Rotax 100 hp
Cabin and equipment
Rescue Ballistic System Junkers 472,5KG MTOW (installed)
Instrument panel, avionics and navigation
Radio Filser ATR833-2K-LCD with antenna and intercom
Radio Filser ATR833-2K-OLED with antenna and intercom
Strobe and navigation lights LED
Landing light, LED
Radio Dittel KRT-2VHF 8,33 Khz
Landing Gear
Upgrade to 21" 8.00-6" 4 ply Aeroclassic tires
Upgrade to Beringer high quality CNC anodized rims, with disk brake wheels for up to 29" tires, and reinforced axels. Tubeless.
Alaskan Airstreaks Bushwheels kit 26 inch (including our new tailwheel)

 Requires LG15

AeroClassic Smooth Tundra 22 x 8.50-6 4 Ply
Vortex generators installed (standard on CUB-S from 172hp)
Bobber and Agilis customization program
Dual throttle
Six points seat belts
Old Style Italian braun leather seats hand made
Old style leather bags, couple
Old-style leather tool bag
Rudder pedals also for passenger

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