F.A.Q. [Frequently Asked Questions]

Inspired by one of the timeless legends of aviation, the Piper Cub, it consequently features many of its characteristics: excellent STOL performance, superb all-round visibility (even downwards with the optional transparent flooring), comfort, good handling and easy emergency landing thanks to its tough undercarriage and a "flare" at around 65 km/h. Much slower if equipped with our Vortex generators upgrade, which is really an effective and almost must-have feature. Fast-steep climb rate and cruise performance are excellent thanks to contained weight and a low-drag cross-section. It is, then, a reasonably fast cruise machine that is also at home on small airfields with difficult, obstructed approaches.

A good option is the 80 HP Rotax 912 UL, however the most delivered and requested is the Rotax 912 S (100hp). If the aircraft is to be used under certain conditions there are two turbo versions available (Rotax 914 115hp or our own turbo tuning with mechanical air compressor rated 120hp). BMW, LIMBACH and SUBARU engines have also been installed by private customers. Some Jabiru engines were also installed and are flying regularly. Some Smarts diesel engines are operated by few planes too. In addition to the mainstream Rotax range, we are offering the new CUB-S with a choice of Lycoming powerplants particularly suited to the high end LSA market: on one side the IO233 rated 115hp at 2800rpm, both in carburetor and fuel injected versions, and on the other side two powerful alternatives. One is a special tuned and reworked lighter version of the IO320, with electronic ignition, and boosting 172hp. The other one is the ECI 340 fuel injected boosting 180hp. Equipped with this last one, the aircraft actually represents an industry record in power to weight ratio for an LSA.

Because it all started from a pure, autentic and "savage" passion (which means deep, strong...) for a type of flying that is easy-going, calm and goes against the current trend. Today the market is oriented towards low-wing designs, side-by-side seating and front-wheel tricycle undercarriages. The Savage rebels against that approach and challenges it! Don't forget that this plane can really land in wild and remote areas. See our videos or the special accessories list, and you will understand why we consider our product really "savage" (in the "unconventional", "uneducated" meaning...).

It is definitely also about the ownership and exciting flying experience that you get with it, which is really "Savage"! You get really involved and in love with this aircraft… And it is also about the “savage” places you can reach with it, which cannot even count as emergency places for landing with other aircrafts.

A lot has been said about this: that it is difficult during taxiing because forward visibility is impaired, that propeller torque is difficult to contrast on take-off, that landing requires expert skills, that it is easy to flip over and is unmanageable in crosswinds and so on. These statements are often made by pilots with no direct experience of this type of aircraft who do not distinguish between different versions. Of course, pilots flying "taildragger" aircraft must always be fully aware of their particular characteristics because, on the one hand, while they require only short runways to give secure off-field landings, they do, on the other, require greater precision. With the Savage a pilot who is 1.65 m tall can see ahead perfectly without having to zigzag. Special devices which limit the effects of torque mean it is no longer necessary to "pedal" the aircraft this way to keep it under control. As it is high off the ground it cannot flip over, even when brakes hard on grass. With crosswinds, in addition to effectuating a classic "U" approach, it is advisable to set down the main undercarriage first gently and then let the tail drop to dissipate speed gradually: the brakes and powerful rudder do the rest. Finally, the real difference in landing lies in setting the correct approach speed, thanks to which the Savage almost automatically performs a "3-point" touchdown.

The CG range allows the aircraft to be flown without having to make any significant trim modifications even with passengers as heavy as 125 kg! On the CUB-S, the new "PiperCub" style trim system affecting the angle of the whole stabilizer, is tremendously effective and comfortable to use, and makes it possible to manage effortless greater CG variations, for example when using at full load the extra large baggage compartment.

With some experience, the 100hp Rotax 912 and a fixed-pitch propeller you can take off in about 75 m (temperature 25°C, no wind, MTOW 472,5 kg). Above all, you can stop in less than 70 m. And thanks to the low-profile cross-section real cruising speed is 160 km/h! (Depends on the engine and prop). A simple Rotax 80 hp, with a good variable propeller (described in our options list) can cruise at 150-155 km/h with about 4.300 rpm. Rotax 100 hp with similar propeller will fly at 170km/h with about 4.350 rpm. Our best performance with VGs installed and standard propeller and atmosphere was (single pilot 85 kg) : take off 38 mt, and landing less than 30 mt.

The simple design of the joint at the wing-fuselage attachment point allows them to be detached in about 30 minutes for easy in-hangar storage or trailer transport. Some of our long time customers do it in around 20 minutes. It is not however a one-man operation, and wings are not foldable. 

The reticular chromo-molybdenum steel structure is extremely strong, yet there is nothing to stop you cutting, replacing and re-welding a damaged airframe part without having to send it back to the factory, as long as the operation is backed with technical competence. For covering, materials and how-to instructions are easily available. Cheap covering “starter kits” represent a valuable purchase for small fabric repairs. With the previous premise, we can say that repair costs are kept low in comparison to composite structures, and the repair process is normally easier to manage.

We only produce very advanced kits. All welding and covering have already been carried out. No special tools are required, the wings are already complete, ailerons and flaps are fully constructed. The controls are ready to be fitted (already powder-coated). Painting aside, some 450 to 550 working hours will be required for persons of average manual ability. Less if the kit is assembled by experienced professionals.

Savage aircrafts are perfect for float operations, and they are being operated this way since years in several countries of the world. All the necessary bushings for a float conversion are already welded into the fuselage, as standard. Some early models might require those fittings to be riveted to the structure. It is possible (only for the Classic and the Cruiser) to order the second door (left). The real non plus ultra as a pure seaplane however, is the Bobber! Can you imagine your flying sensation sitting on its open air tubular structure in full control of your aircraft, jumping around some remote islands or fiords, in full contact with the nature? We are pretty excited to see soon some great pictures of a Bobber used in this environment!

The real Bushflying is an art and it is not easy to tell how much experience a normal pilot will need before to perform this spectacular type of flying. We can say that a Savage with his docile handling will help a lot also the normal pilots, to reach special and unusual places, like beaches, mountain strips or river beds, if equipped with the extreme Alaskan Bushwheels... However, as more experience you have, as more extreme are the results you can reach. We offer this type of specific training with some of our expert dealers, like in Spain, Germany, and also in a couple of schools near our Italian factory. We have also organized a special stage with Alaskan bush pilot Loni Abersetzer, bringing his amazing real life experience, skills and techniques to European pilots who took part to this event. We will inform in the future if the stage will take place again.

If you order a new plane you can choose the reinforced landing gear as an option and order the Bushwheel kit with the special axles. If you already have a Savage, you can use your standard landing gear, and you have to order the Bushwheel kit and the new axles. The time required to change the standard configuration into the Bushwheel version is less than 3 hours.

Use the same landing gear as the standard plane, change the axles as required by your skis kit, and your Savage will be transformed into a "mountain plane"... Fixed or retractable skis are available, and nothing will stop you then by reaching the most breathtaking scenarios and glaciers... One of the most famous European mountain pilot, Cesare Balbis, is now ready to try landings close to the 3.500mt, into the Alps with our retractable skies ....Check his webpage. Find the address into our "friends" page. Our German dealer landed several times on the most famous German Glacier. Watch the video in the video section. Also our Norway and Spanish dealer are using their skies very often... The Savage is also a perfect platform for that type of flying, what a flexible aircraft!

We know more than one flying school that reached the honorable time of more than 1.500 operative hours without any special problems. Considering that the planes used for flying school probably have a deterioration rate of about 2:1, we can consider, that those planes have received the same stress as a private plane owned only for flying pleasure, would get in about 3.000 hours. Many planes around the world have reached more than 1000 flying hours. Only one curiosity: at the moment we never were required to change the covering thanks to the long life service and quality of materials of our plane.

The lower fuel burn and operative costs (compared to the general aviation certified planes) and the easy to maintain and repair characteristics of the Savages, were enough interesting factors for many Clubs in Germany and Italy to decide to buy and operate our plane for glider towing. Certainly to tow more than 650/700 kg will be not so easy, if not equipped with our recommended Turbo charged versions. But below those values, the towing characteristics of the Savage planes allow to manage with good results this interesting application. Our most experienced specialist is Mr. Tom Huber, our German dealer. The Savage Cruiser equipped with the Rotax 914 is currently being certified in Germany, and will be ideally suited for glider towing: a very interesting alternative for gliding clubs indeed! 

Yes, it is possible to install our special vortex generators kit as an easy retrofit. They will be simply glued on the top of the wings, and on the bottom of the stabilizers. The stall speed will decrease about 5 mph. With power on, the high angle of attack you can reach with full control of the plane is simply incredible, allowing the pilots to slow the plane down so much and make really special and short landings. The "flare" will also be easier. The rate of turn will be faster. The most frequent comments after the installing of this kit were always the same: SIMPLY AMAZING!

The Savage Aircraft #300 has been sold in may 2014 to a customer in New Zealand, and the order book is constantly building up. The delivery time is around 6 months for a ready to fly aircraft. It depends on the time of the year when the order is placed. Kits are delivered faster. Contact us for current lead time information. 

Since many years we manufacture the complete aircrafts in our factory in the Czech Republic. Thanks to a high demand for our niche products, we have experience a growth in the demand of Savage Aircrafts in all its versions, and the new CUB-S is looking very promising also: for that reason, despite the crises, we had to expand our manufacturing capacity, also to keep delivery times as low as possible. For that reason in 2011 we have opened a new modern and well equipped factory in northern Italy, where we assist our main company performing final assembly tasks. Upon appointment, it is possible to visit our production in Italy: in fact, you are welcome to do so, as we like to personally know our customers, and help them find the Savage the better suits their needs. Are you going to be the next one?

Well, as previously explained, our passion for what we do is pretty "Savage", and it is not in our DNA to stop releasing new things when we have them in our head and when we are capable to bring them to the market. Several of our company employees and management staff are RC modelers since many years, and one day we asked ourselves, why not to do a small scale replica of one of or Savage models using the same exact technologies? And here we are, with the Bobber RC in scale 1:3 and 1:2,5. But as we have discovered an interesting niche market in the high end replica scale models, we are going to increase our product catalog over the next few months, offering also 3 other fascinating RC replicas, big scale, of airplanes that still do not have an RC replica in the market. And this time do not expect Savage style, as we are talking about turbines and more… So, it is pretty amazing what will be done and at what level, but back to the question, the answer is in resume…: business of course, but with a lot of passion, and willing to keep boosting our brand recognition worldwide, expanding our customer base to new markets. Stay tuned as we have just started with that! Sign up to our newsletter, it is highly recommended.

We are happy to open new markets, and we welcome serious enquiries of individuals or companies interested in making a business selling and representing our aircrafts. We requires, together with the purchase of the first unit, to have a certain technical background and the capability to offer a proper service and assistance to our customers. Offering flight training of course is a very valuable asset, as well as participating in local fly-ins and events. Our dealership network is build around competence, passion, responsibility, friendship and high commitment. In exchange, the experience can be really rewarding under every aspect, and you can be part of our success. There are every year less countries without a dealer representing us, but considering that our aircraft can be operated almost everywhere, there are still many new markets to open... So, where are you from?

Life gets boring if we would stop thinking, dreaming, designing, developing new aircraft models and so on... You can expect soon, to see a stripped down light version of the Savage CUB-S designed for extreme performance but also low weight. On the other side, we are also working on the new Agilis, our entry level aircraft that will ensure you get a one of a kind flight experience. This can also be equipped with 2 stroke engines, beside our standard Rotax 912 range (including turbo!). More news about this aircraft will follow soon.

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