish language. But very interesting...

Savage Cruiser: new videos...
February 20 2011
We just got two new videos coming one by France and one by Hungary. The Savage Cruiser this time shows itself from different points of view.The first was made by our very active Hungarian dealer over their nice Territories. The second one, was taken by one of the 285 members of the Aeroclub Dassault Ile de France. A very famous and historical French Club (
Take a look on our download area .

Flying the first Romanian Cruiser
February 06 2011

A nice pic, taken the current winter can describe better than any single word, the good solution that has been choosen by the Romanian dealer...
Snow and Bushwheels work very well togheter (not all the snow is the same anyway, so pay attention if you wish to test these tires on the snow).
A new plane will be delivered soon in this Country.

Savage iCub news
January 29 2011
Some interesting news kept the attention of the media during the past Sebring exibition.
SportairUSA, LC, has completed installation and flight testing of the iMonitor EMS system by TruTrak Flight Systems in the new Savage iCub bush plane.
Have a look to the link attached.
Full press release here:

Sebring 2011
January 24 2011
The Savage iCub (special version of the Cub) was introduced this year for the first time at Sebring (Florida-Usa). A short interview offered by the dealer Mr.Bill Canino is linked below. Next important exibitions will be Sun and Fun in Usa and the German Aero Messe 2011 (13-16 April). Keep tuned since many important news will be introduced soon.

Savage Cub doesn't know boundaries
January 14 2011
The Savage Cub is still the most required Savage plane. On the next week and starting by last 01 December 2010, a total of four Savage Cubs will have been delivered around the World. Gabon, Usa, Australia, Canada are currently the last delivery's destinations..
Soon many other Cubs will leave for Brasil, Italy, Germany, France. Not forgetting the several other planes (Cruiser and Classic models) that will be delivered in the above Countries and even in many others.Furthermore some negotiations are ongoing with three new potential dealers.

Beringer, Aerobat and Zlin Aviation
January 06 2011
We are glad to announce that some new important and innovative cooperations have started recently, between our Company and some new Suppliers.
The famous French Beringer wheels and brakes manufacturer and even the famous Spanish Aerobat propellers manufacturer, started officially to cooperate with us. More details directly at :

Snow or beach? How to start this new 2011 in the best way?
January 05 2011
Some of us had a real pleasure starting the 2011 in the best way. JUSt FLYING....
So.. if one our pilot decided to spend the first hours of 01 January 2011 landing on a beach...another one preferred to land and play with the snow.
Two wonderful videos available in the download section . Click on the link..

Loni Habersetzer is back...
December 20 2010
Zlin Aviation s.r.o., sponsor of the new video of Loni Habersetzer is glad to announce that "NO SECOND CHANCES" is now available for our customers directly by us. A new fantastic adventure for all Bushflying Entusiastics...A five minutes long videoclip about our last product, the "Savage Cub"
will be found inside this DVD .This DVD is simply..."AMAZING"....Click on the link...

Nice videos coming from France
December 12 2010
Our "hyperactive" French Dealer, Mr. Pierre Beaulieu and some good friends are doing a great job there.
A new video is planned and today we can release just a preview. The French market is answering very well to our products and the planes are more and more known by pilots. Good steps achieved in a very short time. For example a plane sold by Mr.Pierre , is under delivery in Gabon and is on the way in this moment to the customer's base.It will be the first plane equipped with a belly pod. Soon a full report and pics coming directly by this African Country. Take a look on the video. On the right side,on the Youtube channel list, you will be even able to look at Pierre's interview. A Savage Cub with standard landing gear and Tires (not Bushwheels) can already deliver a lot of fun to their pilots..Enjoy.

New Cover here...
December 05 2010
German Flieger Magazine Cover...
We are "proud" about this new cover got around the world...A new and nice story about an African adventure flying one our Savage Cub.

Flying School Brescia. New video
November 20 2010
An interesting point of view, coming from the Italian "Scuola Volo Brescia". The oldest flight school operating with several Savage planes in the North of Italy.
This video shows how to learn, how to teach, how to dream a Savage. The pilot, Mr. Massimo, is now a new "happy owner" of a very nice Savage Classic equipped with the 29" Alaskan Bushwheel.Compliments Mr. Massimo...Good job..Fly safe...

Erzberg Flyin 2010
October 25 2010
Where to land today?
Savage Classic and German dealer in action..
This is the same famous place of the Erzberg Red Bull Rodeo.
Take a look :

New wings coming soon?
October 12 2010
In cooperation with a well known German designer and his professional team and with the very important help and support of the "German Bundesministerium" (Federal Ministry) and according to our plans of development for the future, we are glad to comunicate that a new wing, produced with advanced tecnologies is under first step of manufacturing. The plan is to offer a "super stol" wing design using advanced materials that will allow to have MTOW of 600 kg without to loose cruise performances. According to our plans, the first prototype should be ready in March 2011. It will be immediately tested. Our German dealer will cooperate for testing. The presentation date of the new wing should be for Aero 2011 next April.This wing could be even mounted by any customer of any past Savage models and will be available even in USA.Just too early now to plan any date for the enter in the market. But another new is coming soon. Probably a basic Savage model will be introduced soon too?
Keep in touch for more news..

Just last cover
October 07 2010
We are glad to show just last of the four covers we got in the last 4 months around different Countries.
Usa (Light Sport and Ultralight Aircraft) , Austria (Sky Revue), Czech Republic (LAA Pilot) and Italy (Aviazione Sportiva) ..All these magazines decided to dedicate a cover and nice articles to our Savage models (3 were referring to the Cub model and one to the Classic, landing with 29" Bushwheel on the snow at 2000 mt asl).

Madagascar Adventure
September 30 2010
A nice article, in German language, about one our plane, configured and adapted to that fantastic Territory. Where the only limit will be your fantasy.... Compliments to the author and pilot..Take a look at the attachment. Really amazing combination of nature, skills and aviation....

Delivered the first Hungarian Savage
September 25 2010
A beautiful red Savage Cruiser has been delivered
last week, just after the first Romanian Savage Cruiser with a nice American paint scheme and another very nice Savage Cub painted in white, delivered in the same week in Spain.
Next week a new Savage Cub will be in the hands of his Swiss happy ( we hope ) customer. We are proceeding and working hard to satisfy our customers.

When ''old'' and ''new'' togheter
September 09 2010
In the occasion of the delivery of a new Savage Cub (to Spain), we had the opportunity to meet an old and beautiful Piper L4, perfectly restored by one our friend in Czech Republic.....What a "wonderful" plane...What a piece of "history"...

New promotional clip on line now!
September 04 2010
About four minutes. A short video clip to promote the Savage Cub, is available on line.
This short clip will be included in the new DVD, that the famous bush pilot Loni Habertsetzer and his friend Don Martin will release soon.
Zlin Aviation s.r.o. will be one of the main sponsors of this DVD.. Check in the next days to know more about the new DVD "No second chance" .It will be availabale soon and promise to be....the best video ever published in his category. We hope to give it as a presents, to all the partecipants of the " first Italian Savage meeting" planned for the next 18 September .

First Italian official Savage meeting..
August 26 2010
A nice event, described below in 3 different languages. A nice altiport will wait for the group of partecipants coming by Italy and other Countries. Take a look below..:

English Version :

Dear friends and Savage pilots,the Flight School based on Trento G.Caproni Airport organizes the first Savage Mountanin Meeting dedicated to all Savage Owners and Pilots. Date for this event has been set for September 18, 2010 on the Tonale Airfield,a runway 1170 meters (3800 feet) long at an altitude of 1900 meters (6200
feet). This wonderful trak is run by the the same company that manages Trento G.Caproni Airport.
Together with this notice you will find information about this runway,situaded at nearly 2,000 meters, that is the higher italian altiport.
Approaching and landing need to be coordinated with Trento Airport.
We can lunch all together at Tonale Airfield, before leaving in the afternoon. To help for the best organization, please, inform about your
partecipation possibly until Septpember 4, 2010 indicating aircraft registration, name and number of pilots and passeners. Tonale Altiport does not offer services such as fuel or other, however the
Trento Airport is not far from the Airfield and there you can find all the facility for you and your aircraft. Remember that ultralights Savage
aircraft needs a specific "permit to land" to approach and landing on Trento Airport. To obtain this authorization please send a fax indicating your license number (with enabling for using aeronautical radio if VDS license) and aircraft insurance. September usually is a beautiful month to fly in the mountains, but in
case of bad weather the meeting will be probably moved to the next Sunday.
We kindly ask you to confirm your partecipation by mail directly to Marco Fozzer, director of Trento G.Caproni Airport (
For any information please call directly Trento Airport (tel.0461-944355) or visit the website ( We hope you enjoy this event and we hope to find many of you. G.Caproni Airport

German version:

Liebe Savage-Freunde und Piloten,
Die Flugschule des Flughafens Caproni von Trient ldt euch herzlichst zum ersten Savage-Treffen im Hochgebirge am 18. September 2010 am Tonale- Pass ein.Die Landebahn wurde erst krzlich von der Fhrungsgesellschaft des
Flughafens G. Caproni in Trient bernommen. Wir legen euch alle Informationen zur Piste bei; sie liegt auf 2.000 m Hhe und ist der hchste Gebirgsflugplatz in
Italien. Die Landebahn darf nur nach Absprache mit dem Flughafen von Trient verwendet werden.Wir werden alle zusammen in geselliger Runde am Tonale-Pass essen und dann am Nachmittag wieder aufbrechen. Aus organisatorischen Grnden brauchen wir innerhalb 4. September die genaue Anzahl der Teilnehmer; bitte besttigt uns also eure Teilnahme nnerhalb dieser Frist, mit Angabe der Kennzeichen des Flugzeuges und der
Namen des Piloten und des Passagiers bzw. der Passagiere.Am Flugplatz gibt es keinen Treibstoff; ihr knnt am Flughafen von Trient
tanken, der nicht weit entfernt liegt. Dort knnt ihr im Fall auch bernachten. ULFlugzeuge
brauchen zur Landung in Trient eine ausdrckliche Genehmigung,
die einige Tage zuvor per Fax mit bermittlung eures Flugscheines, der Versicherung und eurer Funkbescheinigung beantragt werden muss. Fr
weitere Ausknfte knnt ihr euch jederzeit an den Flughafen Trient, Tel. 0461-944355, wenden.
Gewhnlich ist der September ein besonders schner Monat zum Fliegen; falls
wir dennoch Pech haben sollten, wird das Treffen verschoben (vermutlich auf den nchstfolgenden Sonntag).Bitte besttigt dem Direktor von Trient, Marco Fozzer, eure Teilnahme per Mail,
Adresse Fr alle weiteren Informationen findet ihr die jeweiligen Kontaktanschriften auf der Homepage Wir freuen uns auf eure Teilnahme! Flughafen Caproni

Italian version:

Cari amici e piloti Savage
La scuola di volo dell'aeroporto Caproni di Trento organizza per il18 settembreil primo raduno in montagna per piloti Savage che si svolger sull'altiporto del Passo Tonale. Il campo gestito dalla societ di gestione dell'aeroporto G.Caproni di Trento. In allegato trovate tutte le informazioni sulla pista che situata a quasi 2.000 m il pi alto altiporto italiano.
L'utilizzo della stessa deve essere coordinato con l'aeroporto di Trento.
Pranzeremo tutti insieme al Tonale, per ridecollare poi nel pomeriggio.
Per motivi organizzativi abbiamo bisogno di sapere entro il 4 settembreil numero di equipaggi; vi chiediamo quindi di confermare la vostra partecipazione entro tale data, indicando le vostre marche e i nomi di piloti e passeggeri.
La pista non offre servizi tipo benzina o altro; l'aeroporto di Trento comunque non distante. L troverete benzina e volendo anche la possibilit di pernottare in albergo. Per atterrare a Trento gli ultraleggeri devono richiedere preventivamente il rilascio di un permesso di atterraggio che viene emesso dietro presentazione via fax dell'attestato del pilota, dell'attestato di fonia e dell'assicurazione del velivolo. Per eventuali informazioni potete chiamare direttamente l'aeroporto di Trento, tel. 0461-944355.
Di solito settembre un bellissimo mese per il volo in montagna; se invece le meteo non dovessero essere buone, il ritrovo dei Savage sar spostato (probabilmente alla domenica successiva).
Vi chiediamo gentilmente di confermare la vostra adesione via mail al direttore Marco Fozzer, indirizzo
Per ogni ulteriore informazione troverete tutti i contatti sul sito
Speriamo che l'iniziativa vi piaccia e che arriviate numerosi! L'Aeroporto Caproni

ULM Adventure Spain 2010
August 23 2010
Finally the gallery describing this nice event,
is not online...
Take a look into the "Download area".
Under the Photo Gallery section..

Another new engine, coming soon?
August 17 2010
130 hp...

Long raid with several Savage Planes
August 07 2010
A nice rally tour has been made last July in Spain .Several pilots, several planes only one target..."to enjoy the art of pure flying"...
Below the story of this tour coming right by one of the organizers:

Ulm Adventure Spain 2010

From 8th to the 13rd of July 7 Savages planes from France and Spain were flying around Spain.

We chosed the best places to go, nice airstrips with friendly people, charming hotels and excellent gastronomy!

Beautiful landscapes on the mountains, over the desert, over the coasts .. we have been flying all that around!

We all have had really good time, have meet other savage pilots with whom we share many points of view, and also we have learned something about mountain flying and new landing technics

We all meet in an airstrip near Olot called St. Jaume de Tapioles, someone came from Mallorca Island, others from France.. Our friends offer us a tradicional lunch, after siesta, visit to Tortell village and dinner.

Next day we flown over the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, Besal y Banyoles and after we start the route to La Cerdaa aerodrome, an excellent resort with restaurant and swimming pool. We had a lunch in a sidreria, tipical menu of the north of Spain.

Next morning beautiful flight over the heart of the Pyrenees to Castejon de Sos, the highest area of Spain and visit to Benasque village and football match watching

On monday we landed in a mountain airstrip, for first time for some of our friends, but everyone did it right and were very pride of ourselves. After we visit another nice airstrip near a lake, where we had a refreshing bath and a nice lunch, before fly to the desert, Tardienta Monegros aerodrome, a cool and bizarre place to visit that took us to the Morocco way of life!!

Tuesday morning we made a quick visit to Villanueva de Gllego, home base of Aerodesign and following the Ebro river, we reached the mediterranean coast to Castelln, where we went to the beach and had a good paella.

Last flight to the mountains, to our home base, Torremocha de Jiloca and goodbye party.

We all have had an excellent experiencie and we hope keep organize this kind of adventures Thank you to everyone, in the airfields we had visit, and to the pilots that had enjoy with us this wonderful moments and had flown with security and had been interested in keep learning all the time, because we think that we never stop learning something else in our flying life!!

Arturo Polo Ena

Welcome to a new Dealer
August 03 2010
In the close future, it will be possible to test our planes also in Brasil . The new Brasilian dealer , the company "Eurocom do Brasil" , will be located at Vila Velha (ES). Don't esitate to contact them if interested. Welcome to the new Dealer...

New engine coming soon?
July 31 2010
120 hp...

Glider Towing video with a Savage Classic
July 15 2010
As you probably know we have several planes towing gliders in different Countries. Here just a short video about this interesting activity. The engine is a basic Rotax 912 s, and the airport is located at about 1000 mt above sea level. With the new 120 hp that will be soon introduced, we will be able to offer a good platform for all those Clubs that are looking for a definitive solution of their towing problems.
Just click on the link and enjoy.

EAA's Coverage of the 2010 Valdez STOL Competition
June 29 2010
How to fly slow and low...taking off as short as possible and landing with the same idea in mind...
Enjoy the video.. Will be there one day a Savage Cub or iCub with more than 135 hp and probably the best ratio hp/lps on LSA market?
Follow our next developments to discover the future programs of Zlin Aviation.

New iCub press release
June 25 2010
We are glad to introduce the new iCub (a special version of our Savage Cub at the moment available as LSA, only for the Usa ) and the new American Dealer SportairUSA,LC.
( the informations in the pdf link attached below. We will present this new model at AirVenture 2010 (booth will be located on site #62).An interesting article can be found here:

New Iranian Dealer
June 15 2010
Welcome today to our new Iranian Dealer (asap the details).
According to our development plans, we are glad to announce a new Dealer today. And a new announcement about a new delaership will be officially unveiled in the next hours too.
And just to help to understand how strong we are pushing in the marketing area, we are close to finalize other two dealerships: Uk and Brasil. Keep in touch if interested.

June 01 2010
"No Second Chances" ........As wrote last 22 May on this webpage, many news will be announced soon. The first today and we are "honoured"..
The new video of Lony Habertsetzer is arriving..
Take a look on the first preview just shared on you tube by Donald C. Martin few minutes ago. Great job Don...Great job Loni...

May 28 2010
Trips and Courses .A simple way to describe the new project of our Spanish Dealer. Pls check the link attached, and discover the programs. The next trip is really getting close.
To get more informations contact directly the Spanish Dealer and his organization.
Next departure? : 09 July. Enjoy this new adventure..

First Savage Cruiser Turbo
May 24 2010
The first Savage Cruiser equipped with a Rotax 914 turbo has flown. Compliments to the owner, Mr. Paolo R. for his beautiful plane. Performances are absolutely interesting. We will make soon a flight report.

New Video by Scuola Volo Brescia
May 22 2010
Fabio Guerra and his team established the first Italian bushflying school operating several Savage Classic.
They just released a nice video showing the Savage Classic with extended landing gear and 29" Alaskan Bushwheel.
There will be many news in the next 3/4 weeks. About new dealers and technical aspects. We will keep you informed.
Enjoy the link..

New deliveries..
May 15 2010
Two new Savage Cubs have been delivered last week in North of Italy. Another one will be delivered in the city of Caorle next week (Italy) . And a 4th Savage Cub will be also delivered next week in Spain.
We can officially admit that even if with some delay, we are delivering lots of planes in this period. From now up to the end of July are planned not less than 11 new deliveries. Five Cruiser and six Cub.
We want to thank all the customers waiting for their planes.Very soon they will get their new ship...

Sit inside a Savage Cub..360 View.
May 10 2010
Available also for your iphone.Click on the link and take a look inside the cabin. A 360 picture to understand better how it looks inside from the point of view of the Pilot...
This 360 pic was taken in Germany during the last Aero 2010. We hope to offer an air to air 360 pic soon.

First Savage Cub video on line
April 26 2010
In cooperation with our great Spanish dealer, we can finally show a new video.The plane is based in Spain and the video was introduced at last Friedrichshafen event . Take a look on youtube just clicking on the attached link. A new video, more focused on bushflying and off airport operations is under work.Keep in touch..

First bushflying courses with Loni Habertsetzer
April 19 2010
About 28 pilots (half in Germany and half in Italy) were present to the bushflying courses that we planned togheter with Loni Habertsetzer from Alaska. The impact and results were great. Loni was very professional and patient to reply to all the questions that were asked to him. He is really a professional bush pilot and people were absolutely concentrated for all the long day spent togheter.Approach to the ground, ground evaluation, equipments, bushwheels, , take off tecnique, approach tecnique, landing tecnique, most common mistakes, important rules for safety and off airports operations ,aicraft controls , gravel bars, soft field operations, steep slopes, high altitude operations, one way landing, off camber landing and more, were the arguments covered by these courses. Due to the big success we got, we will repeat these courses asap. Keep in touch. Take a look at the pics in the dowload area .

Friedrichshafen Gallery Pic
April 17 2010
Visit our download area and click on the new Gallery Pic.
We would like officially to thank Mr. Loni Habersetzer ( for his great partecipation as a guest. We had his videos running and him commenting. It was a great experience to meet a professional Bush Pilot in person. You can see Loni, in the pictures, working with a microphone in front of a crowd of interested pilots.

Aero Messe 2010. Results..
April 16 2010
The 2010 German international exibition is gone.
Friedrichshafen 2010 also this year has shown all his potential. We are so glad to have known and met many of you directly, showing our products and our passion.
We made also some events (courses), well planned before and regarding the Bushflying World and tecniques. As you know our kind guest, Loni Habersetzer, has trained with some ground courses about 30 Savage pilots coming from several Countries. Germany and Italy were the locations for these events. And new dates will be planned soon.
A gallery pic, will be online before the next 24 hours.Click on the official Aero Messe photo gallery link.Select then Aero Static Display.

Flying Savage Cubs..(Gallery part 3)
April 06 2010
We would like to share some pics and thank Mr .Arturo, Mr. Gootfried, Mr. Marcello and Mr. Pozza..
A new Cub's brochure is also available into the Cub section.
See you at Friedrichshafen...

Book your Bushflyng ground course now..
March 12 2010
We would like to inform about a new initiative we planned togheter with Loni Habersetzer. Just after the international exibition of Friedrichshafen, we planned 3 dates for "Ground Courses" about Bushflying tecniques. The first two dates will be on the next 13 and 14 April. The base will be our German Dealer's field. There will be a closen number partecipation and a booking will be necessary. The main aspects of the Bushflying will be covered.It is not necessary to have a specific experience on our planes.
Ground Bush Course will cover Landing Site evaluation for Off-Airport Operations, Special aircraft handling techniques, unique to the Off-Airport enviorment, Aircraft performance Inhancing techniques used in the Bush & Safety & Survival considerations. And much more.
The Course will take a full day. The cost will be absolutely low considered the importance of the treated arguments.
For more informations pls contact us. It will be an unique occasion to meet Loni and to learn by his huge specific experience. We are planning also a 3th date (15 April) in North of Italy at Trento's airport. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity.

Loni Habersetzer. Guest at our booth at Aero Messe 2010
March 11 2010
Officially we can confirm today that Mr. Loni ( will be present as a special "Guest" at our booth (B2-217) at the next international exibition of Friedrichshafen (D) from 08 to 11 April.
During the exibition we will plan two times a day some short public seminars concerning the basics of Bushflying.
Loni will be happy to reply to all your questions. We will show his last videos and last pictures .
A nice opportunity for all of us, to meet one of the most expert Bushflying Pilots around the world.

February 2000 - February 2010. News coming soon..
March 09 2010
A short recapitulation about our last ten years of manufacturing process.. After a strong period of tests and pre-production process (performed in Italy where the plane was originally designed) in December 1999 the whole production of the Savage planes moved to Czech Republic. In February 2000, finally started officially the Savage's regular production in Czech Republic. Ten years later (February 2010) we can start to create some statistics about this first ten years of manufacturing process. The first 3 years of production were spent expecially to promote the plane. Only since late 2003 we seriously increased our production capacity and penetration inside several markets (for example in Germany where we sold almost 40 Savage planes or Italy with more than 50 planes sold).

Planes sold at February 2010 : 220.
Available models: 03 Models available (Classic-Cruiser-Cub).
Last model introduced : The "Savage Cub". 30 Cubs were sold since the first introduction in the market (April 2009).
High level of safety : almost 100.000 flying hours flown in more than 30 Countries . Many planes are well over the 1.000 logged operative hours and are still flying worldwide (few planes are looged over the 1.500 operative hours). Just few days ago our American dealer reported us the 950th logged hour on their Cruiser (mostly used for flight training in Winsconsin-Usa).
No one serious accident has never been caused by any technical or structural deficiency of our planes.
*new manufacturing facility in 2010 to increase the production capacity ( 1.600 sq/m ).
*new model (4th) planned for the end of 2010.
*Improvements of the actual models introducing (end 2010/early 2011) a new High Performance Metal Wing (with the possibility to retrofit it on all the delivered planes) .
*Introduction of the Savage Cub into the American Market (Oshkosh 2010) under progress.

Let say that 2009 was the most successful year in our history. Despite of the general financial crisis, we sold 41 planes. For sure the introduction of the last Savage Cub helped a lot the selling process and has shown that we have probably created a good name and reputation in the last ten years. The plans are to enlarge our production capacity since we were able to survive to the global crisis when many other Companies were not so lucky. We sure can offer a very specific product (nich market) for all those pilots that love Classical and strong Design (think to the Bushflying optionals we are offering and you will understand what we mean) . A new wing , full metal wing this time, is under development. The goal will be to offer a still lower stall speed (also if difficult, because our wings already equipped with vortex generators , are very efficient and their stall speed sounds really spectacular) togheter with a 200km/h cruise speed .
To offer a better delivery time (since we sold already several 2010 months in front) we are planning and working on a new manufacturing building that could be ready for winter 2010). The fourth model will be introduced at Aero Friedrichshafen 2011.

We enjoy to be able to offer you some details about our first 10 years of official production (not counting the pre-production period) and we are looking for a new positive and fruitful future, showing you that we are not only sitting and looking at our past.
We apologise for our basic English but we are sure you will understand the sense of this official comunication...

best regards
Zlin Aviation s.r.o.

picture by Arturo Polo Ena-Spain.

First Italian Savage team.....
March 05 2010
We are glad to comunicate that a first Italian Savage Team, is now officially involved in the Veneto's Regional "Protezione Civile" project-protocols for enviromental protection. The team , based near the city of Treviso, and named "Centro Aerosoccorso Volontario" is available on demand in case of natural calamities or events that could need an Air Support. Compliments to the pilots involved in this project. The planes available for these projects are two standard Classic equipped with Rotax 100 hp.

Loni Habersetzer
February 27 2010
Loni Habersetzer. Not only a name. A famous bushflying pilot. Did you never see any of similar videos around the web (look at the link) ? This is Loni's normal job...
Will be Loni present at the next International Exibition of Friedrichshafen as our special guest? Stay tuned....More news coming soon.

February 23 2010
We would like to invite you to visit us at the next 2010 International Aero Messe of Friedrichshafen. From 08 to 11 April. The stand number will be B2-217.
Many news will be shown including a video made with the new Savage Cub showing his "off-road "capacities.
See you soon there...

Service Bullettin
February 10 2010
We are informed about few (2 or 3) second hand Savage, sold to new customers, privatly. We would like to ask to all new customers ( we are not always informed about names or address) to verify that their planes were updated according to the Service Bullettin issued by the manufacturer of their rescue system (if installed). Pls refer to our new, issued on last 12/03/2009 or contact us asap. This bullettin is absolutely to be considered mandatory for the airworthiness. We don't consider flyable, safe and airworthy, planes that have not been updated according to the rescue system manufacturer's bullettin .
We also invite all our customers to contact us to get the password (if not already done) for the restricted area, where is possible to download all the last technical informations about their planes.

New Cover..
February 04 2010
We have to thank "Aerokurier Magazine" (Germany) that has decided to make the second cover using our products .We want officially to thank the chief editor, for the second consecutive cover on their nice "magazine". Thank you also to our pilot Tom Huber for the passionate report, about his Saharian tour (Savage Cruiser).

Red and white....(Cub Gallery part 2)
February 02 2010
A nice and cold red Cub roll out..
Check the new gallery pic into the download area.
Air to Air gallery pic (part 3) coming soon..

Terry Goy Blue Ice Report- From Canada
January 26 2010
If you like to fish, here you should have to go...
Just a short video taken by a Canadian Savage Classic..
A fantastic area , just take a look..
Link to:
Link to :

Cub Gallery (1st part)
January 11 2010
A short new Gallery Pic about some of our delivered Cubs.
Coming soon the second part. Take a look at the download section and click on photogallery.

General Winter..
January 09 2010
Sometimes also to test a plane, ready to be delivered, is a little complicated... Ice and snow, under the Goodyears of a nice Cub ready to be delivered for a Desertic Area...What a combination for different fate...(click on the main pic or the attachments).
Another customer waiting for his new Cub, after the two sent in Australia last month and the one leaving for Spain (red one...very hot plane) very soon..

The Winner is....?
January 05 2010
Nine pages. The last Aerokurier magazine (famous German aviation magazine) compared our Cruiser 100 hp model with a spectacular Aviat Husky 180 hp. The title says : wer ist besser? we don't think that one or the other was a complete winner..and we invite you to keep in touch to get soon more news.
For interested people we got last October the cover on the official Australian Flying magazine ( with a long report about our Classic model and we got also a beautiful report and test flight into the Canadian Recreational Flyer magazine (

Franklin's Flying Circus
December 22 2009
Finally we have the proove that to fly a "taildragger" is really an hard job....
Enjoy this funny video...Compliments to the pilot and pls avoid to do the same with your Savage...
Note: the book shown in the picture could be an interesting reading for all the taildragger's pilots.

An important new coming from ROTAX..
December 01 2009
T.B.O. extension for Rotax 912

We are glad to inform that the new engines will start soon to get the new "2.000 hours of T.B.O." (or 15 years). The actual T.B.O. is 1.500 hours or 12 years.
All the other engines will be allowed to get the same T.B.O. according to a service letter (SI-912-057 ) that will be soon published on :
A new step for all our customers.

New Dealer here..
November 18 2009
Welcome to a new Dealer. Hungarian pilots will get the services of our new Dealer. The company ordered a new Savage Cruiser and will offer some special services like "air patrol" for police, monitoring traffic , border control etc. "This is what we intend to use it for" was told to us by the leader of this new project. School and other activities will be also available locally.

New Dealer here..
November 03 2009
Just a warm welcome to our new Namibian Dealer.
He will get before the end of the year a new Cub, that will fit perfectly in that fantactic "territory". All interested pilots coming from that Region or coming from South Africa could contact mr. J.Klein soon. More details asap. They will be based at :Swakopmund .Republic of Namibia

Very lucky Savage Pilot...
October 23 2009
There are some reports on the web, showing a Savage Classic in very bad conditions after a crash into a lake. We want to tell what happened since the plane is now in our company and the pilot visited us telling the story. This man was lucky enought and according to his report he is alive since he was flying a plane with a strong fuselage.
Just his comments.What happended? for some reasons a big baggage occupied the second seating. During the flight the baggage (not well fixed) moved and blocked the second stick.He tried to remove it but the plane started to pich down with no possibilities to recover the level flight. The plane contacted the water with 30-35 degrees at a speed of about 130 km/h. Just to let you know which energy was developed, the right Bushwheel that for first contacted the water simply detroyed the wheel axle that seems cutted like from a knife. He was submerged for several seconds but since he is a good diver, he was able to keep calm and leave the fuselage. The plane was then taken to the beach from the fire-department that made good job, but also damaged parts of the plane (cutting struts, and wings attachment). The pilot is safe and wants to let know to all the Savage's Pilots do not forget anything (in this case big amount of material) free on the baggage area or on the second seating since this could cause terrible accidents. Just another story from which to learn something. We are glad to confirm that the pilot is totally happy and safe and that we will make a new plane for him asap. The instrument still shows some water inside. And shows the probable speed of the impact.
Take care, fly safe.

Arturo Polo Ena. Spain...
October 05 2009
When you don't know which could be your next step about flying, you should consider to visit this pilot and instructor in Spain. Very active and kind person. With his wife (pilot too) they manage a fantastic airfield and offer a complete range and different type of mountain and bushflying trainings.Take a look on this last video, just to understand what he could share with you. And stay tuned. It seems that soon we will receive some exciting news from his side...

New Dealer here..
October 02 2009
SC AUTOSERVICE SRL Automitric will be the new Dealer for Romanian Country. A well equipped Savage Cruiser will be available for all the enthusiasts living in that area. Take a look if interested to the dealer's page for the right address.
Welcome to the new Dealer.....

Sold today the 20th Savage Cub
September 17 2009
We are glad to inform that after the last two contracts signed by our French dealer,we got the honourable number of "20" Savage Cub sold in five months. We are also close to sign new contracts and this means that the formula of the Cub was well accepted by our customers.
Further, we will sign soon the 200th contract for a "Savage plane".An important step for Zlin Aviation factory . The 200th customer will get a special attention and will receive a good present by our company. Keep in touch.

New Videos here...
September 08 2009
Some nice videos were recently uploaded on YouTube by our dealers/customers....
Bushflying from Spain here (thank you Arturo):
Flying over the Alps here (thank you Bfhfhs) :
Note: the pic shows one of the first Savage planes (s/n 0038-Pilot Fabio Guerra) produced several years ago.

Baltic Way 20 years action
September 01 2009
Some nice pics taken at this particular and historical event. Just take a look on what we are speaking about:

The Baltic Way or Baltic Chain was a peaceful political protest on August 23, 1989. Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning over 600 kilometres (370 mi) across the three Baltic states Estonian SSR, Latvian SSR, and Lithuanian SSR, republics of the Soviet Union. It marked the 50th anniversary of the MolotovRibbentrop Pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The pact and its secret protocols divided Eastern Europe into spheres of influence and led to the occupation of the Baltic states in 1940. The protest was designed to draw world's attention by showcasing popular desire for independence and solidarity among the Baltic states...

Some planes after 20 years, coming from these Countries,were flying togheter ...over those Territories.. One was a yellow Classic Savage.

First extended landing gear on a Classic
August 29 2009
The new extended and reinforced landing gear (6") was retrofitted on a Savage Classic (located at Trento Airport).
The takeoff and landing get improved. The look is really masculine. If interested call for a quote for your plane .

Balearic Islands and Evora Air show (P)
August 24 2009
Elisa Fernandez and Arturo Polo Ena just delivered by flight from Spain, and flying about 250 km over "open sea", a beautiful Savage Classic. They both are our professional dealers for Spain and Portugal.They will be present at the next Evora Air Show in Portugal from 18 to 20 September.
Click the link..

Delivered today the first Cub. Short video inside.
August 07 2009
Today, our first Savage Cub, left by flight Napajedla, directed in France. Our first Cub is now in the hands of our French Dealer. It was a nice event and sure many others will leave soon our factory. The customers are waiting for their new Cubs...We are producing them and two new Cubs will be delivered in this month.

First Flight Review from an independent Pilot.
August 04 2009
An interesting review from an independent Pilot
coming from Australia. When we asked why did you write a flying review about our plane, the reply was very kind and simple:
"We believe that there is a good aircraft out there for every buyer. We believe that there are lots of good aircraft and its just a matter of helping buyers to find the aircraft that is best for them".
We really agree with this point of view... Look at the attachment.

Savage advertising in Russia...
August 01 2009
Bushflying arrives in Russia.And not only.
Many of our dealers or pilots are converting their Savage planes, to the bushflying version. In this advert our Russian dealer simply says: Airports not necessary...
In the attached pic look at the first Latvian Bush Savage.
The fever of the adventure is becoming wide.
Thanks for the advert pic to Arturo Polo Ena, our Spanish dealer.

First Savage Cub under delivery
July 31 2009
We will be glad to deliver in the next few hours the first Savage Cub, with standard landing gear (not the extended one shown at the German exibition equipped with 29" Bushwheels). This standard landing gear is 2" longer than the ones installed on the Savage Classic and Cruiser. More pics soon.

Cross Canada Flight.Alan Dares did it...
July 29 2009
At the end of the cerimony, someone told :
Teach your children and grand children how important flying is, because there are many places a bus can not go, but an aeroplane will get you there safely. Nice words, to describe the end of this long adventure. Twelve days , flying Coast to Coast togheter with many other real planes.Only few ULM-LSA were present. Savage Classic was one of these. It arrived in Canada only few days before the start and it had logged only the test flight performed in Czech Republic,before to start. Then our plane flew for more than 50 (free of problems )hours. A real success.
Many thanks Alan for your nice job.
All info here:

New Savage Cub paint schemes
July 22 2009
We are glad to show the new Savage Cub paint schemes
available from now for all the Cubs under manufacturing process or delivery.Click on the link inside.
Our friend and designer Mirco Pegorari, as a partner in this research (Aircraft Studio Design) can develope also personal and unique paint schemes on single demand according to our painting department. We would like to offer with these new paint schemes, the true sense of the classic design coming from the "past".

July 17 2009
Minus 7 hours, 17 minutes....
The biggest coast to coast transition of aircrafts in peace time Canada ever....
100 year celebration of flight in Canada.
100 planes will partecipate.

New water radiators for the Savage Cub
July 14 2009
We developed a new water cooling system for the new Savage Cub.It will be available as standard at not extra price.Nice look and high efficiency (expecially for glider towing or floats operations).

CUBDRIVER 749ER DVD available here
July 06 2009
CUBDRIVER ALASKA new Dvd available here. Contact Zlin Aviation s.r.o for immediate delivery.
One Way-Large Rocks-Water Assisted-Steep Slope-Soft Sand/Mud/Snow-Off Camber/Beaches -High Density Altitude-High Wing Operations and much more about training in Off Airrport environment.
Fantastic DVD...Take a look at this clip:

Over the top. Mont Blanc (15.732 ft)
June 19 2009
Our two friends and Pilots, Marco Tommasi and Paolo Meneghini established the new max ceiling record for a Savage Classic equipped with a standard Rotax 100 hp .
They flew few days ago over the top of the famous Mont Blanc into the Alps. They reached the 4.800 mt (15.732 ft)
without any particular problem. The plane had still some residual 100/150 ft/m at that altitude. Sure it has to be an incredible experience to perform similar flights. Our personal compliments to the Pilots for their skills.

The Classic Style ....
June 17 2009
Just an example of what we mean for Classic style. Look at this pic. A Pilot, with this fantastic old car, going on a Sunday morning to the airport and opening the door of the hangar where a Savage Cruiser is waiting for another nice and relaxed flight..
This pic shows exactly what we want to promote despite an aviation world where carbon fiber planes are so common.. A Classic style with modern technologies..Something rare into the Advanced Ultralight Panorama. Enjoy the Classics... Enjoy the Tradition.

AEROKURIER Best Brands 2009
June 10 2009
We are proud to announce that our Company entered officially inside the most 10 popular companies selected in Germany, during a large readers inquiry (by the famous Magazine Aerokurier), and named "Best Brands 2009" .
All the Companies selling in Germany were evaluated by the readers during the last Friedrichshafen exibition.
We are invited to discover the final result and our final position at the Tannkosh Air Event on next 18 July 2009.
More information about this nice result very soon.

Bush Flying? what is it?
May 23 2009
In the last months we got many inquires coming from Pilots around the world, asking us what is Bush Flying.As you know we just introduced into the market the Savage Cub, that was designed expecially for this outdoor flying activity.
We choose for you two videos that better represent this spectacular branch of aviation. One is a long documentary (National Geografic) and one is an amazing top hill landing.

National Geografic link video

This video is long enought and on Youtube it is splitted in 7 parts.We suggest to click on all the seven Youtube's links to see the complete video.

Open our external link section to see the second video. Amazing pilot.Enjoy...

(Attached pic courteously by:Loni Haberstetzer
Visit his website at :

Finnish freedom and a Savage Cruiser
May 20 2009
Why to fly in Finland? good question..Our Finnish dealer could reply to all your questions. They made a spectacular tour over this beautiful, white and wild Territory...
Look at the pics...

Towing a DG-1000 (20 mt wing span glider)
May 15 2009
In the North of Italy one our Savage Classic made several tests towing gliders. The Club made in one year about 300 hours of experience. Our new "2mt" climb prop has shown very good capabilities during towing.In the pics you can see the take off of the Savage, towing a 20 mt two seating DG-1000 glider (with two pilots-about 600 kg) . There are 10 Savage Classics used for towing in Europe at the moment.
We are also modifying and testing again this new propeller and we are sure that the take off roll(single pilot) will be soon inside the 100 ft . Better than we declared in our last Cub's brochure...More news asap.

New Ul Power engines coming soon..
May 13 2009
After the hard job necessary to prepare the new model Savage Cub, we are now ready to introduce other hot news for all the Savage planes. We will test soon a new engine that will offer to our nostalgic customers the feeling that only direct drive engines can offer.The range of these engines comes from a very good 97 hp to a 107 hp up to a fantastic (coming soon) 125 hp version. All these engines have a multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation and redundant dual electronic ignition and will allow some weight reduction compared to the Rotax engines. Stay tuned....

Eleven planes sold in one month
May 02 2009
Eight new Cubs, one new Classic and two second hand planes were sold by Zlin Aviation s.r.o. after the German exibition in about one month. We will introduce soon two new Dealers (Greece- Israel). New contracts and new Dealers are attended very soon. This is the report of the first month after the presentation of our new Model:
2 in Germany (1 Cub + 1 Classic)
1 in Germany (second hand Cruiser)
2 in Australia (2 Cub)
3 in Italy (3 Cub)
1 in Italy (second hand Classic)
1 in Greece (1 Cub)
1 in Madagascar (1 Cub)
Take a look also on the video coming from that German International exibition.Introduced by Tom Poberezny, President of EAA.

Savage Cub last news
April 24 2009
In the past two weeks many Savage Cubs have been sold.
We want to thank all these new customers coming from different Countries.
We confirm also the selling of the first two Cubs equipped by the Rotax 914 turbo. This will represent a new step in the performance's area of the Savage aircrafts.
Two new dealers are also expected in the next two weeks.
We are also looking for new engines and about the new Lycoming O-233 we hope to offer soon good news.

Savage Cruiser lightsport aircraft presentation.
April 16 2009
Savage Cruiser lightsport aircraft from Savage Aircraft Sales. FREE weekly video webcasts on lightsport and ultralight aircraft. Just another nice presentation of our aircraft..The elegance of the Cruiser and the America paint scheme, meet togheter in this short presentation..Click on this link to open the vdeo..

New Savage Cub prices
April 14 2009
We are glad to announce the 2009 prices of the new Savage Cub.The prices are valid for all the markets (not including the Italian and the Czech ones) .
Savage Cub with Rotax 912 : 45.900 euro.
Savage Cub with Rotax 912s: 47.000 euro.
The optional's price list will be available on line in the next 48 hours.

New Savage Cub 360 view
April 09 2009
Take a look into our download area, at the new 360 View of our Savage Cub. We took this pic during a moment of relax at the last exibition of Friedrichshafen. The photographer, our friend Jurgen Schrader, made like usual a good job.

New Savage Cub gallery
April 07 2009
Several new pics from the last German exibition.
Look at the new Savage Cub Gallery. Many new pics and a video will be released soon.
Price lists and more details will follow during the next days.

International German exibition of Friedrichshafen
April 06 2009
We just came back from the International German exibition of Friedrichshafen. The new Savage Cub got many enthusiastic comments. Our Team feel proud having designed this new aircraft and introduced the new bushflying training with one of the biggest American specialist in this sector. The basic Savage Cub will cost about 1000 euro more than the Savage Cruiser version. Stay tuned..

Best Factory Built Recreational Aircraft
March 27 2009
Bruce and Helen Vickers, dealers for the southern regions of Australia were our representatives at the Avalon International Airshow. On the last day,the Savage Aircraft was awarded as the Best Factory Built Recreational Aircraft ! A superb effort when you consider the number of aircraft in attendance at the show which is considered the Australian equivalent of Oshkosh.

New Savage Cub landing gear
March 23 2009
This new special landing gear will be available for the new Savage Cub . It is reinforced and 6 inch extended.
Working togheter with the AOSS system (for smoother take-off run) this new gear will provide slower lift-off speed and shorter take off-run.Available soon for all the Savage aircrafts.

New SAVAGE CUB announced.
March 16 2009
SAVAGE CUB....This will be the official name of the 3th model. The new aircraft is really close to be released. We will display this new model at the German exibition ( from next 02 April. You are kindly invited to visit us at our stand-no.: B2-410. More news asap.

Service Bullettin
March 12 2009
We inform our customers about a Service Bullettin concerning all the rockets of the series SOFTPACK. The manufacturer of this rescue system issued the instructions about how to check the mounting plate at the rocket tube. Read inside.

Cross Canada Century Flight 2009
March 10 2009
During July, a Savage Classic with the Canadian dealer (owner) and a company's pilot will partecipate at the Cross Canada Century Flight 2009. The occasion is the 100th anniversary of the first powered flight in Canada. The flight will move cross-Canada opening cerimonies at Bounday Bay to closing cerimonies in Baddeck, Nova Scotia (about 5000 km.)
For more information:

Learn Bushflying with us..
March 03 2009
According to our programs and on the occasion of the presentation of the 3th Savage Aircraft (-30 days), we are glad to announce that we will start soon a cooperation with one of the biggest American specialist in bushflying techniques.Stay tuned.

Alpha Omega Suspensions.
February 28 2009
This new design shock absorber and suspension system will be only one of the new professional options available soon for all the Savage's Owners. We will present this new system during the next International exibition of Friedrichshafen (D).It utilizes a solid, deformable polymer as a suspension. Keep in touch.

New important information.
February 11 2009
We just got from our supplier of rescue systems, Junkers Profly, an invitation to control all the parachutes and rockets older than 5 years, according to their manual.
We would like to share this invitation with all our customers. Pls contact Junkers profly or Zlin Aviation for further informations.

La berlina Y el todo terreno...
February 08 2009
An interesting comparison between the Savage and one of the most famous plane around the market ..: the CTLS
Check inside for the report....

The Art of flying..
January 31 2009
To fly is really something special..
Sometimes is not easy to describe the emotions we feel during our flying experiences. Sometimes a simple pic describes these emotions better than several words.Tks Tom..

Official Invitation
January 28 2009
The SOwG is a spontaneous initiative of a group of Savage's pilots, with the intent to share experiences and pick up customer's informations.Although Zlin Aviation is not directly involved in this initiative, we would like to suggest to the over 130 customers still not registered to take in consideration this project.

Savage test on Dan Johnson's website
January 25 2009
From their website :
Savage is much lower priced than competitors, you can add several options and still spend less. According to expert Cub pilots another option worth considering, especially for bush flying, is vortex generators.

Leave your mark on this World
January 15 2009
Thanks to Arturo for this special pic.
He just landed and was enought inspired to take this beautiful pic of his mark.
Very well-made Arturo...The 40 cm of snow were not a problem for his Savage.

17.518 visitors
January 14 2009
We are pleased to see that after exactly
two and half months we introduced the new website, we received 17.518 visits.
We get every day many inquires about our planes. Our configurator is working well too. With these basis we should get this year an average of about 85.000 visits.
New pages and languages are coming.
Stay tuned

Trento Aeroclub
January 11 2009
We would like to inform that in the North of Italy (Trento city) is possible since few months to test the plane and have all the kind of support and teaching from one of the most professional school actually on the market.Basic , advanced training and renting available.

The next Friedrichshafen exibiton
January 07 2009
From 02 to 05 April 2009 .
Remember these dates. The best exibition in Europe is close. As you know we will show the 3th model there for the first time..
Less than 3 months....All our production will be displayed and we will be pleased to show the differences between our Savage models.Check the web:

The new model is coming...
December 18 2008
As already anticipated last October, the 3th model of the Savage is coming..The family will grow up soon.
Read inside..

Inside the cabin...
November 29 2008
As you know , in the download area, it is possible to take a view of the Savage Classic cabin. The panoramic pic allows you to see how the plane looks from the Pilot's point of view. Soon we will upload the new Cruiser's cabin using the same panoramic technology. Stay tuned.

Second hand planes?
November 22 2008
It is not usual to find second hand Savages around the market. In case you are interested , here we show an example of one selected plane in our hands.
Contact us for more details.

Taming Taildraggers Pilots...
November 15 2008
A very professional approach to the tailwheel airplanes. We find this article, really professional and helpfull. Published several years ago in Sport Aviation Magazine (1992), will offer you a true point of view of what Taildragger Planes are in reality. At the end the author wrote:
Besides, if you dont want to be a real pilot, thats O.K .Make your own opinion.Nice reading..

New 2009 Calendar...
November 13 2008
Now available on our website, the new 2009 Calendar.. Choose your preferred month or pic and save it directly on your screen. Or download the full New Year pdf version and print it for your personal use ..

New multifunction instrument available
November 10 2008
We are now allowed to distribute and install the new miniEIS instrument.
It is a complete engine information and monitoring system. In a single 3 1/8 instrument up to 28 information/functions available.
Soon we will forward more details and the price list.

American Newsletters
October 31 2008
Our American Dealer, is releasing montly nice newsletters. Check their website and download them . An easy system to receive news regularly.

Flying school Brescia-Cool video
October 15 2008
Officially the first bushflying school in Europe, operating the Savage Aircrafts.
Check their offers on their website. Two different courses will introduce you into the special bushflying activities.
The instructor is an ex military pilot.Take a look on their video.

New cover on Aviation Deportiva-Spain
October 03 2008
This month we got more than one cover around the World. This last one came from Spain. Ten pages and lots of interesting info about the Savage equipped with the bushwheels (for mountain flying)...More details from the Spanish Dealer...

New Models soon on the market?
October 02 2008
Zlin Aviation s.r.o. is glad to announce that during next Spring two new versions of the Savage planes, will be introduced into the market.
Stay tuned or ask more details to your Dealer..

New cover on Aviation Pilote-France
September 30 2008
Another nice test and report from France,this time.
Welcome to a new entry in France. A second Dealer
is since last August ,available in France. Check for details into the Dealer's page.

New report on Pilot Magazine-England
September 20 2008
Nice article on Pilot. British magazine. The title says: Best looking LSA....The Savage Cruiser was tested in Usa during last 2008 Oshkosh exibition.. Take a look.. Only the prices are wrong...Check our configurator for more precise infos.

Landing on a truck....
September 02 2008
Tom Huber, our German Dealer made another fantastic performace with his Savage Classic.
He simply landed on a truck...and later, made a perfect take off....
See the video: click the Link inside this news.

Do you like the snow?
July 20 2008
The new retractable system will allow you to take off from your airfield and land easily into the snow.
Tested for one year are now available as a retrofit kit. The owner of this specific plane is the famous Italian pilot Cesare Balbis...The engine (Rotax 100 hp) is equipped with an injection kit built in Germany. More news asap.
Visit his website:

New paint scheme..
July 02 2008
We developed with the magical help of Aircraft Studio Design a new paint scheme. Named Bush.
Adapted to the sweet look of the Savage Cruiser, it will add an aggressive and elegant appeal to your plane.
Available for new orders only.

Full Lotus system
June 10 2008
Our Finnish Dealer installed and flown the first Savage Cruiser with the Full Lotus float system.
Light and soft..A good alternative to our CZAW amphibious system.

Spectacular landing on German Glacier
June 01 2008
Tom Huber landed few days ago, on the famous glacier Zugspitze.Exactly 50 years after the last landing on the same spot,with few Piper Cubs..
The German TV was invited for this special event .
See the video:

Pipistrel d.o.o. becomes new dealer
April 15 2008
The famous Pipistrel d.o.o., manufacturer of the best Ulm motorgliders in the market , becomes dealer for Zlin Aviation into Slovenian territories.
Sure this will help the developmnent of strong synergies.Welcome to Pipistrel..